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Shhhh, not so loud, someone may hear

Am I still allowed to discuss what I call the poisonous doctrine of multiculturalism?

This blog is based in Australia, and it has now been determined that, when discussing matters of cultural identity and multiculturalism, there are statements which may not be said, and tones of voice which may not be used, especially if the tone used is not sufficiently respectful, or if inferences can be read between the lines – yes, that’s right. It is not what is actually written, but what is also inferred by someone who may or may not share your opinion as to what you meant in not writing certain stuff……..

If anyone has doubts about the subjectivity of yesterday’s decision, they should read Justice Bromberg’s findings about how often a “reasonable reader” might have read the articles, and whether or not they would have done so with “analytical care”. He discussed how the “style and structure” of the articles “invite supposition” and, remarkably, said: “Language of that kind has a heightened capacity to convey implications beyond the literal meaning of the words utilised.”

I don’t know what comments you may leave here may mean in terms of the law as it may affect me. Be polite.

Ebony is from Byron Bay……

It is unlikely you will be able to appreciate the true resonance of these words. Byron Bay is a beautiful country settlement about 75 km south of where I am on Queenslands Sunny Gold Coast. Rural hinterland with areas of subtropical forest, everything wealthy celebrities would want with their multi million dollar beachfront properties, middle class green communes, and the uber privileged choosing an earth mother lifestyle. The place is country living for those who can afford to escape real country living. There are places there for the rest of us as well, but the image of the wealthy and privileged econuts dominates. And best of all? Nimbin is just a short drive away. When you truly need to purchase authentic organic goats milk soap while celebrity watching on the beach and sipping a delightfully crisp local chablis you picked up at this divine little vineyard you passed on the drive up, well, then Byron Bay is the place for you.

Anyway, if you might think the Australian race classification laws may be being scammed, well, who are we, as Australians, to comment?


  1. Laird says:

    I’m not capable of being polite about this issue. So rather than put our host at risk of incarceration I shall remain disrespectfully silent. You may infer what you will.

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  3. Paul Marks says:

    What is the point of being careful Cats?

    “Justice” Bromberg (working on the basis of a vile statute that violates the fundemental principles of law and civil freedom) has declared that people arguing AGAINST race may be declared racist.

    So one can be punished for anything – “racist speech”, or even arguing against racism. Basically the judges (and the Labor party politicians, and the academics – and the rest of the left) have declared total war against freedom of speech (and so on). So no matter how careful one is, they will attack.

    As for a “Bill of Rights”.

    Sadly it would indeed be written by scumbags (the sort of people who dominate the universities) – and would, therefore, be no good.

  4. Paul Marks says:

    A question (no more than that) for the learned Judge.

    Is the statement “I do not care what “race” you are – stop taking taxpayers’ money you fucking cunts” now an offence?

  5. Laird says:

    Paul, I hope that Australia doesn’t have a “long arm statute”, or you’re in trouble.

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