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Russian election fraud

One view:

Mr Putin said he would ask elections chief Vladimir Churov to “thoroughly check all possible violations about which you have spoken" as he met with all the election losers save Gennady Zyuganov, the communist challenger who came second and who has refused to recognise the result, at a health complex on the edge of Moscow on Monday.

Mr Churov is known among protest leaders as "The Magician" because of his apparently magical power to ensure smooth elections for the ruling authorities.


Officials from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and other organisations said there was evidence of irregularities at one third of the polling stations it observed, including evidence of ballot-box stuffing. Monitors called for alleged violations to be investigated immediately.

Another, from the Obama State Department:

We are encouraged to see so many Russian citizens voting, monitoring voting in their local precincts, exercising their constitutional right to free assembly, and expressing their views peacefully about the political and electoral processes. The number of Russian election observers who monitored this vote is unprecedented and a sign that Russian society seeks to participate in the improvement of Russia’s democratic institutions. We also recognize the government’s efforts to reform the political system, including the reintroduction of direct elections for governors, the simplification of party registration procedures, and the reduction in the numbers of signatures needed to register presidential candidates.

Is there no thug he won’t suck up to?

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  1. Paul Marks says:

    There are two points that I think are worth noting.

    Firstly that decent candidates were often not even allowed to stand – there were not allowed on the ballot.

    Secondly – the Russian population is so brainwashed by collectivist and anti Western propaganda (more so even than people in the West themselves are) that they would have been unlikely to vote for decent candidates anyway.

    At least in the time of socialism in Russia, the people could look around them and understand that socialism did not work i.e. what was taught in the schools and said in the media was an obvious lie. So if what the education system and the media said about the wonders of socialism was a lie – so everything else that was taught might well be a lie also.

    Today people have no such reality check.

    Russia is far from a free market (perhaps even further than Britain and so on are), but it is not socialist.

  2. NickM says:

    I don’t think the Russians are that ant-“western”. They might desie to piss on whatever combustion the USA has but that is not the same thing. They are very positive to the British for example. They believe us highly cultured. This is I presume because they’ve never been to Stockport on a Saturday night. There is (was?) a major Russian rock band called “Agatha Christie”. When my wife was in Moscow for a year they all thought us Brits played croquet and went to vicar’s tea-parties and then a murder was announced… To the extent that they are “anti-western” they just don’t understand us and think Britain is Midsommer Murders (which is hugely popular in Russia) but the Yanks are a cultural desert. This is something many Brits (and French et al believe). These people have a totally different experience of the USA from me. They never did a Graceland tour or saw the Chrysler Building from the roof of the Empire State shortly after dawn or ate a tuna steak at a chrome dinner in Atlanta or danced the night away with a beer on Key West with ladies wearing nothing but body-paint. Or seen the jazz at Preservation Hall in New Orleans. And they certainly haven’t walked into the Smithsonian Air and Space and reduced a man in his 30s to the status of a small child. Or seen the rocket park at Canaveral. Now that was emotional.

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