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Quote of The Day

“This is something that shouldn’t be left to chance,” he said. “With the rise of online gambling, there is clearly a need for children and young people to be given good advice.”

- The shadow education secretary, Stephen Twigg on the need for “gambling education”.

Well, all you need to know is a basic grounding in probability theory and that is mathematics and not “good advice”. Mathematics is not a subject for moral indoctrination. Any bets that Twigg thinks otherwise?


  1. mike says:

    Probably. A 7-2 starting hand in texas hold ‘em would be more marketable than him.

  2. CountingCats says:

    And if advice is on offer, it should come from a minister, a church minister, that is, not a government one, and the kids parents. This is nothing to do with any government representative.

  3. Edward King says:

    “…and remember kids, never draw to an inside straight, A-2-3-4-5 is a valid straight and in Vegas, play 10/7 double bonus for a return of 100.17%!”

  4. macheath says:

    Would that be ‘good advice’ as in ‘play the National Lottery, kids; you know it makes sense’?

  5. NickM says:

    It all depends if you’re playing hi-lo… But attempting to draw on an inside straight is D’oh! Though I have seen it happen. The spawny bugger took us to the cleaners!

    On Wednesday I was in the Co-op with two pouches of cat food and I was behind the biddies and codgers all bitchin’ about Gideon. I got a right gumful grin of it from some old moo who at the last minute said “Oh, Doreen I’ve forgot me toms” and then toddled off back to get some to go with her Spam – this took some time. I’ve got exact change (74p) and then she says to Doreen, “And the usual!” which was 8 quids worth of lottery on top of a thirty quid “general” shop on the National Mockery. Christ. I have seen this so often. All I wanted was to feed my pussy. And the thing was OAPs are about the only thing to go up above or arounfd inflation and she was bitching despite spending thirty quid on groceries and eight on the NL. And that was just for the Wednesday draw. I heard it all. All I wanted was to buy some food to keep the cat from eating me.

    Now let’s assume she did two shops a week for thirty quid a go with an additional 8 quid each time on the lottery. The OAP went up 5.2% due to the evil Gideon but still I get the gums of truth gurned at me about how she’s poor. Probably is but you know… Deranged old moo. I have seen it before. Especially on scratchcards. If the effing government wants to curtail gambling then it ought to get it’s house in order first. I’ve never gone to the table with folks chucking the gas-bill into the pot – a poker game is never fun unless it’s fun if you know what I mean – I mean if it’s existential then it skews everything because people get desperate.

    But I have seen people with holes in their shoes spend their entire GIRO on NL scratchcards so the government can fuck itself on being a “moral guardian”. Not that we need a moral guardian. I have never played a game where anyone played thinking, “Jesus, they’re gonna take my thumbs!” if this goes wrong and I wouldn’t want to. Apart from anything it skews everything in terms of odds if you have the desperate. I like a tight game and enjoy it as a game. If it’s about some guy staking everything on the turn of a card then the fun evaporates.

    My game of choice is 7 card stud.

  6. Talwin says:

    Gambling is one of only a very few daft things that, thank God, I have never taken to. Most of the others I have done in spades (geddit!?).

    But I notice that it is recommended kiddies should be taught to calculate odds.

    Surely, the only one that matters is that, over time, the chances of the punter winning, are the square root of fuck all.

  7. Edward King says:

    The Wheel, the five-high straight, is valid in all forms of poker. Though outside hi-lo it’s the lowest ranking straight.

    And spawny wins against the cards are all part of the great game we call poker…

  8. Andrew Duffin says:

    “a basic grounding in probability theory and that is mathematics”

    You think they teach them this sort of thing in schools these days?

    Where would they find the time, with all that gobal warming and sex-ed for four-year-olds to get through?

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