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Put a Li(e) in the tank…

One of my themes here is the extent to which the mainstream media can get anything technical spectacularly wrong.

Bolivia has vast reserves of lithium, seen as the green energy fuel of the future, which it wants to exploit on its own. But the lithium is locked underneath a 10,000 sq km salt flat.

Except it isn’t a fuel is it? It can be made into batteries but they need charging don’t they? The whole mindset of that article is that lithium in and of itself can replace burning stuff. It can’t. It is the entire “renewables” argument writ large. It is fantasy. It’s reversing the polarity of the neutron flow “science”.

Anyway, read the whole thing here. It’s a hoot. There is one pearl of wisdom mind. Apparently Bolivia is bestest chums with Iran and Venezuela (magic) and seeing as those two are knee-deep in four-star aren’t exactly heralding the age of the ‘lecky car. But they’re mates so what can you do?

But what really creased me was the idea from the Bolivian vice-minister for mining that they want to mine “sustainably”. How? I mean once you’ve dug it up it’s gone. You can farm sustainably but mining don’t work like that. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America and is clearly making a hash of this bounty. Anyway do read the whole thing. It’s a classic example of the failure of socialism.


  1. john in cheshire says:

    Until our children are taught about socialism and what it does to people and civilisations, then we will continue to replenish those who are lost through natural (and hopefully) unnatural causes. Culling socialists without educating those who come after is like killing pigeons in Trafalgar Square; more come to fill the void.

  2. RAB says:

    they want to mine “sustainably”. How?

    I saw an old episode of Porridge over Christmas (as you do). The plot was an escape tunnel that was being dug and Fletcher and the rest of the inmates were set the task of covering up the noise of the digging from the Screws by Genial Harry Grout.

    Well to cut a long and funny story short…

    The last scene had Warder Mr MacKay and Fletcher verbally jousting with each other after the tunnel had been discovered, and MacKay was very pleased with himselfl.

    “There’s only one thing more I want to know from you Fletcher, where did they put the dirt?”

    Barker replies…

    Oh they dug another Tunnel and put the dirt down there, Mr MacKay…”

    MacKay walks away satisfied until the joke dawns on him and you see him stiffen and bristle up. Cue end credits.

    Not long ago we all understood that “Sustainable” mining was a joke. What the fuck happened?

  3. APL says:

    “mainstream media can get anything technical spectacularly wrong. ”

    It ain’t just the media, they are preaching to the chior.

    I spent quite some time arguing with an aquaintance that running the lights and A/C on his car would increase the fuel consumption. ‘But the lights are battery powered!’

  4. Gordon Walker says:

    There was a spokesman for a political party here in France a few months ago. He said we should get out of nuclear power and replace it by hydrogen. Well, at least hydrogen, unlike lithium is a fuel. It’s just that France is not particularly well endowed with hydrogen mines!

  5. Andrew Duffin says:

    “Until our children are taught about socialism and what it does to people and civilisations…”

    You’d think it was pretty obvious, given the history of the 20th Century, East and West Germany, North and South Korea, etc etc.

    I suppose that’s why they don’t teach them history any more, either.

  6. Tim Newman says:

    …and seeing as those two are knee-deep in four-star…

    Not quite…Iran has fuck-all refining capacity, so has to import most of their petrol. So their crude production doesn’t actually pay for a whole lot. This is why they barely prospered in the oil price boom between 2003-2008.

    Nigeria has a similar problem. The country’s refineries have been deliberately allowed to fall into disrepair so that politicians, functionaries, and gangsters can raid the state coffers by operating complex and not-so-complex importation scams based on the state subsidy of imported fuel. Usually this involves little more than falsifying cargo papers and claiming the subsidy against the inflated quantity. Last year, Nigeria spent as much as it did on importing fuel as it made selling crude oil.

  7. microdave says:

    Now if Bolivia had vast reserves of Dilithium crystals it would be a different matter…

    @APL – I have a dual output alternator and 2nd battery on my car, along with a home brewed adjustable regulator. It’s quite instructional to run the engine at a fast idle with everything turned on, then wind the voltage up & down!

  8. DeNihilist says:

    Umm, Nick, I think they mixed it up with Di-Lithium….

  9. NickM says:

    Tim I’m aware of that. Sorry an unfortunate turn of phrase of mine especially in the context of this post!

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