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More Reasons to Shop Morrisey

I’d sooner French kiss a month dead whelk than buy a Smiths record.  Why?  Well, apart from the fact their music is pretentious, mind-numbing bollocks, I can’t stand their self-righteous, twat of frontman, Morrissey.  While Morrissey is several magnitudes shy of Bono’s brand of self-righteous twattery, he is making up ground fast.

Thus the old has-been Morrissey succeeds in grabbing the lurid publicity he craves and has the media abuzz with the outrage of it all.  Argentina has no valid  historical claim to the Falklands.  Is this backstabbing treachery posturing down to a misguided political conviction or a squalid PR stunt to promote Morrissey’s South American tour?  Maybe it’s both.

The singer Morrissey has continued to provoke in the Falklands row after his band played a concert in Argentina in T-shirts that shouted the words ‘WE HATE WILLIAM AND KATE’ around a wedding photo of the royal couple.

I can almost hear Morrissey pumping up his audience to a rousing crescendo of repetitive slogan chanting.  But William and Kate?  The couple are an odd choice of target because neither Willy nor Kate have any influence in the international ding-dong over ownership of the Falkland Islands.  That is until you remember that Willy is currently fulfilling a military training obligation in the Falklands.   It’s just as well it wasn’t Harry because that doesn’t rhyme too well with hate.  But then William doesn’t either.  Fortunately Willy is married to Kate which does rhyme.  Simples.  And, like programmed drones, did the audience lap up the humbug?  Kerrrr-ching.

The 52-year-old former Smiths frontman repeated earlier controversial remarks to Argentine fans that the Falkland Islands were theirs.

Bums on seats, dear.  Bums on seats.

We all know that the Malvinas [Falklands] are Argentina’s,’ he told the crowd of 15,000 in Buenos Aires on Sunday.

There are still a few tickets available for my next gig…

Morrissey pleaded with fans not to ‘blame’ the British people ‘because it is the government that decides’.

“Meanwhile feel free to demonise a serving British Officer and his wife because I am a populist, left-wing hatemonger on the make and a lazy rhymester to boot.  Hatey Katey T Shirts and other over-priced merchandise are on sale in the foyer.  Let your pesos do the talking.”

The [British] government, the governments, never listen to the people, to their pain,’ he said.

Naturally, the Argentinian government is a paragon of democratic virtue.  Especially if you have a sell-out (sic) tour to promote.

Morrissey’s five-strong band appeared alongside a flag of Argentina which took centre stage on their drum kit.

It’ll be interesting to see if he uses the same stage prop at his next British gig.  What are the odds that he will?  Zero to bugger all, I reckon.  That’s providing, of course, he can get a home gig after his flagrant anti-British rant.

Argentine fans praised the incendiary T-shirts in online forums.

For the same reasons that the 60′s counter-culture liked Che, and hammer and sickle T shirts.  Peer pressure, fashion and ignorance.

In recent weeks Union Jacks have been burnt outside the British Embassy in Buenos Aires.

Support the international (Hong Kong) flag makers trade. Today’s special offer – Union Jack BOGOF.  Burn one, get one free.

Tensions have rocketed in Argentina since Prince William was posted to the Falklands for a six-week RAF flight training operation last month.

A British officer being posted to British base.  How provocative!  The bloody nerve!  Fortunately for Morrissey this presents a good business opportunity.  Never let a good rocketing tensions situation go to waste.  Making money out of a Marxist cause celebre by fomenting aggression against one’s own country is where it’s at.

The 30th anniversary of the start of the Falklands War, which claimed the lives of 649 Argentine and 255 British servicemen, is on April 2.

Let’s see you put that on a T shirt, Morrissey.

Morrissey, currently on tour in South America, is the latest in a line of celebrities to back Argentina’s claim to the Falklands.

On Thursday he told concertgoers in Cordoba, Argentina, that the Falklands ‘belong to Argentina’.

The lucrative concert receipts from spouting anti-Falklands sentiment is purely coincidental.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters told Chilean channel TVN last week that he thought the Falklands ‘should be Argentine’.

The bass player has since moved to quell anger over his remarks by insisting in a Facebook post that he never said the disputed islands should definitely belong to Argentina.

I don’t think semantics is going to to save Morrissey’s arse from an angry public backlash.

American actor Sean Penn caused outrage when he made similar comments in Buenos Aires.

Penn’s opinion is blinkered ignorance driven by left-wing bias and bullshit.  Outrage is when you incite Falklands mania to fill  seats in a stadium.  Not even Penn stooped that low.

Morrissey has had a long career of causing controversy. His 1988 debut solo album featured the track Margaret On The Guillotine, about the execution of Baroness Thatcher.

Because kicking the Argies up their Junta thirty years ago was nothing short of a war crime.  How dare Maggie successfully face up to an aggressor who had invaded our sovereign territory and killed British servicemen and merchant sailors.  She should have stroked Galtieri’s member instead of sinking enemy warships.  She should have capitulated immediately and handed over territory Argentina had little or no historical claim to.  Instead she did her job and defended our sovereign territory.  Morrissey, like every other conviction leftist, seems to have a problem with Thatcher.  Too bad.

The singer told a Colombian radio station last week that he was ignored by the British media because of his song material and bragged that he had never been offered a Brit award.

Morrissey never received recognition for his dreary, wrist-slitting output.  Aw, diddums.  He was so thrilled by the perceived snub he incited hatred against his country.

‘This proves that I am important,’ he said.

No, it proves you are just another fucking narcissistic piece of excrement with delusions of grandeur.


  1. Paul Marks says:

    Mr Morrisey claims to be speaking for the British people against our nasty government.

    Actually the British people are rather more “hardline” than our government – we did want the aircraft carriers scrapped.

    And we want the armed forces to defend the Falklands against Mr Morrisey’s Argentinian friends (rather than have the armed forces used to spread democracy to Afghanistan and so on).

    As for Mr Morrisey – he has every right to move to another country if he so wishes.

    As he takes the side of Argentina against the United Kingdom, I trust he will be staying in Argentina.

  2. Lynne says:

    Paul, I don’t know anyone who demanded or voted for the scrapping of our carriers or the selling off of our fleet air Harriers. Perhaps their voices were lost in the clamour of appalled realisation that billions were wasted following the scrappage of the newly upgraded Nimrod fleet and the fact we cannot supply the new carriers with British aircraft and sufficient personnel.

  3. Sam Duncan says:

    “The [British] government, the governments, never listen to the people, to their pain,’ he said.”

    Right. That’s why it sat back and let a murderous military dictatorship take over their islands in ’82.

    “The singer told a Colombian radio station last week that he was ignored by the British media because of his song material”

    Well, yes. They’ve ignored all of mine for the same reason. I’m particularly proud of “The Isle of Wight is Historically Part of Matabeleland (So Vince Cable Must Die)”.

  4. NickM says:

    “As for Mr Morrisey – he has every right to move to another country if he so wishes.”

    - And seeing as he is a Mancunian I will happily take the deranged traitorous twat to the airport and kick his arse when he gets on the plane.

  5. RAB says:

    Morrisey is an arsehole, and a mentally deranged one at that. let me count the ways… Er best not, I don’t think we have enough bandwidth.

    I saw the Smiths only once, and that was more than enough. Musically Morrisey tried to get two songs into the space meant for one, and it came out like demented gibberish. The real hero of the band was Johnny Marr, the guitarist, who tried desperately to keep some form and shape to them.

    As to his pronouncements on the Falklands, well like Penn and Waters he is just sucking up. Just another sixth form rebel who has never grown up, or learnt a damn thing since. There is a reason he is playing toilets like Argentina and Chile, he can’t get bookings in Britain, Europe or mainland USA.

    And as to Waters, well after Syd went mental on acid, he thought he was Pink Floyd, but couldn’t write a song to save his life, so the band was pretty much instrumental until Dark side of the Moon. The rest of the band found him such an arrogant opinionated cunt that they wanted nothing to do with him, and split up, they kept the name though, not Waters, that speaks volumes.

  6. NickM says:

    “As for Mr Morrisey – he has every right to move to another country if he so wishes.”

    - And seeing as he is a Mancunian I will happily take the deranged traitorous twat to the airport and kick his arse when he gets on the plane. And I say deranged because the last time the Argies got awkward about the Falklands they were run by a military dictatorship. I bet they weren’t too keen on, say, gay rights which I generally support. A leftie like him (and Gods is their any allegedly left-wing cause the cunt doesn’t nail his colours to the mast for?) was utterly free in the UK to carry-out his lucrative “musical” career and spout utter shite for decades. If he’d been in the the Argentina of the junta he’d have been disappeared. This frequently meant getting shoved in the back of a C-130, taken out over the ocean, and forced out the back door at bayonet point. This upsets me. Maggie beat Michael Foot in a free and fair election. She didn’t kill him. Galtieri would not have had such scrupples. Moreover, and personally, the C-130 “Herky Bird” is what 5, 6 decades of freedom? A wonderful airplane! Christ it upsets me. It is like Syrians flying F-16s.

  7. dfwmtx says:

    Sometimes folks say really outlandish shit so people will pay attention to them. The pro-Argentinian celebs cited in this thread all have careers past their prime, so yeah, I’m not surprised they’re saying this stuff and trying to seek approval because they can’t get it otherwise with just their “talent” (quote marks excepted for Roger Waters though; he only gets a slight pass for his work with Floyd, though I can’t say his solo stuff has been noteworthy).

  8. bloke in spain says:

    Once, whist walking the dog through Finsbury Park, had the unforgettable privilege of hearing a Morrissey concert. He had what could be described as an ‘ugly’ audience. Of course, Finsbury Park denizens have never been known for their beauty & charm but, on this particular day, the volume of jeers & catcalls was particularly satisfying & I gather that the songsmith himself was pelted with beercans, many of them full to aid with velocity & strike power; a mark of unique symbolism in an area where a half full Special Brew is an object of almost religious significance.

    This Charming Man was That Joke That Isn’t Funny Any More

  9. Andrew says:

    I guess this is the same Morrissey that flounced off the Echo Arena stage after one half-full plastic beer bottle had been tossed at the stage during his first ‘song’, refusing to return. But what else should a Manc songster expect in Liverpool?

  10. bloke in spain says:

    On reflection, it occurs sending Morrissey to Argentina could be construed as a breach of the Geneva Convention should we be embarking on a spot of diplomacy by other means down that way. Reprisals on civilian populations is pretty heavily frowned upon.

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