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The morality of beer, condoms and bombing.

As a Brit I’m used to terrorism – the IRA and all that but the IRA had standards. No they didn’t – they blew-up a remembrance day ceremony. Cunts. Utter cunts but the recent bombings in Nigeria raise the bar somewhat.

Let me be blunt here. Blowing up a churches on Christmas Day is unbelievable cuntery. It is beyond cuntspicable. It is profoundly evil. The people “responsible” for this outrage, Boko Haram did it for the glory of Allah. Well I hope He is fucking proud of His slaves. These are essentially the same fuckers who rioted over Miss World (remember that hilarity) a few years back – like anybody cares! Of course this is all to do with bringing about shariah law. Perhaps they ought to consider whether the banning of beer and bacon and breasts (in a “tasteful” swimsuit mode – the owners of which want to bring about world peace and work with children and animals) is morally more important than not blowing people up. Because regardless of your “morals” (and some folk think of a ham sandwich as a sin) not blowing-up places of worship on an especially holy day really ought to be on your radar but if it isn’t you can supremely fuck off because your “minor morals” are something I cannot take seriously at all. I simply can’t comprehend how you can fuss over dietary laws but are OK with carnage and slaughter.

Because almost every fucker on the planet figured that one out millennia back. Or maybe not. One of the most outrageous things I ever heard was the IRA figured out that a vital part of the initiator of a fertilizer bomb was a condom and being “good Catholics” they worried about the “use of an immoral object”. That was the condom, not a bomb that filled a Transit van. It must be cute to ponder such small moralities but not worry too much about killing and maiming. It must be wonderful to have such moral clarity.


  1. Tim Newman says:

    The violence up in the north of Nigeria is part of an ongoing saga that’s been running for decades and normally goes pretty unremarked in-country. But this new mob has threatened Lagos, and that’s got people chattering and dozens of scruffy, unhealthy, illiterate and corrupt security forces on the streets. The word is they don’t think Lagos will be attacked because being west Africa’s main trading post, too many people benefit from its continued operation as normal, normal in this case being utterly chaotic but operating nonetheless. The nature of the place would make Boko Haram pulling off an attack without detection very difficult, not least because the many, many Muslims from the north who live here know they would be torn limb from limb by maddened crowds if an attack did take place. So unlike in most Muslim societies, those in Nigeria are unlikely to keep their mouths shut.

    What’s also interesting is how the current Nigerian government will use this to its advantage. Nigeria’s politicians would gain advantage from an outbreak of cholera in an orphanage, and I’m wondering if the additional police on the streets hasn’t been ordered with one eye on the proposal to remove the petrol subsidies in the next few months. There is every chance that this move will induce rioting which will make a Boko Haram bomb look relatively peaceful.

  2. GW says:

    Here is the key to understanding “political” Islam. It is in permanent jihad to wipe out any trace of non-Muslim civilization. Once you accept that, everything that the Muzzies do becomes clear. Indeed blowing up a few Christians in Nigeria on Christmas while banning bear and bacon in the UK are flip sides of exactly the same coin. Take that paradigm and apply it to the advance of political Muslim everywhere, from Day 1 of the Hijrah through today – the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Mosque built over the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the persecution of Christians in Muslim lands and the spread of “no-go” neighborhoods in Europe, etc. Then can you make sense out of seemingly unrelated events.

  3. Dave H says:

    There was a suggestion that the Enniskillen bomb may have detonated prematurely because of emissions from a powerful radio in a passing army Land Rover. That led to some IRA sources laying the blame for the deaths on the British Army. Get that? It wasn’t the people who put a bomb with tens of of kilos of high explosive in public place, it was the guy who said ‘over’ on the radio who was morally culpable.

    I have also heard Mr Adams explaining that all deaths from the Troubles, even IRA intentional killings, were ultimately the responsibility of the British.

    How can you deal with people who reason like that?

    Having said that, I don’t suppose the IRA would ever set off, say, a nuke in London. Not sure at all that you could say that of the other bearded ones. In fact, it’s exactly the kind of thing they would do.

  4. Rob F says:

    Yes, Western education is sinful. Unless you want to learn how to build a bomb, of course. I don’t think that the Koran covers that.

  5. It doesn’t make a difference if its a church, a mosque or a shopping centre. Blowing someone up because they hold, or may hold – the real position usually doesn’t matter – a different position to you is despicable. The same applies to sending people to the back of the bus because they are black or female, attacking women and children because they don’t meet your dress code or issuing death threats because someone marks the passing of a great writer by quoting the title of their book on Twitter.

    A plague on all their houses, temples, mosques, synagogues and churches.

  6. NickM says:

    An American bloke I knew amusingly confused Rosa (back of the bus!) Parks and Eva Braun. As you might imagine not exactly the same people.

  7. Lynne says:

    It seems that some of these utter murderous cunts are diligent about being equal opportunities cunts. And that wasn’t a one-off.

    The extremist nutjobs will blow to pieces any religious sect that doesn’t agree with their doctrine. Even other muslims.

  8. NickM says:

    Are you surprised? Intra-specific religious hatred is something our species does in spades. Consider the 30 Years War for example*. Now Europe got over that long ago but we did it. But the minute the Yanks drive to Kuwait Sunni and Cher start touring in Iraq. Hell’s teeth I watched some whirling dervishes in Istanbul earlier this year and whilst technically not against the law Sufis have had a hell of a time in Ataturk’s technically secular republic. Sufism is persecuted across the Islamosphere. As far as I can see purely because they don’t want to cause slaughter and anarchy. I’m trying to find an aspect of Sufism I find repugnant. Nah, failed. I mean if the World’s billion+ Muslims were all Sufis we wouldn’t have our current problem. But they get wailed upon from the majority and I get tickets in Istanbul to see the dervishes like you got samizdat in the Soviet Union.

    They did whirl magic mind.

    My family are Catholic and Anglican and I am married to an Athiest (I’m Agnostic) woman who was once an altar-girl and wore a robe and all that – High Anglican. I am a Quaker Warden – they are pacifists so who cares? I just cut the grass. Hell’s teeth all I care about is the RAF turning me down. My eyes. And I so wanted to fly that Tiffy over the sand. Would that have meant killing deranged fuckers? Yes and from 15,000ft. And stationed in a nice hotel in Malta which would have been nice and had a bar but 8 hours from bottle to throttle!

    But I would have done it all for freedom! And not in a Mel Gibsonian way. I have a less terrible haircut but then who hasn’t?

    *During that Johannes Kepler had to make a dash home from his studies (which you know only kicked off modern astronomy) to use his legal skills to prevent his dear old mum being burnt at the stake. He succeeded.

  9. I wasn’t thinking of Rosa Parkes when I mentioned women being forced to the back of the bus, but these slimeballs, pilloried by Ophelia Benson:

  10. NickM says:

    That’s new to me. They are a class act. Spitting on school girls! If that was my daughter someone would rapidly be discovering the absolute hilarity of being shot in the rectum.

  11. Paul Marks says:

    The Haradi should simply buy their own busses and travel on them.

    Then they would not have to see males and females sitting together – and other people would not have to see their out-of-control beards.

    As for the IRA – historically this was not a Catholic organization (although recurited from that “community” as the saying goes). Indeed as recently as the 1950s the Catholic church refused to bury IRA types on consecrated ground (on the grounds they were unrepentant terrorist scumbags).

    However, in the 1960s Vatican II came along (that wonderful “liberal” event that, amongst other things, removed external oversight of Catholic priests in relation to children , leaving everything to local Bishops – that worked out so well).

    Under the general 1960s movement the Catholic Church (and a lot of other people) tried to make friends with the local Marxists (in this case the IRA).

    Actually the IRA split – the “Official IRA” continued with Marxism, but the “Provisional IRA” (which became the big organization) downplayed Marxism (although it did not formally get rid of socialism – it did not need to anymore) in order to play up a sort of “Catholic” idenity.

    A lot of terrorists in Latin America did the same thing. “We are Catholics, just like everyone else, it is just that we have this wonderful new Liberation Theology……”

    How sincere are Jerry Adams and co?

    Do they really believe in God and so on?

    I do not know.

    But I do know that modern “theology” gives them a lot of room – “collective salvation” God-as-the-collective-people and so on.

    Some Protestants went in for this as well.

    In American some “Protestants” even added a racist element.

    Instead of just “Liberation Theology” it was “Black Liberation Theology”. Sort of Karl Marx is God AND kill white people (but Karl was ….. oh forget about it).

    Rev. J. Wright was one of these “theologians”.

    Barack was his right hand (or rather left hand) person at “Holy Trinty” for 20 years.

    But Barack never noticed the Marxism or the raceism.

    If he really did not notice it he reminds me of a character in a film of some time ago.

    The “deaf, dumb, blind kid” who played pinball by “sense of smell” – as he had no other senses.

  12. How about these nutters then?

    Setting aside the issue of public schools, the idea of firebombing a school because you don’t like them using Paradise Lost (yes the one by Milton!) as a text, seems bizarre to say the least.

  13. Bod says:

    ian (nto) b -

    Yeah, but you have to admit that making the kids read Lord of the Flies is only one stop short of waterboarding the little monsters.

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