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Pile On!

I am no friend of the Church of England. I just wish they’d basically either shit or get off the pot on the interminable issues of women bishops or chutney ferreting or whatever utter irrelevance is tying-up a huge chunk of the theological intellectual horsepower of this country at any given point in time.

But… Five Bishops have now laid into NeuArbeit and they didn’t mince their words. They used terms like “morally corrupt” and “scandalous”. I suspect they are of the left and think Labour haven’t been “left enough” but what the hey! When I was a school kid and someone was getting a richly deserved twatting* the call would go up “Pile on!” and everyone would join in the hilarity.

So I don’t care. I have had 11+ years of this shower of gits and if the shade of Pol Pot himself wants to stick his size nine into the mix then “come one come all” is my position. There’s a pile on going down and basically fuck ‘em. The bastards have eviscerated this country. They have treated our military like shit. They have bankrupted us beyond the realms of rational arithmetic** and then decided to borrow more. They have fucked up the NHS and education is a joke. They have multiculturally bollocked this once great nation. And wait! There’s more to come. In seven years time the lights go out because while they have been titting about with the EU and “Human Rights” and assorted crap like that they have neglected to have an energy policy beyond playing at being Windy-Miller. Anybody with the vaguest education in physics (which is practically no one these days***) knows that wind-power can never provide base-load ‘tricity. We should have allowed companies to build PBRs or something. I know what’s gonna happen. We will end-up panic-building gas sets and putting our collective knackers on Vladimir Putin’s anvil. All of this folly was to keep the bastarding Greens onside. When did the Greens ever do anything to the sodding porpoise? Anything that didn’t involve fairtrade wattle and daub?

So I’m cautious about the C of E piling on with the rest of us because… Well, because they’re doing it from the left (I suspect) and the last bloody thing we need now is a shift further left. But it’s damning isn’t it? And it’s fun to see this collection of shit for brains arseholes getting the panelling they so richly deserve.

I hope that 2009 sees Brown, Balls, Darling, Smith and the whole rest of them as sad, pathetic cast-offs with the rest of their lives to ponder “where did it all go wrong?”. I want them to hurt and I don’t really care anymore who provides the medicine.

I hate them that much.

*’zample. Some cunt who shall remain nameless pissed in NN’s PE bag. NN was, justifiably, annoyed and gave the nameless cunt a royal, nay imperial, hoicking. I have never seen the like of it before or since. The nameless one (Hawthorn – that’s it) was knocked unconscious in about 5 seconds (during which he retreated about ten metres) under a hail of blows that looked like something from Tom and Jerry. With fitting irony for his despicable crime he ended-up slumped on the ground and pissing himself. His tyrannical rule of petty bullying ended that day. It was a bloody stupid thing for him to do. NN was hard as nails and a County Rugby player and sprinter. Interestingly enough NN’s muscular ability is the reason he is still with us. He joined the merchant navy as an officer and when his tanker hit something else in the Channel and caught fire he ran like buggery and leapt off. He got three months compassionate leave on full pay and would regale anybody who cared to hear for the price of a pint in our local of his heroics. He also got on News at Ten. He still holds my school’s 100m record though I suspect it might be the World record if anyone had been on that ship that day with nothing better to do than operate a stop-watch during a bleve. For obvious reasons nobody piled on Hawthorn so I dunno why I’m telling this tale. Though it’s a good one.
**And I have studied Stat Mech (got a sound first for it too) and I know big numbers but NeuArbeit’s accounting is entering the arena of the absurd. Entering? It’s doing a nightly show there (with a Saturday matinee) with rave reviews from Time Out. For that alone the cunts ought to be shot. Although the Porridge Wog in chief ought to be bowelled in Trafalgar Square.
***I am a rare beast. Physics degree and went to a state comprehensive. Physics is now second only to Classics for being the preserve of the privately educated. Our entire civilization is built on physics. These cunts have generated huge amounts of heat on opening up “University Education to the Underprivileged”. What they meant of course was opening up Crapulent Studies at the University of Shithampton to the illiterate (but diversity trained) and them running up epic debt for a meaningless qualification. But why am I surprised? Running up epic debt (I seem to recall the TPA worked out that Bodger and Badger’s “fiscal stimulus” is gonna cost us twice what WWI cost). Oh dear sweet fuck!


  1. CountingCats says:

    You mean these soviet aficionados?

    The bishops of Durham, Winchester, Manchester, Carlisle and Hulme accused ministers of squandering their opportunity to transform society and pursuing “scandalous” policies.

    Squandering their opportunity to transform society? Is every C of E bishop a fucking fascist cunt.

  2. NickM says:

    Most of them probably are but… At this point in time they are the enemies of my enemy.

  3. RAB says:

    Christianity has always been very Socialist.
    Christians have a fixation with the poor and how we should be continually helping them.
    They are chock full of Humility and Charity, and they see us as one big flock, to be led.
    Just like our Politicians believe that we are their Servants, not the other way round, and we the flock will damn well be led by them for our own good.

    They a playing a risky game though.
    There are murmurings from Labour about disestablishing the Church of England, and Thick as a Tree Willams, right on que, says it wouldnt be the end of the world.

    Well no, but it would be a very tricky Constitutional crisis.
    The Law of Unintended Consequences would have field day there!

    Buggerlugs as Defender of the Faiths, let’s have an Imam section in the House of Lords…..

  4. I can usually follow the goings-on here, but this one has eluded me.

    Can someone translate the first footnote for me?

  5. NickM says:

    Not really.

  6. CountingCats says:


    I think you have to be Nick to follow that one.

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