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I must be dreaming…

“It’s a wonder I’m here at all, you know. My pussy got soakin’ wet. I had to dry it out in front of the fire before I left.”

This of course is from the truly puerile ’70s BBC sitcom “Are you being served?” Is it offensive? Well it’s bloody stupid and silly and the only women I know with a pussy are cat owners. None of these females reside in the UAE though…

Shrek spin-off Puss in Boots will be renamed “Cat in Boots” in the United Arab Emirates. The state’s film censorship committee pulled the P-word amid fears that a “Puss” could cause offence.

The censors’ claws will apparently close around all publicity for the children’s film, with Arabian Business magazine reporting that Antonio Banderas, who voices the titular feline, was asked not to refer to the original title or his character’s name during promotional duties at the recent Doha Tribeca film festival.

Now the word “pussy” is interesting. The Wikipedia article certainly is but what I find interesting is that “pussy” as used about female genitals seems a very odd word because it combines the qualities of being both vulgar and euphemistic. It certainly ain’t the linguistic “C-bomb” but in a sense it’s almost more offensive because of that in much the same way it’s descendant, the appalling Oprah-ism “Vajayjay” is. Can’t we in this day and age use words like “vagina” or “vulva”? Seeing as sex is an adult activity surely we are being ridiculous by resorting to such baby-talk! And the UAE is being utterly ridiculous too but I can’t help but feel our silliness at some level is behind this.

OK, just one more pussy joke (and an old one)…

The double entendre has been used for over a hundred years by performers, including the late-19th-century vaudeville act the Barrison Sisters, who performed the notorious routine “Do You Want To See My Pussy?” (see entry for more).

Oh you evil folks at Wikipedia! “See entry for more”. Behave. Anyway these are the Barrison sisters…

…who at the climax of their “act” lifted their skirts to reveal a kitten.

No wonder we had to invent CGI animations because that is not my definition of entertainment.


  1. Jay says:

    If I may so bold to direct you to the Legal Satyricon blog regarding the Pussy Energy Drink trade mark fiasco in the US, I think you might find it interesting:

  2. guffaw says:

    Too funny. particularly after my exgf and I celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, and watched ‘Goldfinger’ together. Many Pussy Galore jokes.

  3. Angry Exile says:

    Puss in Boots retitled because of a twat in sandals. You couldn’t make it up.

  4. JuliaM says:

    “No wonder we had to invent CGI animations because that is not my definition of entertainment.”

    Awww, come on! A kitten is the very ultimate in entertainment! If the Internet has proved anything, it’s that… :)

  5. NickM says:

    Ah come on Julia. I read your stuff and I know full well you play “World of Warcraft”. That requires a bit more tech stuff than a ball of wool.

    Angry, that is a quote of the day!

  6. Lynne says:

    I take it that shiny thigh boots and no kecks is considered kiddy safe in the UAE then?

  7. JuliaM says:

    Oh, but Nick, ’tis true! It doesn’t even have to be a whole kitten either! ;0

  8. wh00ps says:

    I’d rather be called a c–t than a pussy any day. If I may go all soap opera, Phil Mitchell is a c–t, while pussy merely evokes Ian Beale…

  9. View from the Solent says:

    completely OT but, this is right up your street Nick.

    via /.

  10. Bod says:

    OK. I’ve tried to find it, and now I have to bleg; so I’ll do it here rather than in a footie player’s suicide thread.

    Someone (Paul, maybe) posted about a month ago about a prescient dystopian book by some germainic guy I had never heard of before – the protagonist was the father of a family, a printer by trade, who initially thought that a strong leader for the nation was a Jolly Good Idea (TM) until he was on the receiving end of Social Justice and Redistribution. Needless to say, the story didn’t end well.

    Anyone remember the author or title?

  11. Sam Duncan says:

    That was probably me, Bod. It’s Pictures of the Socialistic Future by Eugen Richter (sometimes Anglicised to Eugene), a member of the German Parliament in the late 19th Century who knew many of the early Social Democrats personally and based his book on his conversations with them. That’s one of the things that gives it its power: not only is it remarkably prescient, having been written before any Socialist state had ever been established, but it was based on the ideas of self-described Social Democrats, not violent Marxist revolutionaries. has a free electronic edition in (at least) PDF, HTML and ePUB.

  12. Bod says:

    Yes Sam; many thanks!

    My problem was that I remembered it (as in, I was utterly sure) as ‘Ritter’. Hence, Nil points in searches.

    Time to load up that Kindle.

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