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My mother thinks I pimp slaved under aged girls in a crack house. Please don’t tell her I am an environmental scientist.

H/T Small Dead Animals


  1. RAB says:

    What a great clip!

    As blatent a piece of lying and rent seeking by force, as I have ever witnessed. Jail time for these assholes please!

    “The uh, the Um… waddia call it when the ground goes down?…”

    Please god tell me he is part of the legal team, not a “Scientist”?!!!

  2. Paul Marks says:

    “It is all smoke and mirrors and bullshit – for the court”.

    “This is Ecuador – we can get a thousand people round the Court House”.

    “We can get the money, this is for the money – know what I am saying?”.

    Yes I do – you corrupt piece of shit.

  3. CountingCats says:

    RAB, he is the lawyer, she is the scientist. Click the link, that tells you the story.

  4. RAB says:

    Ta Cats. I kinda gathered I was right. Evil venal little cunt isn’t he? And thick too.

    Not all Lawyers are like that. I used to be one sorta, and even I know what it’s called when the ground goes down…

    It’s called Subsidance and you can sue!

    (Woops! Law School knee-jerk reaction there) :-)

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