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It may be a flash in the pan, it may be dawning recognition. Whichever, it is pretty spectacular, and he has nothing to lose by being forthright.


5% to 17% in two weeks.

Go Herman.


  1. JTW says:

    public opinion doesn’t matter, the RNC will choose whomever has the least chance to defeat Obama anyway…

  2. Ian B says:

    I hope they lose. I hope they lose for the same reason I hoped the Conservatives would lose here in the UK. A Conservative win, without somebody who can really change the direction of the country, will just let the other side off the hook; just as Cameron is now getting the blame for “cuts” and the inevitable economic mayhem, while the party that caused it are pontificating about how they would have stimulated the economy back into glory, without a single “cut”. The worst thing about Conservatives (of whatever nation and type) is that, over and over again, they save socialism. This was in one sense Thatcher’s failure. She saved the State.

    America needs to hit the wall. It needs to see its currency collapse due to a century of economic mismanagement. It needs to hit the wall of realisation that every empire is destroyed by the crippling burden of its military. It needs to face the fact that corporatism has destroyed their productivity as a people. They need to face the fact that they are just a country, not some special breed of humanity with a manifest destiny. What America does not need is another minor recalibration that keeps the whole mess staggering along for another season.

    If any one of these right-wing guys who “can” win does win, things will just get worse. Pray for another Obama term. Put your crash helmet on, put your foot on the accelerator, and hit that wall.

  3. CountingCats says:


    While I see your argument, and even agree with it in the abstract, my concern is that this will hurt people, a lot of people will be hurt a lot. I would rather that not happen.

    I am also not convinced that hitting the wall will push anyone into the sanity of free enterprise, but will instead result in more regulation piling on top of even further regulation.

  4. NickM says:

    Whilst I agree with Cats in the abstract please pray tell how the military is the villain of the piece. It’s pull on the public purse is tiny compared to social security, health, education…

  5. Ian B says:

    Well Nick, one reason is that with military spending, unlike e.g. health or education, every penny of it is unproductive. It is pure burden. State health or education are simply inefficient compared to the private sector, whereas the military is a case of spending a great deal of money on things purely so you can destroy them. You don’t get any economic return for it, is the point. Every penny is lost. So its drag on the economy is much greater than other public spending, which is why wars cripple economies. In 2012 (according to Wikipedia) the USA is going to take a trillion dollars out into a field and blow them up. That’s a lot of wonga.

  6. Paul Marks says:

    Mitt Romney is (and has been since 2008) between 20% and 25% in the Republican polls.

    Enough to win – if the conservative vote remains split. He does not care about the Iowa Caucus events – his line is to go from a win in New Hampshire to other victories (and take the nomination). Then Romney hopes to defeat Obama – due to a weak economy.

    “And then what” (Ian B. might say) actually I agree with Ian on this.

    Romney would have no MANDATE for real change, and real change is desperatly needed.

    However, hopeing for Obama to win is too much for me (partly because I believe that a win for Obama would lead, rather quickly, to chaos [not liberty] and mass blood letting – as people faught each other).

    By the way……

    Government health and education spending is no less of a burden (Pound for Pound, Dollar for Dollar) than government military spending.

    Ian is, on this, mistaken.

    Although dumping large sums of money overseas (as was litterally done in the Iraq war – piles of money left at the airport and so on) is different from military spending based at home.

    By the way government education spending is certainly not “simply inefficient”.

    Government education spending (whether on government schools and universities or on subsidies for private one) does vast social harm. Harm that (for example) building a military base in No-where-ville does not do.

    There may be no economic difference between building lots of tanks and have them running up and down a field – and spending yet more money sending people to Harvard (a “private” university – I know) and co.

    But it is the latter that that does the social harm – that helps undermine the West culturally (not just economically).

    Also subsdizing health care (via Medicare and Medicaid and CHIP) is one of the main reasons why private health cover is now so expensive – subsidies have terrible “knock on” effects (David Ricardo seems to have been the first person to clearly see this).

    Economically it would be better for the government to do none this – but no less bad (economically) for the government to spend money on subsdizing tuition and subsidizing health care, than for it to spend money on vast numbers of tanks going up and down.

    Indeed if there was a choice – I would have to say that spending taxpayers’ money on the tanks running up and down was vastly LESS harmful than spending the same money on the Federal government health and education schemes.

  7. Paul Marks says:

    Almost, but not quite, needless to say – the “education” offered by vast numbers ordinary government schools (and the States do not vary that much – due to union rules, teacher training, and Federal government regulations and subsidies) to children is (and has long been) dominated by leftist propaganda.

    It is not just a “waste of money” – it is a direct threat to the survival of the Republic.

    The only good thing is that many teachers and administrators are so incompetant in their work of brainwashing.

    If they worked harder and more effectively, it would be terrible.

    If the money must be spent – spend it on new battleships and other such.

  8. Tennessee Budd says:

    Honkies for Herman!

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