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Current Status

This is communism.

North Korea has not yet resumed its food self-sufficiency and relies on external food aid from China, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

They receive food aid from Pakistan? I think the technical term for that is fucked. I won’t even mention the vile invective they have for the “puppet regime” South of the Yalu or the Japanese or the Americans (or indeed even the Chinese) who are preventing wholescale famine.

In 2002, North Korea requested that food supplies no longer be delivered.

In the mid-2000s, the World Food Programme reported that famine conditions were in imminent danger of returning to North Korea, and the government was reported to have mobilized millions of city-dwellers to help rice farmers. Agricultural production increased from about 2.7 million metric tons in 1997 to 4.2 million metric tons in 2004. As of 2011, famine continues to be a problem for North Korea, although less so than in the mid to late 1990s. Flooding in 2007 and reductions in food aid exacerbate the problem, however.

In 2011, during a visit to North Korea, US ex-president Jimmy Carter reported that one third of children there were malnourished and stunted in their growth because of lack of food. He also said that the North Korean state had reduced daily food intake from 1,400 calories to 700 calories in 2011 (by comparison, a normal food intake for a healthy European is 2,000-2,500 calories per day). Some scholars believe that North Korea is purposefully exaggerating the food shortage, aiming to receive additional food supplies for its planned 2012 mass celebration by means of foreign aid.

Escaped North Koreans report that starvation has returned to the nation. A study by South Korean anthropologists of North Korean children who had defected to China found that 18-year-old males were 5 inches shorter than South Koreans their age. Roughly 45 per cent of North Korean children under the age of five are stunted from malnutrition. Most people eat meat only on public holidays, namely Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il’s birthdays.

Because they are real reasons to celebrate! Dear Gods the RoK leads the planet in high-speed broadband yet those poor fuckers are starving! And yes the big “do” next year is the 100th birthday of Kim I. Alas Kim II didn’t manage to make it. Kim III (who hardly looks starving – one wonders why?) will have to do the festivities. It shall be one of the true glories of Communism. If only those 20-million could see how the other 2/3 live Pyongyang could add to it’s list of shortages piano wire…

The truly weird thing is you can’t in principle emigrate to the DPRK. Like you’d want to!


  1. GW says:

    I served in South Korea for five years in total, much of that on the DMZ. The North is screwed beyond belief. They have out-Stalin’ed Stalin when it comes to the cult of personality. The only good news from North Korea – their country has been so run into the ground that their window of opportunity to be able to attack South with any expectation of success is just about fully closed. North Korea has stood this long because the Kims were able to insure that the 1 million plus army was fed and well armed. Now it is only the special forces and Praetorian Guard that are fed and armed. At some point, that nation will fall apart.

  2. JuliaM says:

    Quite a few people were pointing out that what we in the west watching the funeral saw as manufactured grief, out of fear of being shot, might indeed have been genuine.

    That’s a whole new level of wrong, isn’t it?

  3. NickM says:

    I’m having that!

    Interesting but they have thousands of artillery pieces within range of Seoul. Yeah they don’t have a chance against the RoK but they could cause chaos and slaughter in a very short and incredibly brutal war.

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