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Quote of the day

I have just stumbled across the daftest and most nebulous article on climate change ever.

Comment is Free, of course.

H/T Tim Blair


  1. Talwin says:

    I do turn off the lights when I leave the room. I had always imagined I do so because I was born at the end of WWII, three families (sic) living in a rented terrace house, and with fuck-all + 1 to live on. When saving pennies mattered.

    Although I am now ‘comfortable’, I still turn off the lights: I can’t help it. But now I am liberated because ,while I felt my light-switch fetish was perhaps some deep-seated psychological reaction to real child poverty (as distinct from the we-can-only-afford-a-37inch-plasma variety), and, I hope, there’s also a brief nod to Gaia, I now know it’s an act of piety and a gesture of faith. And I feel better for that.

  2. Talwin says:

    Or, on reflection, it might be that obsessively switching off lights might simply mean I’m a tight bastard. For sure, that’s what my wife thinks.

  3. Roue le Jour says:

    Yeah. See, problem with switching lights off when you are not using them is that it isn’t free. The lifetime of a lamp, typically 1000 hours for incandescent, 5000 for fluorescent, assumes the lamp is turned on when it gets dark and off when you go to bed. The lifetime is a combination of running hours and switching cycles. Never switch it off and it will easily run twice the stated life or longer, switch it off every time you leave the room and it’s life is shortened dramatically. At some point it’s cheaper to leave it on.

  4. Talwin says:

    Roue le Jour. Curses!

  5. Jay Thomas says:

    On 12 September 2009 I wrote in the comment section of this very blog…

    “I think recycling is also appealing [To leftist busibodies] because of the effort and hassle it entails.
    As you know the political elite are very keen on ‘we’ rather than ‘you’ or ‘I’

    Mandatory recycling schemes force you to act as if you shared their beliefs, to endorse their value system through your actions. It’s you demonstrating your submission to ‘Society’

    In that it is just like the requirement to burn incense in front of statues of caesar in the roman empire.

    The state is not content with taxing you… It wants its mental pound of flesh as well. Your actions and the manner in which you interact with others WILL be made to match their collectivist narrative.”

    Nice of this guardian writer to confirm that at least in his case this is indeed true…

  6. Sam Duncan says:

    Jay, have you seen the episode of Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit” about recycling? It’ll probably be on YouTube. You’d like it.

    We have recycling bins for plastic bottles and stuff. At least, I think they’re for plastic bottles. I don’t use them. The amusing part is that since I live in a block of flats, the buggers can’t assign one bin per household (you wouldn’t be able to move for them), so they can’t tell. Heheheh…

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