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Be afraid, be very fuckin afraid…

So how’s your German? Don’t speak it? Better get your finger out then, it’s going to be compulsory soon.

If you prefer the English version

H/T Daniel Hannan.


  1. Kevin B says:

    Somehow it seems better in German.

    Did I say better? I think I meant more fitting.

    “The European state subservient to no-one that has never been elected?”

    “A Europe without sovereign democracies?”

    Err… Ja. Also, was ist sonst noch neu.

    Nice to see even the Germans getting it.

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    “Is this the new EU?”

    Er… no. It’s the same old one. Where have you been for the last fifty years? Gosh, might it just be possible that we “obstructionist” “anti-European” Brits might have been right about the damn thing all along?

    And actually, none of what’s mentioned there is news. The immunity to all prosecution has been known about for ages. Doesn’t make it any nicer, mind, but it shouldn’t be a surprise.

  3. Adam Collyer says:

    Speaking German will be compulsory? Ha ha ha ha. The EU is more about controlling and suppressing Germany than about letting Germany rule.

    As the video notes, Germany too is becoming subject to the undemocratic EU superstate.

  4. Nelsontouch says:

    Agreed, it’s nothing us sceptics haven’t seen before.

    The euro is almost certainly doomed. But before then, the desperate elites will try all kinds of measures.

    Merkel is right; the end of the euro would mean the end of the credibility of the EU and a mad scramble for alternatives.
    I fear that the next stage will be the ruthless suppression of whole populations, to try to enforce reductions in real and absolute wages to correct the imbalances. I fear that people expecting to retire with 70% pensions will have them savagely cut.
    I fear for my family in Holland . . . . they never wanted the euro and would not have voted for it.
    So they never got a vote at all.

    If the elites had trusted the voters, I doubt this would have happened.

    I fear there will be bloodshed. I hope it is that of the guilty; but it rarely is.

  5. Lynne says:

    I have a fleet of tumbrels for hire.

    I can also offer a first rate deal on quality piano and cheese wire.

    Bulk buying pick-axe handles? I have them!

    Big pointy sticks – BOGOF.

    Large stock of pitchforks and firebrands – price on request.

  6. Paul Marks says:

    No Parliamentary control and no jurisdiction by the ordinary courts.

    Basically what Dicey warned of in relation to European practice – and that was before the First World War.

    However, many important people in the English speaking world also love this sort of thing.

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