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Key to the door…

It’s an old song but this blog is 21 today!

Well, probably a couple of days ago. I had other things to do to not the exact time of passing the 21,000 mark of approved* comments. It’s now 21,022.

This is great. We punch way above our weight in getting comments and developing long threads. What is the use of a blog without pictures or conversations? I have said this before and I will say it again but I only type this nonsense because because I see folks respond to it. There are, I am sure, blogs that are much more widely read but with far fewer comments. I couldn’t be bothered to carry on if I felt no matter how good my stuff, no matter what the readership stats were if it wasn’t for the feedback. I’d feel I might as well write stuff and throw it down a well.

So, Kitty Kounters (past and present) and especially you constant (and new) reader and commentator, thanks!

It’s been emotional.

*Comments policy is simple. We don’t have a bot to filter for “stuff” but we do have a spam bot. You all have internet access so if you want to make a million quick or have a larger penis then I’m reasonably informed there are many places on the web to go for that malarkey. We have a spam-bot because if, let’s say, Ian posts something that really sparks discussion it really derails the thread if during a discussion about, say, the Methodist basis of Anglo-socialism someone is promoting bored “local” housewives wanting sex. (Usually they are in New Jersey and that’s hardly local for me!)

Part of how this works is that first-timers will have to be approved – when that happens – knock yerselfs out! Sorry folks about that and it absolutely isn’t censorship. You can say pretty much (as long as it doesn’t land us in court for libel or is spam what you want) and that’s part of the process of keeping the kitty kleen. By “kleen” I mean every fifth comment not being about breast enlargement on the cheap or incredible opportunities for financial gain IN BLOCK CAPS from Nigeria. I just repeat this comments policy every so often because obviously we welcome new readers and commentators. BTW whilst a lot of you will have been “smited” at Samizdata the worst bot I came across was at Harry’s Place where the word “monkey” (and derivatives) was banned. I found this out when I had a comment deleted for using the word “monkeying” in the sense of “monkey-business”. I think my comment was related to finance.


  1. JuliaM says:

    Congrats! And here’s to 30!

  2. RAB says:

    Hooray for us! And the range of subjects and themes we write about is amazing.

    Talking of censorship though, here’s something most of you may not know…

    I’m over at my mum’s in Cardiff this weekend, using a laptop with a dongle (sclerotic piece of shit that it is!). Well I clicked on Biased BBC yesterday to see what they were up to, and I get a message saying that access is restricted!! Seems I have to ring up fuckin Vodaphone to ask permission to access the friggin site! What the fuck??

    I also noticed an email from Ann Summers in my spam filter and decided to open it to see what sort of overpriced crap they are pushing these days, and bloody Vodaphone wouldn’t let me open it without their permission. Anyone know the score with these Vodaphone fuckers?

  3. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    …a discussion about, say, the Methodist basis of Anglo-socialism…

    Jeez, Nick, are you, like, prescient or something? :-)

  4. daisy says:

    I also have vodophone dongle and it’s an absolute last resort for internet access. I’ve lost count of the times I’m’ connected’ but can’t get on the net and then have to un-install and start again. Waste of time.

  5. Sam Duncan says:

    Since we passed 3000 posts not that long ago that must average out at around 6-7 comments per post, which isn’t too shabby. My motiviation isn’t really the feedback, more just getting stuff off my chest, but when I post something and it doesn’t get any comments I do find myself wondering what’s wrong with it…

    RAB, you could try going through a proxy server. The simplest way is to use one listed on that page, where you just bung the URL you’re looking for into a box on their website rather than faffing around with your browser’s settings. It’ll be (even) slow(er)*, but at least you’ll avoid the hassle. Unless they block proxies as well.

    *Actually, I’m looking at BBBC through one of those right now, and it’s not too bad.

  6. mike says:

    “We punch way above our weight…”

    Can’t ask anymore than that. Whenever I pop onto Samizdata, I pretty much have to pop over here too. And that trend started long before Ian got banned.

    Oh, and what happened to PA Annoyed?

  7. RAB says:

    I have asked that one too Mike, and got no reply, yes what did happen to Pa Annoyed? a Prince amongst writers! It’s like he dropped off the edge of the world. Haven’t seen anything by him anywhere for many months. Hope he is alright.

    Thanks Sam and Daisy. Dongles, as you say are utter crap and the last resort. In rural Wales you are wasting your time even attempting to use one. But my mum lives smack in the middle of Cardiff with a cellphone mast all of 50 feet away from the house, and still it took 15 minutes for bloody Firefox to come up, let alone my email and stuff I want to read. Worse than dial up, and they have the nerve to call themselves Broadband!

  8. Lynne says:

    There’s no other blog quite like this one. An excellent mix of the ecclectic, the appoplectic and the lunatic. Can’t beat it. :D

  9. Ian B says:

    It was even better when some woman called Lynne was writing for it.

  10. NickM says:

    PA – God knows! As he was a mathematician/physicist I suspect (hope) he’s managed to quantum tunnel into a more agreeable universe. One where Ed Milliband and Dave Cameron are partners in a small telephone sanitizing company or something.

    “mix of the ecclectic, the appoplectic and the lunatic”
    I’m havin’ that!

    Take it from me – a professional opinion – Wifi is… Well it’s like when my Gran got her first telly to watch the Coronation in ’53 and her Dad had to stand outside fiddling with the aerial. It isn’t a replacement for ethernet cables. Just one story. This woman phones me up and she’s in a two bed flat-share type dealy and in some rooms it is sweet and in others lousy can I come round and sort? I could have been fiddling until the 32nd of Never and sometimes it would come good and sometimes not. The thing is most of what you learn about RF waves is in the context of LIH (linear, isotropic, homogenous) media and a flat isn’t. Neither is almost any aspect of the real world. The reality of EM waves interacting with stuff is incredibly complicated and very not LIH. So complicated that I told the lady just to fiddle with it because that was as likely to work as anything a professor of radio engineering at Caltech could come up with short of him or her (get real Nick – getting a grad-student to do it!) coding the whole situation up on a SG Octane or similar. I did suggest I could ethernet the gaff but it was rental so no. Perhaps a lucky escape for me. Drilling through stuff… God knows what you might find! From personal experience that seeming plasterboard wall might conceal anything from wattle and daub to an RSJ. The worst I ever came across was in my own gaff and that’s 400 year old oak beams that are unbelievably tough and burn…

  11. Ian B says:

    This woman phones me up and she’s in a two bed flat-share type dealy and in some rooms it is sweet and in others lousy can I come round and sort?

    The plots of these movies haven’t really changed since the days of Super 8, have they?

  12. NickM says:

    You saucey git!

  13. NickM says:

    Another story about the intrickasies of RF. A school mate of mine’s bass guitar, when plugged in and held at the right angle in his bedroom, could pick-up Radio Moscow. Ian shall now undoubtedly make some innuendo out of “plugged in at the right angle”.

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