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Pat Condell

On an ancient hatred

On Europe


  1. Laird says:

    Pat Condell is marvellous.

  2. Tosh says:

    The man is fluent and informed and, therefore, the enemy of reason. Of course he must have a huge team of scriptwriters and advisors and reads from teleprompters, which unlike the Great Obumble don’t suffer from breakdowns or errors of fact.

    Let’s hope he keeps on telling it like it is,

    But as a purely strange thought, the Koran has a hatred of Jews. But if the Jewish race was, as the RoP fanatics so wish, wiped out and no Jew existed let alone the state of Israel, would the Koran have to be re-written?

    if it wasn’t, then it would be not relevant to the life of the muslim. But if it was re-written and the unnecessary parts removed, then it can’t solely be the word of God as revealed through, er, Mo boy.

    Hmmm, tricky one that…

  3. David Gillies says:

    Pat Condell is like my inner monologue videod and posted on YouTube (except in one take and with fewer asides to say to myself, “Jesus! Look at the bristols on that one!”)

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