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I got a question

Look, I don’t live in London any more, and here on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast we don’t tend to be privy to all the little details of life in the Great Wen.

Now, answer me this:

If the routemasters are gone, the bendy’s ditto, and the new Borismasters are still to come into service then…….roll of drums……… What is London using for buses right at this minute?

I be confuzd.


  1. RAB says:

    Well I know where all the bendy ones have gone, Malta, where they are causing havoc on the roads and narrow streets. Last time I was there the roads looked like they’d been carpet bombed. The old harvesters may have been on their last legs, but at least they could negotiate Valletta high street with ease, the bendies get stuck.

  2. Talwin says:

    O/T but aren’t you lucky not to be living in Sydney? BBC news item says it’s been pissing down there for weeks and Bondi’s deserted.

    On this occasion BBC managed to avoid putting it down to evil AGW.

  3. Edward Lud says:

    Most London buses are, I believe, mostly empty most of the time. They are effectively vast, noisome, poorly-manoeuvrable (albeit uncomfortable) limousines for the poor. As such I occasionally use them myself.

  4. Paul Marks says:

    The new version of the Routemaster – looks the same, but is upgraded.

    I am told it is genuine progress.

  5. Thornavis says:

    The bendies have been gradually replaced by double deckers, including a lot of new ones. Whether the new ‘Routemaster’ ( which doesn’t really look the same, the RM was essentially an AEC Regent ) is progress or not is an open question as yet, there’s things about it such as the open platform which are basically just gimmicks. The problem is that it’s been pushed forward by a politician, never a cause for great optimism. The Routemaster was London’s iconic bus, although it’s certainly arguable that the RT was a greater breakthrough, so naturally Boris sought to make political capital out of its demise, even though it had come to the end of its natural life. This was rather like rail privatisation, where you could always spot the politician who didn’t know what he was on about because he would wax lyrical about the Great Western Railway, that being the only pre-nationalisation company he’d ever heard of.

  6. CountingCats says:


    Like Sydney, we got our own Global Warming here on Queenslands Sunny Gold Coast. Last week we had the coldest December day for 123 years.

  7. Bertie Bassett says:


    The Routemasters were pledged to be kept on and they still ply their trade across the middle of town. Conductors don’t take cash but you can swipe your Oyster card on the reader he/she carries.

    The bendys were unpopular. Made crossing the road using your own initiative, rather than at designated crossings, so much harder as the walk to get around the rear was longer. Plus, being driver only operated, the three door system meant a lot of free riders who’d not bother to touch in with an Oyster card.

    Plenty of new and new-ish double and single deckers: stuff like this.

    and the latest generation are like this

    And it’s still cold and damp…


  8. dfwmtx says:

    I recently heard on a History Channel program about the Little Ice Age that AGW may lead to the next. Fire or ice: they never can decide how AGW will kill us. My personal belief is AGW will kill us all by driving us mad and burying us under mounds of paperwork.

  9. Andrew Duffin says:

    AGW won’t kill us, but the the AGW scare may, by diverting all our money into useless flim-flam like wind turbines and rooftop solar panels, leaving us with no capital to build actual useful power stations.

    If it’s a choice between fire and ice, I think I know which is more lethal – and it isn’t a few degrees of warming, equivalent to moving fifty miles further South or something.

    There is evidence that last time an ice age started, the South coast of England went from temperate forest to a hundred metres of ice, in less than a century. Think on that before you start putting mirrors in space or inducing algal blooms in the oceans.

  10. CountingCats says:


    Thank you. The Andersons are still in service. That deals with that enigma.

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