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Keeping it classy at Daily Kos

Yeah, lets keep the debate courteous, but it is in the comments that it gets really nasty.

Murdering, Lying, Thieving, Rat-F*** Republican Pieces of Sub-Amphibian Sh**…

mendacious, death-loving, frothing, lamprey-mouthed, inhuman, abominable, atrocious, verminous, rapacious, sadistic, bullying, invasive, grasping, psychopathic, twisted, warped, animalistic, belly-crawling, mouth-breathing, illiterate, innumerate, know-nothing, imbecilic, sheep-raping, horror movie extras masturbating into wads of money while fantasizing about war collateral damage…(inhale)…puppy-torturing, vacuous, mindless, nihilistic, evil, diseased, soulless, morally bankrupt, greedy, insecure, envious, kleptomaniac charnel-house mascots stewing in universal hatred for all life…(inhale)…toxic, ugly, bestial, humorless, loveless, compassionless, demonic human-shaped ruins forever slouching toward Bethlehem in search of some fresh nightmare to wreak on the defenseless via other people’s money and heroism…(inhale)…Satanic monkey-shit-throwing, cowardly, chickenhawkish, parasitic, baby’s-candy-stealing, wife-beating, minority-purging, syphilitic Confederate poltergeists with erectile dysfunction…

…perverse, prurient, crocodile-eyed, necrophiliac mass-producers of human misery and gleeful destroyers of truth, justice, and the American way…sepulchre-hearted human deserts walking the Earth only to look for more victims…silly, stupid, ignorant bastards proud of every good thing they’ve never done, every person they’ve never been considerate toward, every fact they’ve never learned and will never acknowledge, and every virtue they will never possess or even attempt to comprehend…preternaturally drunken, bleary-eyed, zombie-like, empty vessels who wander aimlessly until given instruction by their masters…unthinking, unquestioning, unfeeling diabolus ex machina mockeries of the human condition, perpetually acting out a burlesque of the basest and least interesting psychological dysfunctions…

…face-chewing, self-devouring, medieval barbarian museum dioramas and depraved Nazi homunculi preserved in formaldehyde to frighten children…sick, ominous, loathsome,  Nosferatu-impersonating Gollum-acolytes feasting on the flesh of our society while complaining about its taste…tax-evading, sommelier-abusing, election-buying, yacht-aficionado hemmorhoids flying flags of convenience and berating their six-year-old Chinese employees for requesting bathroom breaks…

Republicans, you vile, repulsive, scum.  You’re not leading this country.  You’re not contributing to this country.  You’re not even part of this country.  You are the maggot-ridden rot that arises in this country’s damaged flesh; you are the vultures constantly picking at us to see if we’re weak enough yet to become your next meal; you create problems where none would otherwise exist, just to further weaken America and quicken your own insatiable appetites; you are garbage, and you are traitors.  And you are not welcome in this country anymore.


  1. NickM says:

    That is the complete opposite of the sort of mot-just I conjure up. I cuss inventively. That sounds like it was done by a computer. For shame. I don’t much care for the Diurnal Lettuce’s politics (such as they are) but when the Kossettes can’t even come-up with a pithy insult given the gift of the language of Shakespeare and the King James Bible then they’re about as much use as dog-bovril on a Smurf-farm.

  2. NickM says:

    Another point. It is a truism of English teachers (like my mother, for example) that we all quote Willy the Shake and the KJV and Lewis Carroll et al without knowing it. As Borges put it – I paraphrase from memory – “Whatever is written that is any good belongs to tradition and not to the author.” That doesn’t belong to tradition. That laundry-list of crapulence will remain on servers ’till the servocalypse but not in the minds of men or women. Really going viral means going into the head and not the hard drive. Here endeth the lesson.

  3. john in cheshire says:

    It’s all just transference (I think the term is) by the socialists/marxists/fascists etc. Or is it projection? Whatever it is, the list of abusive terms is revealing more about them, than their adversaries.

  4. NickM says:

    Nah, John. It reveals nothing in of itself because it is an un-targeted list of mere vitriol. That it exists at does show something though. I prefer the well-placed JDAM to the thousand bomber raid.

  5. Lynne says:

    Looks like someone bought them a thesaurus. Such a shame fanatical and overkill weren’t referenced.

  6. RAB says:

    A blunderbuss of bullshit, and I bet the author is mightily pleased with himself (It’s bound to be a he) too.

    In order to hurt and wound, you are absolutely right Nick, insults have to be well crafted and aimed. That just shows how pathetic the Lefties really are.

  7. Sam Duncan says:

    This’ll be the new civility, then. None of your violent conservative rhetoric for the Kos, eh?

    “Confederate poltergeists”

    Someone doesn’t know his history. But then, they never do. I think you may be on to something, John…

    “proud of every good thing they’ve never done, every person they’ve never been considerate toward, every fact they’ve never learned and will never acknowledge, and every virtue they will never possess or even attempt to comprehend…

    Oh, hell yes. Projection’s almost too weak a word for it, considering the Left’s enforced-benevolence-by-proxy.

  8. GW says:

    Typical of the Kossacks – a primal scream of vitriol untainted by fact, reason, or, for that matter, any sense of history. As to the “syphilitic Confederate poltergeists,” the author would never go there, one would think, if he realized that the Confederates to a man were Democrats – the same people who gave us slavery, the Civil War, KKK and Jim Crow laws.

    Nick: “’till the servocalypse” – still chuckling over that turn of phrase.

  9. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    That is the complete opposite of the sort of mot-just I conjure up. I cuss inventively.

    Quite so. Nick’s comments are frequently passed around my department simply for his joyous, life-affirming, use of our common language.

    The quoted article, however, is the verbal equivalent of spewing into the toilet bowl. Sorry, but all my demotic terminology for that experience is hopelessly out of date.

  10. Paul Kenworthy says:

    Those four paragraphs can be described in one word: puerile.

  11. Schrodinger's Dog says:


    “Servocalypse” – a delightfully descriptive word that deserves wider usage. Let’s hope it goes viral.

  12. Sam Duncan says:

    Nick: And Pope. A good rule of thumb for quizzes is, if you’re thrown a quote and you can’t place it, it’s probably Pope.

    Also, I once commented somewhere that I intend, when I tire of all things internetty, to set about Google’s servers with an axe*. I will be the servocalypse.

    *Note for lawyers and beefy security blokes residing at or near Mountain View, CA: I don’t really.

  13. Peter MacFarlane says:

    Sounds a bit like a Scotsman talking about Mrs. Thatcher.

  14. NickM says:

    I had girlfriend who lived at Mountain View. Did she do evil? Well she dumped me so the jury is out. I am an irrascible fucker at the best of times.

    Aw shucks and blushes! I’m really quite touched.

    Schrodinger etc.
    Thanks! I’m already thinking of the screenplay based on a Conrad novella, “Servocalpse Now”. “I love the smell of Linux in the morning, that open source smell! It smells like Ubuntu. Someday son they’ll port some decent games to it…”

    Anyway thanks! I am shedding tears. Seriously. Not of joy or pain but allergens. I get it whenever it is damp which in NW England is almost all the time. It’s a shame I like the NW. Easy access to Manchester and easy access to places like The Peak District and it’s all cool but it assaults my head-holes something chronic. I have (I forget who) but it fits 100% a commentator here’s opinion that it ain’t pollen but fungal spores. Gore (and his hanging chads) blimey the Floridian climate suits me better.

    Anyway, that’s one of Cats best spots for some time. It is as Paul says utterly puerile. And very British in a way. You try telling to British folk the history of the Democrats in a British pub – yes, I know but they asked. They asked and then refused to believe despite the fact I’ve spent a lot of time in Georgia. I’m not dissing Cats at all here. That is sublime. I was captain of the sixth-form debating society and that is something I would have torn to ribbons and bits if we ever had any debates. We didn’t of course. We never had one. It is good we have Cats flagging the puerile. It is good to know how bereft the enemy is of anything like cogent argumentation.

  15. Thornavis says:

    Just on a point of interest regarding Confederate Democrats, would it be correct to say that they don’t really have much in common with modern Democrats ? Just as the Lib Dems here don’t have a lot in common with nineteenth century Liberals. So the author of this piece of written Tourette’s might not be too bothered about that.

  16. Write here says:

    The problem with the Daily Kos rant is that, by and large, it could be equally applied to Democrats or Republicans.

    if the author thinks all Republicans fit those descriptions then it would be interesting how would he react if he saw the same said about his favourite breed of politician, who by any account have screwed up in numerous ways and applied corrupt in new and interesting ways.

    By the way, the diatribe I note contains a reference to Nazis, which is the endless simplistic twitch of all lefties, though as always they ignore the fact that the Nazis were in fact the National Socialists and in many ways the last bit of their name was the most accurate.

  17. CountingCats says:


    I wouldn’t say the modern Democratic Party is the same as the old party of the Klan, but both parties are/were obsessed by race. The modern party no less than the old one; difference is in the way that obsession is expressed. Neither party can comprehend that there are people who just plain don’t care about skin colour.

  18. GW says:


    CC is hitting the nail on the head on this one. The hard core racism of the left was inverted when they figured out that blacks could be a winning political tool. They took blacks from the cotton plantation to the far left political plantation.

    In the mid-60s’, the hard left adopted the civil rights movement as their raison d’etre. They became a permanent victim group. Everything about blacks they put through a racial lens. It is an inverted form of racism. Blacks have become an “oppressed class” to put it in Marxian terms, and the left uses them as a tool to gain and retain power. I can assure you that the policies of the far left – as embodied today in Obama – have nothing to do with improving the plight of the 25% of the black population mired in generational poverty. Indeed, blacks are suffering more under the Obama policies than any other group in the U.S.

    And just for the record, the last member of the KKK voted to the Senate, Robert Byrd, died two years ago. He was a Democrat.

  19. Paul Kenworthy says:


    The 19th-century Democratic party was the party of identity politics. In the agricultural South slaves served two functions: the obvious one was the labor they supplied to the plantation owners, but the less obvious one was the social role they played to the subsistance farmers who formed the bulk of the southern population. You might be White Trash, but you were still better than a Darkie. This is the role described by the Confederate Vice-President in his notorious “mud-sill” speech. The KKK was formed after the Confederacy fell to insure that even though the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution made the first role illegal, and despite the fact that there were Federal troops stationed in the South to enforce that law, that the second role would not change.

    In the North, the Democratic party was the party of the urban immigrants. The northern Democrats pitted the Irish and German factory workers against the mill, mine, and railroad owners on the one hand and the newly freed slaves on the other. In the summer of 1863 Irish rioters in New York City burned an orphanage for black children to the ground to protest the imposition of a military draft. Partly they blamed blacks for the war and the draft, but partly they feared competition for low-wage jobs.

    Hostility to blacks in the urban north doesn’t get much attention, but it existed well into the 20th century. In 1944 martial law was declared in Philadelphia when the trolley drivers union went on strike rather than allow black drivers on the trolleys. The strike was declared illegal and suppressed by Federal troops because of the war, but it shows that anti-black sentiments were not confined to the south or to farmers.

    What changed the Democratic Party’s relationship to blacks was demographics. Blacks are now a significant proportion of the voters in urban areas. To retain control of their historical strongholds, Democrats have to attract black voters. What connects the modern Democratic party to the 19th century Democratic party is their use of identity politics to attract voters.

    Abraham Lincoln had a favorite map when he was president. It was a map prepared by the US Census Bureau from the 1860 survey that showed every county in the country (there were only 33 states back then) using a grey scale with the darkness indicating the proportion of the population of the county that were slaves. Counties colored white had less than 10% slaves and counties colored black had greater than 80% of their population slaves. Whatever else Lincoln was, he was an extremely shrewd politician. He liked that map because he could look at all the black colored counties in the Confederate states and know exactly what the war was about. South Carolina was the first state to seceed. 57.2% of the population of South Carolina were slaves. Identity politics lets Democratic politicians target voters by location just like Lincoln’s map showed him where the secessionists were.

  20. RAB says:

    Ah yes the caring sharing Left showing it’s true colours as usual. Scum!

    Put that link into the Samizdata RIP thread Sam. Some of them over there knew the guy well.

  21. Thornavis says:

    Thanks for the responses to my query. The point about unions and colour bars is well made, something that the modern left would very much like forgotten, I believe I’m correct in saying that the South African Communist Party was one of the biggest supporters of segregation and denial of job equality in its early days. On which subject I saw something rather interesting the other day, I was watching a DVD of railways in southern africa in the 1970s, in SA there were no black drivers or firemen just track workers, in Rhodesia however there were, rather to my surprise. I did know something of the history of the Democrats in the south which Paul Kenworthy has gone into in more detail but not all, so thanks for that, however I suspect that a modern Democrat would say that none of that matters much as the party is completely different now, in much the same way that socialists will usually deny that the horrors of the Soviet Union and Stalinism were true socialism and therefore don’t count against the philosophy.

  22. NickM says:

    “but the less obvious one was the social role they played to the subsistance farmers who formed the bulk of the southern population. You might be White Trash, but you were still better than a Darkie.”

    Absolutely. If you read Huck Finn then Pa Finn (who is an utter scumbag) makes exactly that point. He might be a vile and violent drunk but at least he’s white. Of course Twain nails it.

  23. Sam Duncan says:

    As a late postscript to this thread, this is what civilized behaviour looks like. Fair play to Seth “Family Guy” MacFarlane: he gets it.

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