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Raoul Moat – Folk Hero.

David Rathband, the copper blinded by Raoul Moat, has hanged himself.

There are many reasons I’m proud to be a Geordie. We gave you the industrial revolution (yeah, there were some Mancs and Brummies involved but…) and Newcastle is a fine city (it wouldn’t be if T Dan Smith and Poulsen hadn’t been jailed before they’d wrecked the entire gaff – this does matter to me because their “planning” happened largely before I was born so it narks me when my Mum or Dad talk about what was – I never saw it) anyway, enough on that!

There is “Geordie Shore” (have you seen it? I have because my mother taught one of them at a school run by evangelical Christians – so that worked out) – most of the staff don’t even drink let alone “tash on” – whatever that means but it all pales compared to the despicable criminal antics of Raoul Moat. And moreover the reaction to it.

The copper he shot in the face and blinded has killed himself. What sort of utter cunt shoots a man in the face for no reason other than sheer evil. I guess it’s a hell of a thing to be blinded and I don’t think I could cope either. But no, it isn’t even “Moaty” himself but the general air at the time of him as some kind of latter-day Robin Hood – there was even a facebook page. No. He. Wasn’t. He was an utter scrote. I have met people like him – ripped to the tits on steroids and hard as nails but utterly amoral. Viv Graham once threatened to kill me. That was because one of my mates was a little Stella-ed and singing “Love Bomb Baby” by Tigertailz. This apparently annoyed the ear of maestro Graham. Perhaps in much the same way a poorly tuned piano made Chopin physically ill on Majorca. Except Frederick Chopin merely made immediate travel plans back to Paris and is not on the record as chinning anyone and if you ask me there is a hell of a difference between fecking off to Paris and engaging in violent stomping. Viv Graham was shot dead in Wallsend buying dog food. He had a Rottie. Of course he did! And a Sierra Cosworth.

Moat was of that ilk though and if he is a folk hero then he isn’t mine. This is what he did… Two days following his release from Durham Jail for assaulting a nine-year old (my fucking hero – I mean I’ve seen Clint Eastwood clear a street of scumbags but they were all adults and armed – oh and it was a movie so not real) he shoots his former girlfriend and her new geezer. She was by all accounts terrified of him – even he had said he meant her specific harm shortly before release but the cops did nowt. She was seriously injured and her new boyfriend died. He then shoots PC David Rathband in the face with the same shotgun and goes on the lam. At this point another folk hero emerges. I have never read the adventures of the knight of the sad countenance but what happened next was utterly quixotic. Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne pitches up. He has had a cunning plan you see. “Moaty” will give himself up honest injun and all that if only Gazza can bring to him (and God bless Paul Gascoigne) a fishing rod and a KFC bargain bucket. The idea being that after a stint on Northumberland’s (admittedly top-notch) trout streams and a few chicken nuggets “Moaty” will see sense. Well, understandably Northumbria Dibble told him to fuck off. They may or may not have availed themselves of the hot wings – I dunno. I wouldn’t. There are few things I can be proud of in my life but never having darkened the doors of KFC is one of them.

Moat, surrounded by cops, shoots himself in the end (well in the neck but it is an end for him). It was never going to end quietly was it? The cops were going to shoot him anyway. An officer down so cruely, so pointlessly and they’re not? I would. That cunt had wrought death, wounding, misery and terror across my home-town to the uttermost and if anyone ever deserved 7.62mm justice he did.

My thoughts are with the survivors and the friends and family of the dead. Apart from Moat, obviously. He can rot for all eternity in the lowest oubliette of Hell for all I care. Worse than that he can dine eternally on KFC – now that’s a fate worse than… He is not a folk hero. He was not misunderstood (except tragically he was, wasn’t he? – he did say he meant harm to his ex and then two days out of chokey he shot her). Moreover his war against Northumbria police was based on a lie his clearly terrified out of her mind ex had told him. She said she was dating a copper in an attempt to put him off trying to find her. She was actually dating a karate instructor who came out to see Moat and tell him to piss-off. A fatal lesson was learned in terms of the open hand (however well trained) not being a match for the hand that wields a shotgun. I guess the poor fellow felt he could handle himself. And he sure could in most circs but I guess he wasn’t planning on coming up against a mad man with a gun.

I dunno about you but I’ve had some painful splits with girlfriends but I have never shot anyone over it – I went out with my mates, got pissed and bored people. But then again I have never gone to jail for assaulting a 9 year old child. What sort of cunt does that? OK. I probably have had fights with 9 year old children but that would have been thirty years ago so I can’t really recall. Not as a great heffalumping bloke though.

From wikipedia:

In The Daily Telegraph, Theodore Dalrymple wrote “The late Mr Moat was a brutal sentimentalist. He used the extremity of his behaviour to persuade himself that he felt something—supposedly love—very deeply, and that this was the motive and justification of his behaviour. Surely, if he was prepared to kill not only his ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart, but also her new lover and anyone who looked like him, he must have loved her very much? He also persuaded himself that he was the victim of this terrible episode. ‘They took it all from me,’ he said, ‘kids, freedom, house, then Sam and Chanel [his daughter]. Where could I go from there?’ It was only natural that he, an innocent, or at least a man not seriously at fault (‘I’ve never punched her but have slapped her’), should have taken a gun and killed one and injured two: any man treated in this way would have done the same. What is alarming is that substantial numbers of people take this self-serving sentimental nonsense seriously, at least if the thousands of postings on the Raoul Moat Facebook tribute page, which was deleted on Thursday, were anything to go by. The logic seems to be as follows: Mr Moat called himself a victim; victims are heroes; therefore Mr Moat was a hero”

Exactly. Or another way is to consider what I regard as the libertarian movie par-excellence – “The Outlaw Josey Wales”. He is a victim and a hero. Union troops murder his children, rape and then murder his wife and burn his house down (is that perhaps echoed in “Unforgiven”?) and yet he remains a decent man despite the ultimate betrayal of his commander being complicit in the slaughter of his platoon. Yes, he kills Captain Tyrell (disembowels him with his own sword – kerching!) but he only goes on the lam because he genuinely has no choice and he settles and finds peace without killing anyone he didn’t strictly speaking need to. Along the way he also befriends a Cherokee chief, saves people from rape and slavery and sets up a ranch. Oh, and it is ultra-libertarian because all the folks he hooks up with are random sorts who are united only by outlook. His family was butchered and raped by Kansas Red Legs but he winds-up “adopting” a family from that very state. He defends them. in trade they do make him stop spitting baccy on the floor. Fair exchange is no robbery and it is a disgusting habit. It is an awesome movie. Now you could read the excruciatingly long speech from “Atlas Shrugged” or you could watch Josey Wales. Your choice. I know which I preferred. That coat, that hat, that swagger and the click of the spurs on those boots. And the dead guys he left behind.

Moat was a “victim” because he was dumped by his girlfriend for beating her up – that’s class that is! It’s really not the same thing. Moreover his activities after his release from Durham Jail can hardly be termed heroic. He shot three unarmed people and then went camping.

This is a genuine (if sort of fictional) hero (and I have posted this before and make no apology) because it is awesome…

Real men are bad-ass enough to conclude a peace-treaty with Comanche chiefs (and spit baccy before starting their spiel). Scrotes like Moat assault small children and shoot their ex-girlfriend. But then Clint Eastwood is a genuine hero who should not be mentioned in the same post as that obnoxious former-scrote. I guess the movies gained what the US Presidency lost. Imagine President Eastwood… A real libertarian in the White House and one of the genuinely hardest men ever. A self-made man of wit and intellect who grew-up in the depression riding the rails and playing piano in brothels. If he’d been president we’d have no more issues with those mentalists in Iran – other than having to export a lot of Tena Lady there.

Instead we have Mitt Romney…

Lord help us!

PS. The press coverage of former PC Rathband’s suicide revolts me. Let his friends and family be. I can’t imagine what they have been through or what he went through and neither can the Daily Mail so just let it lie.


  1. CIngram says:

    Moat was a worthless piece of shit unable to accept his own inadequacy. There are many like him. The fact that so many people identified him as some form of hero suggests that there are plenty more waiting for something to piss them off enough to kill someone. They probably think they’ll feel better if they do.

    As for the press- did you really expect anything different?

  2. JuliaM says:

    “It was never going to end quietly was it? The cops were going to shoot him anyway. An officer down so cruely, so pointlessly and they’re not? I would.”

    Me too. No question.

    But probably not today’s cops.

  3. Paul Marks says:

    Making “heros” of criminal scumbags.

    The left normally do it – “so you see the Kelly gang [or whoever] were really making a legitimate protest against the exploitation of capitalist society…….. only ignorant reactionaries think they were just scumbags who nicked stuff and murdered people….”

    However, I do not see how even the left (let along anyone else) could make a “hero” of Raoul Moat.

  4. NickM says:

    The Kelly gang were no angels but they were not complete and utter scum. Moat was.

  5. bloke in spain says:

    Can’t help but wonder how much of all that was an anti-cop thing rather than pro-Moat.
    Was a time when interaction with plod was a fairly innocuous process, back when. My last few encounters, before I gave up & f***ed off for pastures more congenial, were with the modern incarnation. Sarcastic, intrusive, self important, arrogant, studiedly polite in a way that’s just another version of rude. Uniformly useless or uselessly in uniform. One of the two. Or both.
    Heading across town in the early hours last week, ran into a roadblock at the roundabout. Three vehicles with blue lights flashing, armed cops with lighted batons flagging motorists down. Dropped the window, cop shone the torch round the car giving the legs of the platinum haired Russian in the passenger seat some extra attention & waved us on. Lot of sh*t he could have done. Documents. A breath test. Wanting to look at the chica’s ID. Lot of them here are illegals, probably her included. But didn’t. We’re not a problem. Just two members of the public going home.
    Up in the hills, last year, came across one of the Guardia gone off road & up to the axles in mud. Put a rope on it & yanked him out. Lads at the station would have taken the piss out of him, he had to call a tow truck. Would I do the same in the UK? Doubt it. More likely he’d get the oscillating fist gesture out the window. Way I feel about them. Like a lot of people.

  6. Tim Newman says:

    I guess it’s a hell of a thing to be blinded and I don’t think I could cope either.

    By most accounts it is preferable to being deaf. Being deaf is an incredibly lonely experience, whereas it is amazing the degree to which blind people can lead ordinary lives. I knew a blind physiotherapist once, which makes sense once you think about it. Everything is about touch and communication. He used to go shopping on his own and returned his guide dog when he found he didn’t need it. Quite remarkable fellow. I went to his house once and was surprised to find the kettle on the stove but all the lights off. Again, that made sense once you think about it. My mum, who was his patient, told me not to pity him as apparently the main thing he misses is playing football (he still watched it on TV, listening only to the sound). But feel sorry for the deaf, she said, whose friends soon tire of making the effort to communicate and drift away. Maybe it’s different nowadays with the internet, but not being able to hold a conversation or listen to music would be unbearable. Then again, so would not being able to read…

  7. Tim Newman says:

    But then Clint Eastwood is a genuine hero who should not be mentioned in the same post as that obnoxious former-scrote.

    I’m quoting from memory here, something told to me second-hand by my sister, but something about Eastwood using exceptionally vile tactics during the divorce from his wife who was suffering from cancer. Never looked into it though, so might be wrong.

  8. Tim Newman says:

    I have met people like him – ripped to the tits on steroids and hard as nails but utterly amoral.

    We had a guy like him in Phuket 2 years ago. He was an absolute thug, complete steroid junky, who supposedly came to Thailand to learn Muay Thai. There are videos of him kicking the shit out guys much smaller than him in the ring, and carrying out illegal moves. It’s obvious the man is an absolute cunt. Anyway, he got in a fight with a US Marine in Phuket and got his arse handed to him in a fair fight…not so tough after all, eh?…but then followed the marine home and stabbed him in the chest, killing him. He stole the knife from a shop which caught him on camera, very little doubt it was him, and he fled the country over a remote border crossing into Cambodia a week or so after. He was promptly arrested in the UK where he was wanted for a string of drug and other offences, and he is appealing his extradition to Thailand on the grounds that their prison conditions are poor and hence his human rights are breached. The Thais already agreed to drop the death sentence should he be found guilty. This cunt has a neck like a giraffe, kill a bloke, flee the scene, and claim your rights are being abused!

    Two things: if I was the Thai interior minister I would be sending a message to the UK home office that Thailand will cease all cooperation with British police seeking fugitives in Thailand (there are thousands). And if this prick somehow escapes Thai or British justice, I fervently hope the US Marines will catch up with him somewhere.

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