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Captain Carrot!

I guess I have written loads of stuff here on a whole variety of subjects ranging from war and peace to aviation and buses. I have written on religion and politics, on culture both contemporary and esoteric. I have even dabbled in the dismal science of economics and yet something was always missing…

Well it was until Friday night when I made carrot and coriander soup and I saw this in the bag…


No blog can ever be complete without a post about an amusingly shaped vegetable. Certainly not when a clearly circumcised vegetable quite literally falls into my lap. Certainly not whilst I’m peeling it back [just stop - Ed].

PS. If anyone wants my recipe for “Carry and Cozzer” let me know. It’s bloody good. The “recipe” is somewhat Nanny Ogg because I have done too many hours in the physics lab with tediously exact measurements to treat cooking the same painstaking way.

PPS. At no point hitherto has the WordPress phrase “insert into post” caused such hilarity. Well for me anyway. I shall now get my coat.


  1. Lynne says:

    Add to coq au vin and serve with a side order of delicious irony…

  2. Rob F says:

    Could I interest you in a sausage in a bun?

    Only twenty pence, and that’s cutting my own throat.

  3. bilbaoboy says:

    Those of us who cook regularly will not be surprised at the photo.

    The humble carrot is an unbelievable source of moments of hilarity or even suggestion in the kitchen.

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