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Soviet propaganda is not dead: How Max Keiser mixes truth and lies for the new alliance against the West.

People who believe that propaganda is just a stream of lies are mistaken.

Someone might listen to someone who just said nothing but “1+1=190″, “the sky is made of rice pudding”, “the CIA made me kill my children” (and on and on), but they would not listen to such a person EVERY DAY and they would not be INFLUENCED by them.

To influence people propaganda should contain TRUTH (not just lies), ideally truth that is generally rarely spoken (because it offends powerful interests). Then the people who have the propaganda fired at them feel “special”, they are getting “hidden knowledge” that other people are too ignorant, or just too scared, either to know or to talk about. Of course whilst this propagandist is giving them this special knowledge he (or she) mixes in lies with it – which the targeted people accept (along with the truth) and are, thus, influenced.

Even highly intelligent people can be manipulated by this method. Indeed it has long been a standard method of the intelligence world. If one has a false source pumping out disinformation to an opposition intelligence service (or other target) one does NOT just pump out lies – in fact most of what the source tells one’s target is TRUE (indeed often of service to the target), one just puts in lies (or distortions) at key moments.

This method is so well established (and so effective) it even appears in the “The Lord of the Rings” – the character “Sauron” pretends that the character “Denethor” has gained control of a “seeing stone” – Denethor is convinced of this by a terrible mental struggle (which causes him physical harm over the years) by which he gains “control” over the stone and by the fact that he sees Sauron’s troop movements and can move his own forces to counter them (not just once, but several times) and gains other information that is of advantage to him. However, Sauron has never truly lost control of the stone at all – he sacrifices his forces to give Denethor the illusion that the source is under his control. At a key moment he shows Denethor a vast fleet seemingly comming to reinforce his attack upon Denethor’s (already terribly outnumbered) forces. The fleet, in fact, has already been overcome by enemies of Sauron – it is filled with soldiers comming to the AID of Denethor’s city, but Denethor is not shown this – and he has come to trust, as a full and complete record, anything the stone (the source) shows him. So he is thrown into despair and his mind (already undermined by years of attacks) breaks – and he kills himself, thus depriving his forces of their commander at what appears to be the key moment.

“Get on to Mr Keiser, Paul”.

Very well….

Who is a hero of the international “Occupy” movement? The far left students (and other such) active in cities all over the West? For example, attacking ports on the West coast of the United States – on the grounds that some of the companies using the ports are connected to Goldman Sachs and so the ports are a “legitimate target”  for the “people’s”  “peaceful protest” or “people’s resistance” (or whatever form of words is used for the attacks at the moment).

Is George Soros a hero to them? No, he may fund a lot of their activites (just as he funds the Tides Foundation, the Centre for American Progress, the American based Institute for Policy Studies,  Media Matters,  and other such far left groups – many of them controlled by people with a Marxist background), but he is not a “hero” to these people, they just take his money.

Is Barack Obama a hero of what are now the Occupy movement people? Perhaps once – but these days, I doubt it. They (at least the American ones) would still vote for him – but he has let down their hopes (at least he has moved more slowly than they hoped), he is no longer a hero figure for them.

So who is a hero to them? For they do have some heros – they may all chant together (listening to “Occupyers” speak is rather like hearing “the Borg” from “Star Trek”), but they are actually human beings (not a collective enity space monster/space monsters) and they do have people they look up to – hero figures.

And one of these is “Max” Keiser who with Rosa Klebb (I mean Stacy Herbert) comes on Russian Television (RT) to tell them “the truth” about the world.

Stop laughing. There is good reason for someone who watches the “Keiser Report” to think that they have come upon a source of truth in a world of lies and fearful silence.

For example, who will mention that whilst MF Global has “mislaid” just over a billion Dollars of clients money, J.P. Morgan Chase (Jamie Dimon’s outfit) has (by some odd coincidence) just over a billion Dollars from MF Global.

It one is sitting in the Dark Tower in Moscow protected by the modern version of the KGB – threats of legal action from Jamie Dimon (for implying that he and his bank are crooks) are not very scary. Indeed, perhaps if one listens carefully, one can still hear the screams of former Russian “oligarchs” who were once more wealthy than Mr Dimon (till they fell out with Mr Putin).

This is not an isolated case. Time and time again Max Keiser will attack the crimes (real or otherwise) of the most important bankers and other such – giving names, the amounts of money, and the details of how various scams work. And his years working in the financial markets mean that Mr Keiser is very familar with financial industry language – he is fluent in this weird lingo, and can explain it to those who watch his show. So the standard defence of those who seek to defend corrupt bankers (throw in lots of technical language about “broad money” and so on, and toss out lots of numbers, and involved stories “proving” that fraud is not really fraud, and ….) is disposed of with ease by Mr Keiser.

Nor is he weak on economic principles. Mr Keiser understanda, and explains, how Central Banks produce extra money (to back up bank credit expansion – and for other purposes) and how this produces a false “boom” that MUST lead to a bust. So he can predict such things as the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But nor does Mr Keiser claim to have invented economic principles – on the contrary, he both states the names of Austrian School economists, and he cites practical investors (such as Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers), who are influenced by sound economic principles.

Mr Keiser stands as a defender of physical money (of gold and of silver – silver being a special favourate of his) and against the corrupt tricks of both governments and bankers (with their magic ledgers that can turn one Dollar into a hundred Dollars – under the pretense that lending out, say, one horse one hundred times is the same as lending out one hundred horses). He seems both wise and well meaning and is very good at speaking – he uses the traditional method of deception (see above) more in the manner of the character “Saruman” than Sauron (although Sauron also seemed wise and good – in the times before the Lord of the Rings book is set).

“But Paul you have not stated anything that is wrong with Mr Keiser”.

Very well I will give an example from a show I watched yesterday.

Mr Keiser started (as he so often does) by attacking the “counterfeiting” of Central Banks (their production of yet more fiat money) – but then (as he also so often does) he slipped in the words “austerity meauses” implying that the counterfeiting of Central Banks (and the credit expansion antics of commerscial banks) are the cause of the “austerity measures”.

And, in a way, they (partly) are – as the “boom” these practices create, leads to the “bust”. But that is not what Mr Keiser means – he means (as is obvious from the gradual impression his shows build up in the minds of his targets) that if only Central Banks and commercial banks would stop their monetary expansion then there would be no need for austerity measures – no need to cut back the WELFARE STATE.

Indeed Mr Keiser does not attack  the Welfare State (even extreme examples of the “entitlement state” as with Greece) – on the contrary, all these things are fine. It would all work perfectly – if only it were not for greedy bankers and their servants the Central Banks and the politicians. Bank credit expansion is not USED by politicians (such as Mr Brown the former of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) to fund their wild government spending (both via creating a false “boom” and by the tax revenue earned from bank antics), no, no, no, – the wild government spending is not the problem, just the greedy “1%” or “0.1%” of greedy bankers and other rich capitalists……

See where it is going?

Everything gets blamed on the likes of J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs – and the Welfare State (wild government spending) and Keynesian ideology (the real reason that Central Banks have been expanding the money supply for so many years) get a pass. The real corruption (and real political influence) of, say, Goldman Sachs is transformed into such an enity controlling the world – which is a vast lie (but can be made to look like the truth).

Under the cover of free market talk, and of exposing real crimes, the real agenda is simply – death to the rich, and down with the United States.

For it is no accident that the banks that Mr Keiser attacks by name tend to be AMERICAN banks. Indeed he attacks the United States (by name) in every show – never as an open attack on the American people (of course), but as an attack on the evil rich bankers who control their government and rob both them and PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD.

For that is the other point. Max Keiser (like Hobson and Lenin before him) is concerned with the “Third World” – the “exploited masses” all over the world, but especially in the MIDDLE EAST.

Of course Mr Keiser works for Russian Television, and he also used to have shows on parts of the BBC (no shock there) and wrote for the Huffington Post (ditto), but he also used to have shows Al Jazerra and on Press TV.

Al Jazerra – the best known television station of the Sunni Arab Islamic world, and Press TV – the television station of the Shia Iranian government.

Working for the Sunni and for the Shia? How is that possible?

Because he played the same card for both – anti Americanism (which is always a cover for anti West doctrine). Of course not hated of the American people – but hatred of the rich bankers (of course even honest money lending for interest is forbidden under Islamic law) and-the-government-they-control…….

“But Mr Keiser is American” – and Harry St John Philby (the father of Kim Philby) was British – but he worked to undermine Western (specificlly British – as Britain was the main power of the West in his time) influence in the Middle East, for although a socialist Philby allied with the most radical forms of Islam (indeed he converted – and got slave girls as a present) in order to undermine Western “capitalist” ideas in the Middle East (even whilst working for the British government – the power he hated more than any other on Earth). Before anyone mentions it – I know that Philby (senior) later fell out with the House of Saud, and that the (Wahabbi) House of Saud decided to ally with the West. However, they have funded the most extreme and intolerant (and anti Western) forms of Sunni Islam (not just in the Middle East – but all over the world). So it is Philby who has got the last laugh (in whatever part of Hell he is presently in) – not the “clever” Western “realists” (President Franklin Roosevelt and others) who decided to make deals with the House of Saud.

Just recently Max Keiser and Rosa K.. (I mean Stacy Herbert) were off to the Middle East to celebrate the “Arab Spring” (unlike the fools in the Western media – they have a better understanding that the uprisings are not fluffy at all). Of course they had to rush back home when the uprising in Syria (an ally of Putin and co) started – but these things happen. And a new Muslim Brotherhood Sunni government in Syria might not be any more pro Western than the existing Shia (actually heretic sect) government. So Max and co will not be too upset whatever way the conflict in Syria goes.

The Muslim Brotherhood among the Sunni, the “hasteners” among the 12er Shia of Iran, Max K. does not share any of their theology (he most likely regards all religion as just silly bedtime stories), but they are useful allies against the West – so the grand alliance between the left (such as the Occupy movement) and Islam (in spite of their differnces on the role of women in society and whether homosexuals should be killed – and other such “little details”) can continue and grow. The Frankfurt School of Marxism (know in the America as the New School of Social Research – and in the West generally as the “P.C.” movement) would be pleased to know that their “cultural” approach (adopted after the workers “failed” them by not supporting Marxist revolution in Germany after World War One) of allying with such things as cultural groups against the Western “capitalists”, is still being developed and with strong results.

See how far we have come. From attacking both private corruption (often real cases of corruption) and attacking both government and private credit bubble finance – we have gone to attacking the rich as the source of all problems (everyone could have their unlimited welfare states and comfortable lives – if only…….) to attacking the West on the world stage.

And in each show the joins are seemless – we go from truth to lies without a break (sometimes in the same sentence) so the target auidence is carried along and…..

Now Max Keiser is, doubtless, only one among many – the endless propaganda taught against “the rich” and against the “imperialist” policy of the West in almost every school and university is more important than the efforts of one man and his team. Most likely even many of the Occupy movement would not be able to state who “Max Keiser” even was (although many others of the movement, especially the leaders,  do know of his work).

Nor am I even saying that “Max Keiser is a Marxist” – why should he be? For people like him (as with George Soros) the conflict (the conflict against the West – especially against the United States) has become an end-in-itself, they do not really think about what happens “After America” (to steal the title of Mark Stein’s latest book). Some form of World Government “cooperation”, for the benefit of “the poor”….. after that it all gets rather vague. They are razer sharp in their planning to destroy the West (especially the United States – now that it, not the United Kingdom, is the main power of the West), but they are blunt as a butter knife about the details of what they want to put in its place – in this (in their vagueness about the final objective) they are rather like Karl Marx himself.

However, Mr Keiser is a good example of how the modern left mixes truth with lies – and how the modern left has allied itself with the forces of Islam (both Sunni and Shia) in the conflict against the West, the conflict against “world imperialism” against the “exploiters of the poor” and “enemies of social justice” (not that Max is often guilty of using language this crude – he just leads people to those conclusions).

And Mr Keiser is very good at his job. He is a first rate propagandist – and should be noted as such.


  1. Kevin B says:

    I’ve always thought that the whole Soviet anti-western machine just spluttered on after the collapse of the Soviet Union, except that now it has no positive purpose, (if it ever did), just nihilistic destruction.

    I’ve also always felt that the main anti-British arm was East German while the Soviets went for the Americans, and when the Berlin wall went down a bit of freedom went one way, but a lot of poison came the other.

  2. dfwmtx says:

    “I’ve always thought that the whole Soviet anti-western machine just spluttered on after the collapse of the Soviet Union, except that now it has no positive purpose, (if it ever did), just nihilistic destruction.”

    It still has no positive purpose, but it’s current aim is to recreated the worker’s paradise in what used to be called “the free world”. They’ve made it less free. And I think they’re trying their best to recreate the same conditions which led to communism in the 20th century here in the 21st.

    What always puzzles me is how the anti-Americanism/anti-Western philosophy binds the anti-theistic left with the radical Islamicists. The enemy of thy enemy is not your friend; he’s just a temporary ally whom will be enslaved or killed off later. Anti-theistic liberals still show themselves to be useful idiots, allying themselves with forces who’ll gladly kill them off later.

  3. john in cheshire says:

    I watch the Keiser report quite often, and occasionally read web reports either by him, or of him; he and Stacy Herbert are very entertaining, and of course that’s why I watch – and wanting to hear something that no one else is saying. Your posting about Mr Keiser, however, has crystallised some uneasiness that I have felt from time to time, not least because he is on some very suspect television stations. I’m pleased that you did so, and hope that you’ll continue to keep an eye on him and these seemingly rogue channels.

  4. Sam Duncan says:

    Not strictly relevant to the main thrust of Paul’s piece, but I always liked Orwell’s definition of propaganda: “Propaganda doesn’t seek to persuade; it seeks to create a climate of thought in which dissent is seen as something akin to madness”*. I’m sure every anti-EU, Austrian school, pro-Israel, smokers’-rights, libertarian climate sceptic understands exactly what he’s talking about there.

    *More or less.

  5. Paul Marks says:

    Keiser is a clever fellow – for example he can go from the expansion of the money supply (by Central Banks) to “Lord” Murdoch without any break – giving the impression that Rupert Murdoch is a banker (indeed a Central Banker).

    This is one of the reasons that the Occupy Wall Street mob marched straight past George Soros’ apartment building (without shouting anything) to scream and threaten outside the home of Rupert Murdoch (which is no where near Wall Street).

    They also, of course, “protested” outside the home of David Koch – who is also not a banker (and who, unlike Rupert Murdoch, OPPOSED TARP and so on).

    This is very Soviet.

    And Sam is right – they want to create “a climate” where anyone who defends (say) Fox News, or the Koch brothers is considered insane (or worse).

    Max Keiser, of course, attacks Fox News more than any other television station.

    Is this because it (like the owner Rupert M.) supported TARP?

    Actually Neil Cavuto (the main financial man at Fox News) OPPOSED TARP.

    But one would never know that from watching “The Keiser Report”.

  6. NickM says:

    The left/Islamist connection is blindingly obvious when you appreciate that both share the same end-game – total control over everything. Less obviously (but even truer) is the fact that both ideologies intrinsically believe reality is a construct – be it the ravings of Karl Marx or the rantings of Muhammad they both define “truth” in terms of their prophets. By their own metrics they simply can’t be wrong. So there is no such thing as poverty in North Korea and no rape in Saudi Arabia. I have been both a physicist and a mathematician and I know of what I talk. I know the power of a priori and how often it comes crashing to the dead earth of experimentation. Kaluza-Klein is a ravishing theory but it’s wrong. But what if physicists had ignored that annoying quantum stuff? All ideologues share the same failing. They invariably conflate what is “good” (by their own metric but they obviously can’t see any others) without is true. This is how we end-up with nonsenses like Afghan rape victims being imprisoned. That good men and women from NATO are being killed and maimed to shore-up this state of affairs is another question. If you ask me the Afghans ought to play nice (but it’s their culture innit!) or we leave them to wallow in their own crapulence. Their choice. Get with the program or fuck off and if the latter then expect a sizeable package of Jewish science to hit you.

    And you know what? They’ll bitch even then that it was da Jooos. Not the brute nature of the universe (which is true whether you like it or not) or that civilized nations (and Russia) can harness it but da Jooos… Another thing the hard-left and the Islamicists can agree on.

  7. Paul Marks says:

    True Islam and Marxism have much in common Nick.

    But, of course, that will not stop the followers of these systems killing each other – when and if the time comes.

    Presently they are (for example) giving each other jobs on Foundations (often Foundations created by rich, but dead, Republicans) – and visiting each other’s houses in the Hyde Park area of Chicago.

    And there is a lot of compromise talk – such as “Islamic Socialism” and (of course) “Social Justice”, but should the Unholy Alliance win out…..

  8. Julie K. says:

    These are very telling observations about propaganda, how it’s done, how it works…also the package is beautifully tied together: Keiser, RT, propaganda, Islam and the communists, the project being to destroy the West. Indeed it is. And your remarks in the Comments are excellent additions.

    Cross-posted to Individual-Sovereignty. Thanks.

  9. Paul Marks says:

    Many thanks.

  10. Nick says:

    This is a very good bit of analysis. I watch Keiser almost every week and he does a good job of bringing quiet issues to the fore. His argument that what we have now is not capitalism but something much less fair is an important bit that I believe is something OWS is thinking about. It’s not solely MK arguing this of course.

    Saying that- the fact that he gets a paycheck from the Iranians (and Russians) is of real concern. And there are many other things that concern me about his tack generally. He is certainly no friend to the US. However high quality information often comes from “unfriendly” sources. RT is such a source. The key is to remember that everyone can be tricked and that a “North Star” be it science or God is key to being the most informed and wisest one can be.

  11. Paul Marks says:

    It is interesting the way that Max will slip in a lie (a blatent lie) in the middle of what he is saying.

    For example, he will say “and one way of dealing with this is to increase the minimum wage” – when the thing he has been discussing has got nothing to do with the minimum wage (up, down, or sideways). He just counts on people nodding at what he says of the misdeeds of Jamie Dimon and co (and even here what Max says will be a mixture of truth and lies – but so cunningly put together it is often hard to seperate them), and then carry on nodding when he says something else (something not even partly true – and not even connected to the thing he is discussing).

    Also Max is (deliberatly – and dishonestly) a “bankers cause all the problems” man.

    And he knows perfectly wel that this is not true.

    For example, Greece and every other country in the Euro zone that is in fiscal crises (with the exception of IRELAND – which is a very different story) would be in fiscal crises EVEN IF THERE WERE NO SUCH THINGS AS BANKERS.

    The fiscal crises in Greece (and so on) is caused by the out of control WELFARE STATE (this Max knows – but never says).

    As for the United States…..

    Again the idea that their might be some problem with the American Welfare State (the way the Great Society programs have grown like cancers) never comes out of mouth of Max.

    All problems are due to bankers – and both parties are simply their tools.

    In Marxist terms “Finance Capital” is in control – and the elected politicians simply serve this “class interest”.

    So how does one explain the bitter partisan divides in American politics – which are clearly sincere (i.e. the leading Republicans hate the leading Democrats and vice versa).

    Simple – Max lies without shame.

    The Republicans hate the Obama Administration because Barack is black – and they are racists.

    He knows that is a load of crap – but he says it anyway.

    He says it without shame and with the same facial expression and tone of voice he will use for telling of the latest misdeeds of Jamie Dimon (both real, and made up) and what the weather is like.

    He is a true professional.

    He can could say he was Alaxander the Great whilst attached to a lie detector – and the polygraph would register no stress at all.

  12. truth is subjective says:

    Thanks very much for your research and viewpoint. I have to say I was wondering about the same thing and have been attempting to put together a valid argument for the who, why and how of Max Keiser’s disinformation but I have so far missed the incentive he may have to do so.

    An ingenious personality, as noted, he is also a gold bug and has very strong activist ties alongside genuine economic ones. For example, Steve Keen, Professor of economics at the University of Western Sydney is an academic who has strong moral standing and wishes to promote a healthy discourse for economics and to rid the system of leeches and idiots like the keynesians. Max also courts with Jim Rickards, a dubious fellow who is nuts about gold and has spent considerable time working with the CIA, Russians and the Israelis. These two are not very compatible yet Max tends to cite both in his work (and has had both on his show on numerous occasions)

    Max was given a lifetime ban for trading on the US stock market for insider trading in the late 80′s according to some sources. He formed the Hollywood stock Exchange (HSX) to boycott the big production studios and provide funding for fringe and independent film makers and also created KarmaBanque to do the same with the banking industry. Both these companies are not well researched so some work on these would help in any real assessment of who Max is and if he is genuine. He also successfully shorted Coca Cola’s stocks during a campaign to boycott Coke (which he started as part of the ‘shorts’) His more recent company Pirate My Film is a bit slicker and seems to be working quite well.

    A self-promoting entertainer, he often spends some part of the shows time proving the accuracies of his predictions.

    If we really want to get to the heart of the matter then Cui Bono.

    Motive is the most revealing of any propaganda and this is something which is not easily discerned at this point in time regarding the enigmatic Max Keiser. If he is to be believed then he purchased all his gold and silver in 2003. He has been involved in a successful career in finance at wall street, the film industry, journalism, television presenting and activism. I think the bravado regarding Occupy is just to get the young audience on board (and the SLA ;-))

    Where’s the money coming from?

    I don’t see how his money coming from the Kremlin, Iran, CIA or any other type of coveted ‘power’ can be a reason for his alleged ‘propaganda’ despite the obvious vested interest in his coming through the channels he does. This is an old fashioned point of view which is not really relevant to the world we live in now, something old timer’s who read private eye and remember the cold war with Russia may have suspicions about. Whether it’s Fox News, Al Jazeera, RT, Press TV, Channel 4 News, BBC or Wikileaks. It doesn’t really matter. Citing propaganda by association doesn’t work. Too many important political activists do the same (Mark Thomas and Gilad Atzmon to name two) – does this mean they are knowingly spreading propaganda too? This is a bit of a ad hominem argument, but it is relevant in the final analysis which I’ll come to next.

    Max has (more importantly than the corporatist interests he has) the company of Mich Shedlock, Karl Denninger, David Morgan, Michael Hudson, Rick Ackerman, William Banzai 7 (and other Zero Hedge contributors) Satyajit Das, Eric King, Rick Falkvinge, James Turk and Reggie Middleton. Invite propaganda as disinformation on Max’s part and you discredit a lot of these people by association.

    His reputation is all he really has and so far he has built a good one.

    I think he is narcissistic and this is what causes his inaccuracies or exaggerations. Part of the narcissism is a vested interest in gold and silver.

    If anything this is where Max has a motive for playing a particular card to propagandists as this is the most obvious vested interest he (or others) may have in pushing out his agenda. I would just like to add to that – look at any chart showing the rise of precious metals over the past 10 years. He may have an agenda there but I do think the facts also speak for themselves.

    Love the reference for Stacy Herbert btw :-)

  13. blah blah says:

    I take everything I see on RT with a grain of salt, b/c almost every piece they run has an anti-American / anti-West slant. I lost respect for them when, after the Japanese reactors went up, the best “expert” they could get to discuss the subject was a guy that was blatantly tied to an anti-nuclear wing-nut tin-foil hat group that wanted nothing more than to do away with nuclear and saw the reactors going up as God telling us that nuclear is a bad idea. Most every other piece I see on there is something about how the United States government is being dumb or blind or ignorant or whatever about something. About how Russia or the Middle East is spot-on to do something while “those wacky Americans” have their heads up their butts.
    The current show that got me googling “Keiser report russian propaganda”, and ending up here, was how keiser was going on about how the Fed created all this economic fiasco by buying bad debts for good money … instead of being the lender of last resort, they’re being the buyer of first resort. He goes on to blast QE, and so forth. Typical Keiser Report fodder. I agree with some of it. But, he seems to lose focus of the big picture. A lot of banks lost their shirts in their deals. To make up for it, a lot of central banks and private bankers shifted tons of money into gold. Now, lots of governments, having seen the “perils” of fiat currency (not realizing the real peril is merely debt-driven currency) are seriously thinking about switching back to gold-standard currency. Oh, big surprise. Guess who happens to be sitting on all the gold right now … the bankers. The same bankers that blew up the markets, got bailed out, then used their money to invest in gold…now they’re conveniently prepped to profit from countriess flipping to gold standards…which would drive the price of gold through the roof even more than it already has.
    A lot of this is just smoke-n-mirrors from central banks working with and against each other… pumping gold back-n-forth between economies during boom/bust times to make a profit as fiat currencies rise and fall. Keiser comes close to saying this, but he only goes so far as to make it seem like America is the biggest instigator of fraud, ponzi scheming, funny-money creation, etc, etc. He doesn’t draw the ultimate conclusion that we are no longer in a nation-vs-nation world, but a plutocratic-vs-others world. Most economic issues were caused by debt-driven fiat currencies with central banks having too much control over economies to abuse them for their benefit. He points that out a bit, but only so much as to make it seem like it’s all America’s and The Fed’s fault. I guess Russia never has problems with THEIR central bank.
    I don’t know … the guy just comes across as smarmy, and he barely veils the russian propaganda bent of his show. At least the BBC comes across a bit impartial at times. RT … hardly so. It’s interesting to see what they report on, b/c some of it is interesting, and our mainstream US media won’t talk about it. But, I have to take it all with a huge grain of salt, and eventually I have to turn it off in the middle when I’m tired of the “America Sucks” slant of it all. However, they are an editorial show, not a news show. They can put whatever slant they want on it. Anyone thinking RT is a news program is just jumping into the deep end with their eyes closed willing to eat whatever concrete they land on in the empty pool.

  14. Paul Marks says:

    The bottom line about Max Keiser is that he teaches that if only the bankers were not about (to put it nicely) the Welfare State could go on for ever – there would be no “austrerity” and so on.

    Keiser is just flat wrong – if there were no bankers the present fiscal situation (the out of control Welfare States) wouild still lead to bankrutptcy In fact credit bubble bankinig DELAYED the end (which is why governments encouraged it) by creating a “boom” that governments could tax. But all “boom” events end in BUST.

    By the way Max K. even pretends that the Great Depression was ended by introducing banking regulations – this is delusional. The new regulations had nothing to do with ending the Great Depression – they were basically just “let us beat up the Morgans”.

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