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Disproportionate Response

I sometimes read Old Holborn (he’s blogrolled) and he is normally foul-mouthed and amusing. He has though gone down in my estimation with this anti-semitic rant-fest he is hosting.

Let’s look at the evidence…

1. Hamas started it.

2. The fact Hamas has bottle rockets and the IDF have F-16s and Apaches doesn’t make it unfair because war is not about “playing fair”. The Duke of Wellington (who knew a thing or two about fighting said “In war there is no substitute for victory”. Hamas should have spent some of the time squandered on furious Islamic rhetoric building an economy rather than living on hand-outs like the pikies they truly are.

3. Hamas has in it’s foundational charter a commitment to the complete destruction of Israel. They really mean it. It is no more negotiable than the US Declaration of Independence.

4. Iran, Syria and assorted other “usual suspects” are backing Hamas for the usual reasons of pure devilment.

5. Israel crushing the lunatic theocrats of Hamas is the best thing for the poor buggers in that most benighted of shit holes that is the Gaza strip.

6. When Israel withdrew from Gaza they left behind a whole load of greenhouses and the like. These were wrecked by the denizens as symbols of Zionist oppression or some such. Now if instead the lokes had decided to take-up market gardening and not carry on with their amateur rocketry we wouldn’t be having our current difficulties in the Near East would we? If like every other nation on the planet they tried to make their way in the world by making things and providing services Gaza wouldn’t resemble the globe’s largest sink-estate and the inhabitants of Sderot wouldn’t need to be world-class at the “duck and cover method”. It’s win-win. Unfortunately Hamas has decided to bet the farm on lose-lose.

7. Israel is a civilised first world country. Gaza is a dark-age nightmare. I think Ayn Rand had something to say on always backing civilisation against whatever and Gaza is most definitely whatever. I can easily imagine holidaying in Israel and I bet you can too. Honestly can you see anyone in anything resembling their right mind booking a fortnight in the Gaza Hilton? I’d rather spend a fortnight in Paris Hilton.

8. I know why the Arabs (some of them – not so much Egypt or Jordan which is telling) and the Iranians are backing Hamas. Quite why the EU keeps sending them cheques though is beyond me. Especially after an enraged mob torched the EU consulate in Gaza City over the Motoons of Doom. That would have been a good point to decide – “fuck ‘em”. They buit the hand that fed them and that hand should have then bitch-slapped them. But it didn’t.

9. When all is said and done… Has any of the time and money and effort that the denizens of Gaza have spent on kidnapping Israeli soldiers, blowing-up buses, firing rockets and being generally obnoxious advanced their lives and livelihoods one iota? It hasn’t. It really is time (60 bloody years!) that they realised they are just not getting anywhere and that their poverty and degradation is not the fault of the evil Zionist entity but of their own nihilism. They could have potentially a nice country but they just keep fucking it up. They need a serious reality check. Which they are currently getting – in spades.

10. Has Yasser Arafat’s Nobel Prize shown up on eBay yet? Hamas thugs also stole Arafat’s toilet*. Dear sweet fuck. What a gaffe! And remember the Gaza poonami? The Israelis offered to help. Hamas told them to sling it. So basically fuck ‘em. The literal shit-storm was apparently caused by people stealing dirt from the dam. That is what Fateh and Hamas have rendered. A literal empire of dirt.

*I can think of very few things I would want to own less than that shit’s shitter.


  1. CountingCats says:

    And point 11?

    11. Hamas started it.

  2. CountingCats says:

    Tell you one thing, if some fucker was firing bullets at me and mine I would have no compunction on sicing mortars and helicopter gunships back at them.

    Israel is better at both protecting its people and killing its enemies than the neofascist theocrats. Good. And if someone is moron enough to think this makes Israel unfair in some manner, then please hold in mind that I don’t give a hairy nosed wombats fart what they think.

  3. RAB says:

    Well I’m listening to the radio at the moment, and the usual suspects are on wringing their hands and pleading for this “criminal mayhem” to stop.
    Well that’s easy. Go on Palistinian radio and plead for Hamas to stop the “Criminal mayhem” they have been inflicting on Israel with their pathetic(but lethal if you are in the wrong place). They wont listen to you of course, but at least you will not be clogging up radio 5.

    But this time I have heard commentators, and not all from Israeli spokesmen, stating catagorically that not only do Hamas rejoice in the killing of innocent Israelis, but couldn’t give a fuck about their own.
    Deliberately situating their rocket sites in schoolyards etc, to whip up sympathy with the Liberal dipshits.
    Now we have known that for bloody ever, but now it is beginning to sink in with the general public…

  4. Dont Call Me Dave says:

    I remember a line by Sean Connery in The Untouchables: “They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue.”

    Israel’s use of force has been disproportionate to the extent that, given the provocation they have suffered at the hands of Hamas, they would have been well within their rights to raze Gaza to the ground.

  5. NickM says:

    Exactly CC. This whole “disproportionate response” nonsense is bollocks. Look if somebody chucks rocks at your tank you don’t pop the hatch and chuck rocks back. You level the bastards with your co-axial machine-gun or chuck 120mm of HESH at them.

  6. john in cheshire says:

    Thank God for dead muslims. my only question is why are there so few bodies. I am waiting for the day when it is acceptable to cull the fuckers in UK. All those bints in sheets and their bearded menfolk. Like shooting grouse, only more enjoyable.

  7. HSLD says:

    The idiots have even destroyed the sewerage systems in their villages, ripping the pipes out to use as casings for their Kassams.

    Although by their perverse standards it’s probably a win-win. They get the raw materials they are too stupid to make themselves and the civilians can be photographed trudging around in piles of shit by a gullible western media who will blame it all on Israel.

  8. CountingCats says:

    John in cheshire,

    Nope. If a neofascist theocrat is trying to kill people, I am happy to see the bastard dead – BUT – these fuckers may be muslims, but muslims are not necessarily these fuckers.

    We are NOT them, so no culling. My only demand for the generality is that we all be equal before the law. Subject to the same laws and penalties.

  9. NickM says:

    John. I also live in Cheshire. My local corner shop is run by Muslims. No beards, no burkhas. The lady wears a nice sari. I have no desire to see them culled. I’d have to buy “Fairtrade” fags from the Coop instead.

    I do have a problem with lunatics who fire rockets at random or want Sharia law or blow themselves up in Pizza hut. But the guy who sells me ciggies and AA batteries is not part of the problem. He’s just a small business man like me.

  10. RAB says:

    Er me neither.
    My corner shop is Hindu though.

  11. HSLD says:

    Gobs-on-a-stick like ‘Old Holborn’ are going to be an enormous millstone around the neck of the LPUK if they ever hope to gain support outside their current tiny fanbase of sweary middle class internet geeks.

    My cornershop owner is a Sikh. You should hear him on the subject of Islam.

  12. RobtE says:

    You know what? I don’t give a shit. I know that’s not a proper thing to say when one’s country’s ally is getting shelled, but that’s the way it is. This shit has been going on my entire lifetime. I’m sick of it. How much of the tax I have to pay every month has been going to support one side or the other? I’ve had enough. The fuckwits on both sides can sort themselves out. For all I care they can either sort themselves out or blow each other to kingdom come. It’s of no concern to me. As my grandmother used to say, either shit or get off the pot.

    I don’t care any more. Just stop spending the money I’ve earned on perpetuating this shit.

  13. "Terrorist" says:

    RE: John in Cheshire.

    No doubt you’re a fucking pussy who sits behind your PC and types because the lack of genitals prevents you from saying shit to a Muslim’s face; knowing that if you do, you will appear in the next beheading video with a bunch of skinny Muslims holding blunt kitchen knives standing behind you prior to sawing that puny tube of shit you call a neck off.

    All praise is due to Allaah for dead and raped kaafirs.

    7/7 part 2 will take place in Cheshire, God willing.

  14. NickM says:

    We welcome robust and controversial comments. We do not tolerate insults and threats to other guests (and remember that – you are a guest on private property).

    Anyway pal, if your’re genuine you’re using an NHS computer which hardly seems to suggest you are out killing and raping the kaafirs so perhaps your genitals are somewhat lacking, eh?

    Re: your last line. As I live in Cheshire you, sir can imperially go fuck yourself. Got it? Good.

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