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It’s Christmas!

Well, it’s 1-15pm here and I’m only just now sitting down with a beer. Christmas has been very busy so far a grim ordeal of shopping and wrapping and cleaning the house and putting up two trees and having to move one of them (with decorations) twice. Oh and of course work – I had a 9-30 am “hop” to re-jiggle an epically screwed Outlook Express account this morning*. But now that’s all done and there is nothing left to do but stuff myself with my own body weight in nuts (and have a few shandies naturally). Ahhh!!! Nice. I’m almost feeling festive. I know what! This’ll do it…

Right that’s me festive. How’s about you?

OK. Well what is there left to say? I’d like to thank all of you for reading my deranged ramblings this year and wish you all a Happy Christmas. I won’t wish you all the best for 2009 because I’ll be back before the New Year to do that. I just can’t help myself. So many hours squandered… Or rather not because, dear reader, I’m sure I’ve managed to entertain, inform and provoke at least some of you some of the time. Because, of course, without a readership or (especially) a commentariat this would be throwing messages in bottles into a black hole**.

So have a good one and please just keep on coming because without you we’re just a couple of computer techs doing the equivalent of shouting at the telly.

PS. I dunno what Cats was on about with respect to the Northern winter… It’s a beautiful day here in Cheshire – not too cold and very crisp and the light is beautiful.

*Don’t send 7.5Meg attachments to a guy with arthritic dial-up. Really don’t do it if the guy’s dial-up is so arthritic that his machine’s security updates are waaay behind the times and certainly not when the registry is an utter mess. Don’t because I need jobs like that on Christmas Eve like I need leprosy.

**Although given the council’s abysmal trash collection that’s not such a bad idea…


  1. RAB says:

    Well it’s dull and drizzly here in Bristol.
    But never mind, we have 6 round for dinner tonight so that will be a shaft of social sunlight.
    I have just walked the dog and popped into my local corner shop (hindu) which I visit almost every day for bits and pieces. Rarely spend over a fiver but I have just been given a canvas shopping bag and a bottle of wine by Nangee and wished a happy christmas. Winterval anyone? You know what I’m saying here!

    THank you Nick and Cats,(in fact I already have below) for the Home from Home for good conversation you have erected here.

    And a merry Christmas to all the commentators and even those just reading and lurking, who will be future commentators.
    50,000 hits cant be all mad!

    Oh and Sunfish, Do drop Alisa a line, she is one classy lady! ;-)

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    “without you we’re just a couple of computer techs doing the equivalent of shouting at the telly.”

    Hey, don’t knock it. It doesn’t answer back, for a start.

    Anyhoo, a very merry Christmas to you and all the other regular commenters.

  3. RAB says:

    Oh and good old Slade!
    Everybody saw them on Top of the Pops, but I saw them live a coupla times.
    They were get down get funky, dirty good time rock and rollers, and a hell of a good night out…

    We now have the most intellectual single to top the Christmas Charts, in Hallelujah,
    Whichever version you favour.
    Well the girl done good, but doesn’t understand the lyrics.
    Jeff Buckley’s the one I favour (but then I saw his dad perform and he was even better) but he’s a tad histrionic too.
    Well Leonard wrote it so he should know?
    Anyway it is a bloody great song and not the slightest bit religious except in the imagery.

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