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Right, I want information.

I have been presented with a requirement. I need to be able to drive a circular array of twenty hi def screens, each screen being a segment of a single 360 degree panoramic video display.

A level of redundancy would be useful. If there were some way to set up failover from one server to another that would be cool.

Now, I realise this can be done, but I have never done it.

Any suggestions about hardware or software?

If there is room for expansion that would be cool too.


  1. martin says:

    It’s for Google Earth but Liquid Galaxy might give you some hardware ideas:

  2. CountingCats says:

    Peter, thank you.

    When I mentioned this the customer said “Oooh, Linux”. Sometimes the smallest things can make all the difference.

    Instant credibility.

  3. Peter Risdon says:

    Pleasure – it sounds like a fun project. Hope it goes well.

  4. Matthew L says:

    VLC may be of some use, it’s very good at playing video streams across a network.

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