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About that Wikipedia Blackout…

I’m not about to start a whole involved debate about Copyright in the Internet Age, becuase it’s almost teatime and I’m famished (although I expect the comments thread will probably turn into one, as is the way of such things) but as far as the blackout itself goes… well, it turns out it’s not as black as all that. It’s a javascript thingy, and if you browse in with JS disabled, the site’s all still there and working. It’s only blacked out for people who don’t know how the internet works.

Which, since the protest is aimed at people who don’t know how the internet works, is actually quite clever.


  1. Subrosa says:

    No need to disable Java. Just hit escape when the page opens. No, I’m not a geek, but a geek didn’t email me the hint because he thought I may need it. :)

  2. fred says:

    Or just view in another language. It was only English that was blocked. Found out all I needed to know today about the properties of titanium oxides auf deutsch.

  3. NickM says:

    Personally I think any of the Congress Critters who votes in favour ought to be rectumnalized with an Abyssinian disemboweling cutlass. I would cheerfully contribute to this financially.

    I’m NickM and I endorse this message.

    And I’m not fucking joking either. Cunts the lot of them. The internet? Most of them can’t tie their own fucking shoelaces. Time to make a circular human centipede methinks.

  4. Eddie Willers says:

    Well, disabling JS or hitting escape may get you the page you seek but, even though you can log in, all editing has been suspended – takes away the fun of Wikipedia.

  5. APL says:

    “It’s only blacked out for people who don’t know how the internet works.”

    So, 85% of the population couldn’t access wiki!

    The world didn’t stop.

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  7. CountingCats says:


    That work?

    I just stopped the page from completing loading.

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