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My dad recently took out a subscription to Time. Well, I suppose someone has to. I’m not sure if they do a European edition or what, but the one he’s been getting seems to be from Bizarro-World.

Last week’s described Rick “I am not a Libertarian, people shouldn’t be left alone” Santorum as a “Goldwater-style conservative”. No, seriously, it did. (Said it like it was a bad thing, too.)

And this week’s – March 5th, if anyone cares – has a big piece on the greatest threat to European economic integration. Guess what that is. Greek default? Germany deciding it ain’t gonna be nobody’s shmo no more? The utter lack of democracy in the EU? No, no, no. It’s our old chum – gasp! – xenophobia. The big Euro-tent is burning down around their ears, and they’re still worrying about that bitch France looking at Romania a bit funny.

Oh, and inflation is caused by wage claims, in case you were wondering. Come back Ted Heath, all is forgiven. And bring your prices and incomes policy with you.

With nuttiness like that, it’s almost as if the legacy media have a death wish.


  1. niget says:

    Inflation caused by wage claims?
    From a speech given in 1968 by a certain J Enoch Powell:

    If it is true that governments cause inflation and that the citizens are the innocent victims, who has the vested interest in denying it? Answer: governments themselves, and all those who thrive on an increase in the power and expenditure of governments. Governments, and their attendant host of commentators and propagandists, have executed what is perhaps the greatest confidence trick of all time, a confidence trick on a gigantic scale: they have caused inflation year after year, and at the same time persuaded everyone that somebody else was to blame. It is equivalent to stealing a man’s wallet and then getting him locked up for theft. The achievement is all the more remarkable because the facts are so blatant.

    Come back Enoch – and please forgive us…

  2. Lynne says:

    With accuracy of that calibre any leading UK rag would be proud to offer him a job…

  3. John Galt says:

    Price increases are an effect, not a cause of inflation.

    The primary cause of inflation is currency dilution.

  4. Paul Marks says:

    Which is worse – Time or Newsweek?

    I do not know, as they are both terrible.

    However, both are in a vital respect better than the Economist magazine – as neither pretends to be a free market publication.

    As a single individual most likely Joe Klein (of Time) has done the most harm over the years – however, simply by being around so long he has got to know just about everyone.

    For example, he knows Rick Santorum better than anyone here.

    Rick knows about as much of libertarianism as he knows about the dark side of the Moon (actually a lot less). He was taught that libertarianism is atomistic individualism (the denial of civil society).

    The fact that some libertarians are Catholics (for example Thomas Woods) might come as a shock to him – “but how can a Catholic deny civil society?”

    Because libertarianism does NOT deny civil society Rick.

    Tragically Rick Santorum is as ignorant of libertarians as they are ignorant of him.

    “Ignorant of him?”

    Oh yes – for that is the joke.

    Even Joe Klein (in his article in this week’s Time magazine) is fairer to towards Rick Santorum than most libertarians are.

    Because he knows rather more about him than they do.

    If libertarians would actually talk to Santorum they would find (to their mutual shock) that there is a lot they agree (on everything from home schooling to fighting totalitarianism).

    But it is not going to happen.

    So Catholic conservatives (like Santorum) and libertarians are going to fight – and both will lose.

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