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Viper Strikes

Pictures of shit being blown up. This is not flagged under entertainment. This is war. This is out of interest and not prurience. The Israeli/Gaza war is a tragedy as are all wars but I know full-well who’s side I’m on. And that matters because, at the end of the day, Hamas started this and there is no way any nation-state would put-up with their antics.


  1. mandrill says:

    This is the only sensible response to the extremism and violent tantrums of the followers of the sainted paedophile. They poke you with a stick, you drop a bomb on them. Hamas is digging its own grave as well as those of ‘innocent’ palestinians. Though their innocence is questionable considering how they let their democratically elected representatives cause their suffering. I wouldn’t be surprised if before long the palestinians take what remains of Hamas out and shoot them themselves, if only to stop the Israelis bombing them to hell and back, I would even go as far as to say that this was the Israeli’s plan all along. Good luck to them I say.

  2. El Draque says:

    Of course it’s Israel’s policy.
    It worked in Lebanon. The Lebanese got so angry with the PLO that they chucked them out. Sadly, scores of thousands had already died in the civil war.
    Gaza is different. I was there a few times in the mid-seventies, (great beaches, actually). It was already overcrowded, and the population has doubled since then. Contraception is not acceptable to the men in the family.
    I fear that Gaza could turn into a new Tal Al-Zaatar event. That was part of the Lebanese war, the place was a refugee area (“camp” is a misnomer) for Palestinians. The Lebanese tried to crush resistance. It took six weeks, the camp was wiped out, but most significant was that the PLO leadership decided “No surrender”. Under any circumstances.
    The Gaza people have nowhere to go. They may simply decide to fight to the death, knowing full well that Israel can not – and will not – wipe out a town.

    You know what’s ironic? The Gaza strip was intended in 1948 to be part of the future Palestinian state. Ben-Gurion believed such a state was necessary for a general peace settlement, and would not be viable without a port. So he left the Gaza strip alone.
    The rest is history. The King of Jordan stole the West Bank, Egypt occupied Gaza. No Palestinian state.

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