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Why I can’t stick Facebook.

“Poor Stuart can’t believe ur life ended in such a horrific way xx a young man who always had a smile on his face & put a smile on everybody elses face too xx I’m sure ur’s will be the brightest star in the sky xx R.I.P ma lovely.”

That is a facebook “tribute” to this man who was badly beaten, tied to a lamp post and set on fire. It’s entirely possible this was merely because he was gay but that’s by the way and I tend to adopt a policy of not commenting on live police investigations*. My point here is that that “tribute” is a travesty. I mean if he really was as nice a guy as all that what’s with the “ur”? I mean your friend has just been horrifically murdered and you can’t be flashed to type “your”?

*Hey can I be a tabloid journalist? I mean I absolutely wouldn’t have done what they disgracefully did in the Jo Yeates case which was to basically convict her landlord on the basis that he had access to the property and was “funny looking”. You know that sort of stuff has repercussions. Just ask Barry George who was sent to jail for murdering Jill Dando because he was “the local weirdo” too. That of course was a double-miscarriage of justice in that the real murderer is still at large.


  1. JuliaM says:

    “It’s entirely possible this was merely because he was gay but that’s by the way and I tend to adopt a policy of not commenting on live police investigations*. …”

    The live police investigations that – at the moment – aren’t classing that as a factor? Oh, and despite the TwitterOutrage yesterday, it turns out he wasn’t even burned alive.

    Must be why it’s all gone suspiciously quiet on my timeline, the vested interests having moved on.

  2. Jeremy Poynton says:

    Someone force you to read it?

  3. NickM says:

    “he wasn’t even burned alive”

    So that makes it OK Julia? The DCI on Sky News did say he’d been horrifically battered.

    My point about the gay angle (and it wasn’t really my point which was about facebook “tributes”) was that if that was true then we are looking at an essentially motiveless crime. I mean if you find the missus in bed with the neighbour (the neighbour who still hasn’t returned your strimmer) and you beat him to death with a 5 iron then a jury will think, “shouldn’t have done it but…” But, if true (and I was very caveated about that) that he was killed for his sexuality (or to use the vile modern jargon “it was a hate crime”) then that is especially vile.

    And the timeline going cold. Well, that’s events isn’t it. The rolling news shifte to the rescue of a baby from the Turkish earthquake or eurozone capers or the Queen in Australia or floods in Ireland or the EU referendum vote in the commons. The news quite frankly is a strumpet. And perhaps rightly so. Certainly after the rolling 24 hr coverage of the death of Diana (update every half-hour Diana still dead) I think so. There are 7 billion of us. There is always something going on and frankly after the initial report on Diana what was there to say. The driver was Brahms und Liszt and doing 80 when he hit a ferro-concrete structure and the three fatalities weren’t wearing seat-belts makes it in a sense the least interesting RTA story of all time.

    Oh, and I know full-well it was Elvis in the white Fiat Uno.

    Jeremy, not my point. I’m not talking of banning but I can express a moral, aesthetic sense here. It’s much the same as my objection to roadside “shrines” (aka moulding posies attached to crash barriers) or to gravestones that say “fell asleep”. I have photos of some old ones in Eyam, Derbyshire with skulls and cross-bones on. Spookily my camera’s face-detection clocked it as a face. That’s a mighty weird tech. It first got me in the Hagia Sofia where there is a stunning Muriel of Christ and it clocked His face despite it being 2D. Sent a chill that did. I personally think we don’t deal with death well.

  4. Tosh says:

    The film about fecesbook, entitled “The Social Network” showed what happens when ‘friends’ shit on other ‘friends.’

    All very fitting, really.

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