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Reports from the Northern Wastes

POLICE have launched an investigation after a woman was raped in a tent at an anti-capitalism protest camp in Glasgow.

The woman was attacked late on Tuesday night by two men who had joined demonstrators at the Occupy Glasgow camp opposite the City Chambers in George Square.

From the (Glasgow) Herald. My initial reaction was to post this in a “you never got that at the Yanks’ Tea Parties” vein, but I’m in generous mood and will give them the benefit of the doubt when they say it wasn’t a member of their protest.

The Glasgow camp has become a magnet for the homeless and other people on the streets, and protesters have been giving them food and clothing and offering them shelter.

See? The Kirk’s been doing that in George Square for years. I’m sure it happens all the time to them.

Not sure why they’re protesting there, though. Arthur Andersen used to have offices on the north side before it went tits-up, but it’s mainly local government stuff now. There’s a big law firm, but nothing financial; that’s all in Anderston these days. Oh well, I expect they know what they’re doing. Hem-hem.

I found this amusing, though:

The encampment is made up of about 20 tents and has been home to a core of around two dozen protesters, with many others coming and going.

The population of The City of Glasgow is officially around 700,000, but estimates of the larger conurbation go as high as 2m (a lot of the outlying areas don’t want a Glasgow address; dreadfully common, that – no, no, we’re East Dunbartonshire). And they’ve managed to attract a couple of dozen. I guess they’re the 0.0012%.

In other Jockular news,

SCOTRAIL should be brought back into public ownership to bring down the costs of running the rail network and improve services for passengers, Labour’s leadership candidate Ken Macintosh has claimed.

Yes, ‘cos that’s what happened last time. Costs came down and nobody ever complained about BR’s service, did they? Noooo, it was a veritable byword for efficiency, cleanliness, punctuality, and politeness, was BR.

The Eastwood MSP attacked rail privatisation, which was set in motion in 1993, as “one of the most ill-conceived, ineffective and impractical decisions of the Conservative administration of the 1980s”

Heh. He has the usual Lefty’s iron grip of the facts there, I see. He also parrots the usual line about “fragmentation”… except, as evidenced by his own demand, Scotrail isn’t fragmented. Aside from the mainline services to Down South*, there’s only one TOC up here.

There’s a lot more going on – several bald Tories fighting over a comb, Alec building a new £10m palace for himself because Bute House makes him sneeze – but it’s all too depressing to contemplate.

*That’s what we call you lot when you aren’t listening.


  1. Andrew Duffin says:

    On the rail thing: like their precious “minimum price for alcohol” (heard much about that lately?), they will eventually discover that what they want to do is contrary to EU Law. End of.

    Unless, of course, they contemplate actual independence, which of course they’re too scared even to think about.

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    That’s true, Andrew. I’d forgotten that. The way the railways were privatised (for which the Tories always get the blame) was mandated by the EU, wasn’t it? Something to do with encouraging cross-border Train Operating Companies or nonsense like that.

    But they’re going ahead with the price fixing. I don’t know how they think they’ll get away with it, but it’s in their legislative programme for this year. My guess would be the EU is doing its usual bait-and-switch (ask the Maltese), playing the nice guy towards autonomous regions by ignoring this sort of thing until “independence”.

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