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Telegraph Comments and Cultural Defeatism.

I wrote this a while back and left it for some reason. But reading this has made me dust it down…

This story in the Telegraph isn’t very interesting (way to blog Nick!) but the comments are astonishing. They read like something from the Third Reich.

vonmises (yeah right!)

Chips in with this…

Fascinating report. It gives the true feelings of the Norwegian people about the culture-destroying immigration to their country.

But the same report could be made about Britain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland. The whole of Western Europe has experienced welfare-driven, Third World immigration that is, predictably, turning our European continent into a Third World, largely Islamic state.

It goes on…

Now my view here is almost Darwinian. If a culture is vibrant enough to count it can assimilate anyone without force. If a culture deserves to continue then it is strong enough to stand on it’s own feet without draconian measures to “protect it” (I believe in free markets in all things). For example in Britain we have no official body to maintain the “purity” of the English language.The French do. One of these actions is a statement of self-confidence and the other is culturally defeatist. One is bold and optimistic and the other is a “managed decline”. That is why English is a global “lingua franca” (and of course even that is a loan word with a curious etymology) and French is a cultural back-water fighting a rearguard action via ever more state intervention (hence they have the Académie Française and we own the field of popular music. It is the cultural equivalent to trade protectionism and just as dismal. It is an admission of defeat. It is going three goals down in a footy match and then taking the ball home in a strop.

But what if it isn’t culture. What if it is coded in the DNA?

John Piggott says…

First, race-replacement immigration is an issue of genes, not culture. In its action, the genetic dissimilarity of the colonising peoples constitutes a gene-killing event – a genocide – for the Norwegian people, as it does for all European peoples.

Second, “the answer” is a total removal of the colonising peoples, and their seed.

We must be clear what our racial objective – to remain who we are – and its moral primacy, and we must be clear about what is required – total removal – so that is delivered.

And “their seed”. Bloody hell! And that is a comment in the Telegraph. That’s verging on the Biblical! What a depressing outlook – see what I mean about cultural defeatism here? This assumes people are hard-coded to be Muslims, Christians or Hindus or whatever. It is a total denial of one of my fundamental beliefs – human free-will. It is outrageous.

Now let me explain something. On the palm of my left hand I have a benign growth. It’s called a jupitron. It is indicative of Scandinavian ancestry. And indeed most of my family (on both sides) derives from the North West Coast of Ireland that was heavily Vikinged. So I’m an immigrant of largely non “Angle-folc”ishness. More to the point my Dad was born in Donegal. But I am English. Not Irish, not Norwegian. I can’t stand Guinness and I have never pickled herrings or hit anyone with a battle-axe or Shillelagh. But I is considered OK here by he racial and cultural loons. Is it because I is white? I once dated an American who was DAR on her Dad’s side but her mother was of Russian/Romanian Jewish descent and her family pitched up at Ellis Island in 1900. Who was more American between her parents? It’s meaningless*. My ex’s great grand-parents turned up in New York not speaking a word of English but according to family-lore were quick studies and did well (clearly well) and celebrated their first Christmas in the New World with a hog-roast which caused some family history controversy of the “Are we actually Jewish?” variety. I can kind of see why because a family hog-roast for Christmas is not exactly kosher is it?

Or take a lad my wife (who has a Danish great grandparent) shared a flat with as a student. Rahul was a lovely bloke from India doing an MBA. He was already from everywhere having Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Christian branches to his family and had been educated at an Indian Public School (modeled on the old English system) and spoke with an accent that could cut glass. He, despite being an Indian national, was arguably the most “traditionally English” person I have ever met. He understood the minutiae of cricket in a way that stunned me. I mean it makes quantum mechanics look simple! Oddly enough despite having a job-offer here and qualifications up the kazzoo and liking London he was denied a work-permit. The Home Office’s ludicrous decision is presumably Britain’s loss and India’s gain. But banally vile incompetence from the Home Office is what they do..

Now I mentioned cricket (a sport I know very little about) so I ought to mention Norman Tebbit’s infamous “cricket test”. Now I sort of understand where Tebbit was coming from but in a larger sense is it not self defeating? The real point is not that immigrants to the UK retain a loyalty to the Indian or Bangladeshi team but that they are fanatical about a game that was invented in England? Who are the cultural “imperialists” here. And yes, obviously I mean that in scare quotes. Try telling the average Pakistani they have to stop playing cricket because it’s culturally inauthentic”. Or telling me if I moved to the USA (I nearly did) that I’ve got to stop watching “soccer” and supporting England.

Well not until last year’s World Cup and England’s gutless and shambolic performance (I watched the Germany game in the pub at the end of my mate’s stag weekend – dreadful – all us lads wound-up staring disconsolately into our pint pots). You see my point? It is not who you support but that these English games have conquered the World. That’s what really matters and on my travels – which range from the USA to Turkey getting a taxi from airports this always happens. “So you were on the Manchester flight?” “Yes”. There then follows a conversation about football (because of Manchester United and now I guess City – Stockport County is never mentioned because they’re dreadful). That’s what matters. Anyway for various perverse reasons the English FA didn’t bother entering the World Cup until 1950 (we thought because we’d invented the game we had a right to win so it was unsporting to embarrass the natives). And then in 1950 we get knocked-out by rank outsiders (500-1 in betting circles) – the USA. The point is not that we’d lost the cultural plot but we’d been staggeringly successful culturally to the extent to which we had exported a key point of British culture so well that we could be beaten at our own game.

You can view that in a dull and misererablist Frazer-ish “We’re doomed!” sense and (as I hinted before but now mean quite literally) take our ball back and harrumph from the sidelines or we can celebrate the fact this little set of islands gave the World football, or rugby or cricket or Shakespeare or the Beatles or the Mini or…

I guess what I’m saying is that cultural protectionism is utterly self-defeating and the fundamental reason some people play les buggeurs risible is that we are being protectionist when we ought to feel triumphant. Our language, sports, drama, literature and music dominate the globe. The global standard for male formal wear is based upon a British design for hunting. Even Mr Dinnerjacket of Iran wears it though without a tie because he is a cad and bounder. Those people commentating on the Telegraph are worried about a cultural swamping of us? Do they have any idea how big the global TEFL trade is? Do they not see that their argument is not just wrong but a self-fulling prophecy. Do they not see that the worst blow we can suffer is a lack of self-confidence in the fact that Newton, Donne, Darwin, Kipling, Christie and Ringo Starr are global figures. That is something to be truly proud about.

The minute we circle the wagons we lose and I would argue we lose not just actually but morally. And not just internationally but domestically. Europe does suffer from a cultural invasion but it is not down to immigrants but a lack of self-confidence which arguably can be traced back to The Great War. We don’t need to be afraid. We just need to believe that Western, liberal, free-market democracy is the way ahead and can win on it’s own merits rather than being state imposed. Because if it is state imposed we have lost.

*My ex and her mother were extremely proud to be American and grateful for the opportunities it had given them. Most notably not having most of their family gassed.


  1. Angry Exile says:

    Or telling me if I moved to the USA (I nearly did) that I’ve got to stop watching “soccer” and supporting England.

    Got to? No, but even if you became a citizen there’d probably be some who’d think you weren’t all that serious about it or you’d be supporting the US and watching gridiron. Anyway, you could still do both and support the US and watch American sports. I still support England unless they’re playing Australia, and since lately that means Australia loses my conscience is clear.

  2. Fred Thrung says:

    One of the delights of your posts is that there’s always something new for me to learn. I’m forever off to Wikipedia or dictionaries. But this time I was more mystified than ever by “jupitron”. Google refused to recognise it and sent me to Dupuytren’s contracture which I know well. Conclusion: you don’t always know everything, so that’s a relief.
    By the way what happened to an anniversary post on Kill Devils Hills?

  3. MickC says:

    Who gives a f**k where we come from-it’s where we’re going thats the point.

    I haven’t a clue where my grandparents came from-just not interested. It is the culture which counts, not the origin.

  4. Sam Duncan says:

    “It is a total denial of one of my fundamental beliefs – human free-will.”

    One of Christianity’s, if it comes to it. I wonder if Mr. Piggott thought about that.

    The trouble with football is that we invented it and let the French take it over. Although that actually touches on your point about cultural confidence: name a sport and the governing body probably has a French name*. We invent these things, and if some foreign chaps want to play them, well, jolly good luck to them. Not the escargots. They have to turn it into some kind of pseudo-state (think FIFA, or if like me you’re a motorsport fan, the FIA with its pompously-titled World Council). It’s almost as if they’re trying to compensate for the decline of their real one’s influence.

    *Although Rugby is governed by the IRB in Dublin, the European regional affiliate – the equivalent of UEFA – is the Association Européenne de Rugby.

  5. NickM says:

    Fred, manic Christmas shopping and preparations happened. Sorry!

  6. Ian Bertram says:

    Don’t forget the so-called ‘cultural appropriation’, which broadly says that if we (usually UK or US) take in an element of culture from say Japan/India/Native Americans, this is reprehensible and should be stopped. On the other hand if those cultures take in anything from UK/US culture, this is cultural imperialism and should be stopped.

    It is obviously more complex than that – the term also covers minstrelsy like the appalling brain destroying Black and White Minstrel Show – but as ever a small idea is stretched out of all recognition by po-faced academics looking to add a few ounces to their published output. More seriously it is patronising and racist, since it assumes these cultures a) cannot survive without our kind protection and b) cannot change without clearance from us.

  7. NickM says:

    Yes Sam but… We let them have it. But then part of the essence of being British is to not take pomposity seriously. I think it’s a fundamental reason why us Brits tend to be “Eurosceptic”. Not your SNP lot who just see a bigger teat to milk – why have Whitehall when you can have Brussels? This dislike of le gesture grande has it’s downsides but they are too few to mention compared to the upsides. Fred sorry about the typo. I’ve only heard it spoken because it is (as yet) not a problem. A consultant told me that in an enormous waste of NHS resources. God knows why the GP who reffed me couldn’t! I felt embarrassed! There were people in the waiting room with real problems…

  8. NickM says:

    It’s a tricky one and I guess you never know how things like that pan out but I suspect the one US game I’d really shown an interest in was baseball so…

  9. Stonyground says:

    Excellent post. I seem to recall that some French people were critical of their government’s attempts to shield their language from foreign words. I recall that it was said that they would have to start calling a sandwich “two pieces of bread with something in between”, when I originally read it, this part was in French, I know enough French to have understood it but not enough to reproduce it here from memory, maybe some bi-lingual person can help me out.

    The mention of the Mini is interesting, not because it was a sixties cultural icon but because the design was incredibly innovative and has been universally copied. The most obvious innovation was the engine being put in sideways, there are only a tiny number of car makers left that still use the pre-Mini layout. It is also worth mentioning that the Mini was designed by a guy called Alex Issigonis.

  10. Andrew Duffin says:

    I don’t think these fears and talk about genocide and national identity are anything to do with race, religion, colour, or any other obvious characteristic of people.

    They’re more to do with behavioural characteristic: basically, anyone is or should be welcome in our country, who more or less subscribes to the rule of law, recognises the need to work for their living, more or less accept the tenets and legitimacy of the country they’re in, and accepts that their side might sometimes lose elections.

    Those who are not – and should not be – welcome are those who recognise no law except their own, won’t or can’t work effectively in our kind of economy, react to all slights or setbacks with violence, and actively work to overthrow the “host” civilisation.

    Too many of the latter type and we are, actually, doomed.

    If these distinctions happen to coincide with one or more racial or religious groups, that’s just an unfortunate coincidence.

  11. APL says:

    Andrew Duffin: “Those who are not – and should not be – welcome are those who recognise no law except their own, won’t or can’t work effectively in our kind of economy, react to all slights or setbacks with violence, and actively work to overthrow the “host” civilisation.”

    Seems a very sensible sentiment.

  12. Paul Marks says:

    Of course religious (and other) belief is not in the DNA of a person.

    For example, an Egyption “Copt” has the same DNA as an Egyption Muslim (most people converted to Islam and adopted the Arabic language – but some people did not).

    The attitude shown in the Telegraph comment is indeed “cultural defeatism” – the belief that the newcomers will not accept the traditional beliefs and customs of Western countries.

    However, there is an excuse for it – the “cultrual Marxism” (or “Polticial Correctness”) of what was once known as the Frankfurt School of Marxism – and then (in the United States) called the New School of Social Research.

    The doctrines of this school of thought have spread all over academia in the West – and from the education system out into the world.

    These doctrines hold (amongst other things) that Western culture and beliefs are EVIL (that they are “exploitative” and so on) and that human history is “400 years of Western crimes against other cultures” (I came upon such a comment in the Economist magazine comment section only the other day).

    See the problem?

    Waves of Islamic immigration might simply be waves of converts to Western customs and ideas – IF the West had not been undermined internally.

    There is a defacto alliance between the far left and radical Islam.

    Sometimes it is open – such as Code Pink leaders taking a break from going to Cuba (to say how wonderful Castro is) so they can go to the Gaza Strip (and say how wonderful Hamas is).

    But it is also general and de facto – by undermining the West from within the left (even when this has not been their intention) has opened the door to the expansion of Islam.

    They way to deal with all this is NOT to bash immigrants – the way to deal with this (all over the West) is to drive the left from their positions of cultural control.

    And there is only one way to do that.

    END TAX FUNDING OF THESE CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS – especially the education system (which leads on to the media – both news and entertainment).

    Unless the left are defeated in the culture (unless the various cultural institutions are “defunded”) then the West will be destroyed – regardless of whether there is immigration of not.

    Even if every Muslim vanished in a puff of green smoke – the West would still be destroyed, if the INTERNAL decay carries on as it is.

  13. Paul Marks says:

    In case people do not understand what I am saying….

    It is very difficult to convert newcommers (or their children or grandchildren) to the beliefs and culture of a nation (indeed a civilization) when those beliefs and customs are comming under massive attack already, from the very cultural insitutions that are supposed to safeguard and develop them.

    Nor is just a matter of Muslim immgrants. Take hispanic immigrants to the United States – in both school and university it is taught “this land is really Mexican – taken unjustly in the war of 1848″ (and on and on – “forgetting” that Mexico also had expansionist war aims).

    Indeed the education system (and Hollywood and other media) is basically “American is evil, down with America” in terms of traditional culture and beliefs.

    So is it any wonder that the Mexican (and other) immigrants (and, even more, their children and grandchildren) are hostile to the United States?

    It is NOT “their fault” – they are TAUGHT (by the education system and the media) that America is evil, and that California (and so on) should really be part of the Mexico, and that Anglos “owe them” for the crimes of “exploitation” and “imperialism”.

    Want ethnic peace?

    First defund the education system – no more tax money.

    Also get rid of the special laws (the licenses and the FCC regulations) that have turned the entertainment industry into a leftist playpen.

    For example, as recently as the 1950s any company could produce (without reference to the broadcasters) entainment shows and then pay the television statisons to broadcast them. Then the FCC (in the early 1960s) brought in regulations that effectively gave power to small groups of people at ABC, CBS and NBC – with ordinary companies only being able to “sponser” shows these people liked (not create any show they wanted to – and then pay for it).

    Ironically these regulations were supposedly brought in to “safeguard creative freedom” – i.e. hand over power to a small cartel of people at three enterprises.

    Slowly the internet is destroying the television entertainment cartel – as it is destroying the unionized vermin of Hollywood (“reform Hollywood” – sorry, that was tried in the early 1950s, the left are simply too powerful there).

    But this death can, and must be, speeded up – by the removal of the regulations that the left have used as the foundation of their power.

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