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Apartheid Britain

I thought that equality before the law was a fundamental of British civilisation. I thought foreign policy was formulated in the interests of the country as a whole.

Did the Home Office really consider that British law and policy should be decided by a minority on the basis of threats and violence by their fucking co-religionists?

Muslim working parties? What about the rest of us? Don’t we have any say?

For years, the Government has offered Muslim leaders self-governance in return for information about “dangerous” elements. But if terrorists cannot be accurately identified, this is a waste of time. Unelected community leaders extend control over Muslims, yet society is no safer.

Self-censorship is crucial to this growing separatism. The BBC’s director-general, Mark Thompson, says that Muslims should be treated more sensitively than Christians.
Although most Muslims do not condone such attacks, many support the proposal that Islam should enjoy privileged status. After the 7/7 terrorist murders, the Home Office commissioned reports from Muslim working parties. Their recommendations included “Muslim teacher accreditation” to ensure special treatment for Muslim children; Muslim oversight of policing methods; and a new verbal etiquette in which Islamist terrorism should be referred to as “criminal” rather than religiously inspired. There were also hints that British Muslims should be allowed an unofficial veto over foreign policy.

I don’t give a fuck about immigration – I am Australian, product of an immigrant society and a naturalised immigrant to Britain. Bring em on, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Chinese, Indians, Poles, Latins, Nigerians, Arabs, black, white, brown, green, brindled and yes, Muslims. I just don’t care who they are, and it adds to the gaiety of the nation. But by fuck I absolutely demand that everyone be equal.


If we are to have a working society we need to be a melting pot, a society where we are all British first, all equally British, and hyphenated whatever second, last and final. No one, no fucking one whatsoever, gets privileged treatment and they need to be fucking told as much. If Muslims are given privileged status, that makes the rest of us second class citizens, dhimmies. In other words – apartheid.

Me? I blame the multi culties. They create division, ghettoise minorities and destroy society cohesion.

Fuck the multi culties, I am second to no one.


  1. NickM says:

    Cats… I dunno if you’re aware of this but a great many schools and the like serve only halal meat to be on the safe side. A bit of a problem for Sikhs though who are strictly forbidden for eating it. Probably not too hot for Jews either though you can get dual accredited kosher/halal.

    This policy fundamentally goes back to one of the most despicable policy decisions we have made in recent years (and kept quiet). Up until 7/7 we had a tacit agreement with the likes of Abu Hamza that they could raise Cain as long as any antics they were planning were abroad. At one point French Intel seriously considered grabbing Hamza off the street and high-tailing it back to France. We really weren’t winning any friends.

    Oh and how far back does seperate legal treatment for Muslims take us? Before Henry II who wanted a single law for the clergy and the laiety. That’s how far back.

  2. CountingCats says:

    Yeah, I hear that many NHS hospitals also serve only halal. This would cause a problem for me, because when I first heard that I decided I had a deep seated religious objection to any public body forcing halal on me.

    So, I would have a problem in modern Britain, I don’t touch fair trade or halal, and I an considering putting organic and biofuel on that list. All these are simply too unethical for me to touch.

    Damn, that would make life difficult.

  3. NickM says:

    Organic is nonsense. Fair trade is too. Biofuel is staggeringly stupid. Feel good about yourself, drop a few quid in Al Gore’s pocket-book and fuck the Mexicans and Africans who can’t afford to eat anymore.

    But the religious building that I am warden of sells Gazan Fairtrade olive oil. And it’s not cheap either. Buy ten bottles and Hamas gets a Katyusha!

  4. RAB says:

    Halal and Kosher, at least as far as meat is concerned, is pretty much the same, just different prayers.

    And seeing as they are both Semite races from the same region, this rather points to regional tribal customs to me, rather than God inflicted wisdom.

    The dietary taboos of Muslims and Jews are remarkably similar.
    Pork is a dodgy meat 2000 years ago, because pigs eat anything* and there is a real risk of nasties getting in, and no medical help acomin.So best avoided.
    Same for Shellfish. Notoriously dangerous unless you know what to look for and how to cook, even to this day.

    * Goats eat everything too, but Muslims eat them in droves! Go figure.

    Actually I’m quite fond of a goat curry. The meat is sweet.

  5. [...] Yeah, I hear that many NHS hospitals also serve only halal. This would cause a problem for me, because when I first heard that I decided I had a deep seated religious objection to any public body forcing halal on me. [...]

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