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Wrong conclusion

Having attended many parties, of many sorts, and mixed with many different groups of people over many years and in many cities, I plump for B. Every time.

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  1. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    I recall some years ago dating a really beautiful if somewhat pretentious young lady*. Anyway, I was around her house one evening with several of her friends that I found varyingly, slightly objectionable to utterly loathsome.

    Lo and behold it comes time for drugs and I was the only one to decline, to much mocking. Now as a Libertarian, take whatever drugs you want, and the mocking of fuckwits, meh…. but I do remember the general decline in sense and seemingly mental age in the room. Pointless giggling and later munching on chocolates**

    That said, being the only straight person in the room is okay for many reasons.

    (*I was young and would tolerate nonsense for beauty at the time)
    (**Marijuana of course)

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