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The only explanation

is that they hate people.

The United States should be self sufficient in energy, right now, but I guess this helps explain why it isn’t:

A few months ago the Obama Justice Department brought charges against Continental and six other oil companies in North Dakota for causing the death of 28 migratory birds, in violation of the Migratory Bird Act. Continental’s crime was killing one bird "the size of a sparrow" in its oil pits. The charges carry criminal penalties of up to six months in jail. "It’s not even a rare bird. There’re jillions of them," he explains. He says that "people in North Dakota are really outraged by these legal actions," which he views as "completely discriminatory" because the feds have rarely if ever prosecuted the Obama administration’s beloved wind industry, which kills hundreds of thousands of birds each year.

Continental pleaded not guilty to the charges last week in federal court. For Mr. Hamm the whole incident is tantamount to harassment. "This shouldn’t happen in America," he says. To him the case is further proof that Washington "is out to get us."


  1. JuliaM says:

    No, no. You’ve got it all wrong. It’s perfectly all right to kill birds!

  2. GW says:

    To be precise, they are in a full scale war against domestic coal and oil. Our dependence on foreign oil – which accounts for more than half of our monthly trade deficit – is only going to get worse. America has reserves of coal, oil and natural gas enough to become self sustaining in energy for centuries. But Obama is destroying our energy infrastructure. He wants us on biofuels that either don’t exist or are competing with food, causing rampant food price inflation. He wants us on solar and wind, neither of which can possibly take the place of coal. God help us if this joker get reelected. We will be trying to fuel our cars with fairy dust.

  3. Paul Marks says:

    Yes the failure to go after the wind industry proves that the birds are not the issue – it is a cover for an effort to undermine the oil and gas industry.

    Very Atlas Shrugged.

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