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The Fiqh of Driving a Car

It’s quite long but well worth watching to get into the mindset of the salafi Muslim and the demented totality of their vision.

They are quite obsessed with sex aren’t they – the poor deranged bastards – so the traffic cop or the AA man shall steal your honour away. Dismal.


  1. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    “Glory be to the one who has provided this for us”

    thank you Mr Nissan ??

  2. Lynne says:

    Allah says go take a long walk off a short pier…

  3. NickM says:

    Yeah, I kinda thought that too.

  4. John says:

    I wonder if Allah will stop him going through the windscreen because he doesn’t wear a seat belt?

  5. Eddie Willers says:

    I want to this that this guy is nucking futz.

    I want to say he is a religious fanatic with unfeasibly large gonads in demanding that the Drinkers of The Kool-Aid do not follow laws other than Allah’s, and those which Allah has said must be followed.

    But in a demented way, one can almost admire his integrity to the crazed, delusional justifications he makes (which have their own internal logic). He is a man who is, to be sure, true to his beliefs.

    He is also a menace to everything that Western Civilization has as its foundations and although he should be allowed to practice his religion, he and his ilk must not have accommodation made for them at the expense of those tenets of Western Civilization that, presumably, made the place so attractive to him.

  6. nen o'yer pish noo says:

    The more I learn about these people, the less I want to have to do with them. Trouble is that at the current rate of progress (if “progress” is quite the word) it seems inevitable that my son might live to see the establishment of an Islamic majority in this country. Which’ll be interesting for those indigenous non-Islamics who believe in democracy.

    The endless justifications of workarounds for Islamic strictures are laughable.

  7. Kevin says:

    Presumably it is haram (forbidden) to wear a seatbelt and to concentrate on the road as you’re driving.

    They are not this barking even in Saudi Arabia.

  8. bloke in spain says:

    I can only thank Nick for bringing the erudite Mr Muwahhid’s rationalisations to my attention. I now fully understand why, when the small tinted women ran her car into the back of my van at the traffic lights, impaling its radiator on the tow hitch, we seem to have had so much problem with the exchange of insurance details. I deeply regret flagging down a passing police car with its exclusively male occupants & requiring her to submit unwillingly to laws she does not acknowledge.
    I am deeply penitent.

    Should this occurrence repeat itself, I will look to the Koran for guidance, slit her throat for impiety ( for the fate of her children I will need guidance from a convenient mullah ) & fire-bomb the vehicle. Or maybe I should seek a solution in my own ancestral religion & take the Hammer of Justice – Mjollnir, Crusher of Mountains – to the bootlid of her husband’s Mercedes.

    Choices, choices.

  9. James says:

    “Allah says, allah says, allah says…”

    “God says, God says, God says…”

    Nope, neither.

    “Man says Allah says….man says God says.” That’s about it really. [Yawn] How many thousands of years and people still believe this?

    Find an island in the middle of somewhere, give it to both of ‘them’, ship them there – all of them – and let them get on with it… nutters, to the core.

  10. Talwin says:

    @bloke in spain.

    I’ve not watched the vid., I can’t be arsed, but quicker than scanning the Koran, and perhaps more rewarding, can I suggest you seek advice directly at (Like it says, ‘Welcome to, the online fatwa resource!’): the ‘Travel’ section is maybe most relevant.

  11. Paul Marks says:

    “All forms of insurance are forbidden – car insurance, life insurance, house insurance….”

    What about medical insurance?

    Surely this is yet another reason for a good Muslim to fight Obama – and his “insurance” mandate (not that it really is insurance of course – which might be a way out of this).

    And Romney (of Romneycare) also.

    Although there are so many other reasons – for example Obama recited Muslim prayers at his school in Indonesia (I remember him doing them from memory – to amuse journalists).

    But Obama is NOT a Muslim – but if you recite the formal prayers (as he did) you are (to a Muslim) a Muslim. So if you then say you are not a Muslim you are guilty of apostacy…….

    As for Romney – he is a follower of someone who claimed to be a (de facto) prophet, yet came AFTER Muhammed.

    Clearly a punishment of death for that – no way out of it I am afraid.

    The Muslim in the film would not ENJOY killing Obama or Romney – he seems like a peaceful and kindly man.

    But, it would be his reglious duty – so he would do it (but get no pleasure from it).

    However, he might spare their children – they have been mislead by their parents….

    Besides – they would make valuable slaves.

    Remember insurance is forbidden – but slave trading has an honourable place in the sacred texts.

  12. Bod says:

    I have a really arsey muslim guy who works for me; I really have to get around to asking him whether he can reconcile his faith with me directing him to run last night’s backups again.

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