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Polar bears to die from harmless trace gas and hail of hot lead, but mostly hail of hot lead


  1. Dzugashvili says:

    Those of us who recall the British Empire and its ‘insensitive’ ways must smile at this article. After all, it is the Chinese who have now picked up the imperial mantle and are doing to the polar bear what Jim Corbett did to the Indian tiger. The Buddhists surely have it right – the Wheel of Life has turned once more. Poor Bo and Richard – they are as impotent as any 19th century Indian ruler in the face of a greater power.

  2. JuliaM says:

    Actually, Corbett was quite the early conservationist. Hence there’s a national park named in his honour.

    These licenses are, of course, obtained from the local Inuit, who are granted a ‘take’ of polar bear each year to ‘maintain their cultural heritage and pastimes’. So that’s going to be a thorny issue to crack, isn’t it?

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