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The nasties are at it again. Not only is Britain on the road to being an official apartheid state, but is on the road to being a totalitarian official apartheid state.



  1. NickM says:

    The speed limiter is utterly ludicrous. I saw some BBC wonk try it and he said, “it feels like someone else is driving”. Which helps road-safety how exactly? Lets talk about aeroplanes. What the Wrights managed to do was take a very different tack. Everyone before had been obsessed with trying to develop stability in flight. They had the sort of idea of developing “ships of the air”. The Wright’s biggest triumph was tossing stability and going for control. In a real sense they didn’t so much invent the aeroplane as invent the pilot. The point is what you need is someone competent at the wheel or the stick or whatever and going for stability over control is idiotic.

  2. RAB says:

    I just googled the Uk Commission for Intergrated Transport.

    Holy God!
    Just look at this bunch of control freaks!

    And why would a supposedly independent body have in it’s headers?

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