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How can we expect that they will carry out the core tasks of government, maintaining peace, secutity and freedom, when they won’t even call this evil by its real name:

On three separate occasions, Murray has found himself on a panel with Tory spokesmen. And, each time, the Tory has told him off for using the phrase “Islamist terrorism”. The approved word is “criminality”.

Don’t bother voting Tory, if you are going to get NuLabour bullshit policies regardless, you might as well vote for the real thing.

When Political Correctness was all about banning the tea lady from calling everyone ‘love’ and renaming the Christmas season ‘Winterval’ we could get a bit pissed off, and laugh at these tits, but this crap will get people killed.

Islam, as a religion, is as nutty as a snickers bar but who gives a shit? You do your thing, and I will do mine, and good luck to both of us. Islam as a political movement though? It is malign, malevolent, violent, intolerant, dishonest, vicious and supremacist.

It is not, as these guys seem to think, Anglicanism in turbans.

Sure Islamic terrorism is criminal, but it is criminality ordained by holy books. When these murderous bastards scream “God is Great” with their last breath, turning themselves and a bus full of pregnant women and children into red mist because some vile scriptural passage demands it, who am I to question their sincerity? Who is Call me Dave to question it?

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  1. NickM says:

    Very simple. The Tories covet the Islamic vote. If iDave can spin them some cock and bull about “family values” and the “importance of small businesses” then he’s landed something the Tories have craved for a generation – the ability to win in the inner cities. Bear in mind that Labour are thoroughly discreditted with Muslim voters due to the Iraq adventure.

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