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Absolute Insanity.

I always thought iDave was a chronic fuckwit but this takes the last Hob-Nob from the packet and royally, nay, imperially spreads it’s seed upon it. This is not even something I could grace by saying I disagree with politically – it is just that fucking mental in the noggin. This bloke allegedly has a Sir Geoffrey in PPE but clearly doesn’t understand the very basics of the reflected sound as of underground spirits. The epically large foreheaded cunt can just fuck the fucking fuck off. First Lord of the Treasury!?!? I wouldn’t trust the profound sodomizer of toads to run a fucking whelk stall in whelking season when the whelk-fetishists guild was in town. In a rational polity he’d be whipped naked through the streets of Hull and then tarred and feathered before being stuck in a trebuchet and fired in the general direction of Dogger Bank with a feather duster up his rectumnus. I think that’s what they call it at Eton. They do Latin you know. Anyway. Cunt. Utter ignoranus.

JP at Samizdata is similarly pissed off with the increase in the chocolate ration as is Mark Wadsworth and the Daily Mash nails it.


  1. permanentexpat says:

    This is very, very hard to believe…even of a complete idiot. Do these awful creeps not remember the US Democratic Congress’s dreadful experiment with contra-market/common-sense social engineering? I most certainly do…at, for me, enormous cost.
    PC Entitlement, again, at its gibbering worst!
    While everyone ‘should’ have a roof over his/her head it does not mean that they have to own the roof at other folk’s risk & expense.
    A single lugworm has more sense than all this tawdry bunch of nitwits together.
    Vote for The Tumbrel Party if you can find one.

  2. Thanks for linking. They are of course only building on the fine work started by Labour, it’s the fourth or fifth repackaging of the same idea.

  3. Laird says:

    “However, it could also raise fears that the State could end up guaranteeing more risky borrowers.”

    Oh, really, you think? Nah, that could never happen. It certainly didn’t in the US.

  4. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    I wouldn’t trust the profound sodomizer of toads to run a fucking whelk stall in whelking season when the whelk-fetishists guild was in town.

    Genious stuff. And yeah, it was passed round the office this afternoon.

  5. Tim Newman says:

    It makes perfect sense to me, once you consider that the government is run by and for the middle classes: the home-owning middle classes. This is just recruiting client voters, same as Gordon did when he hosed money at the public services. The offspring off the homeowning voters now need somewhere to live, and Cameron doth provide.

  6. Lynne says:

    Clusterfuck Cameron strikes again!

  7. Paul Marks says:

    The universities teach this stuff Nick.

    Mr Cameron (and so many others) are faithful sons of the education system.

    “But Paul he went to private school”.

    Sadly places like Eton are concerned with getting people into Oxford – they go along with establishment economics.

    The teachers at a place like Eton may be a bit more likely to have at least have heard of Ludwig Von Mises (and so on), but they will not side with free market ideas.

    “But Paul this is not about economics – it is about simple common sense”.

    But Mr Cameron has been taught that common sense is wrong – that economics has proved that such demented antics as the government backing home loans are senible policy “boasting demand” and “stimulating the house building industry”.

    After all physics has proved that common sense ideas about time and space (and so on) are false.

    So boys and girls (at school and university) are taught that economics has proved that common sense is wrong in regards to economic policy.

    Indeed the elite are proud that their policies do not make sense to “ordinary people” – this proves how superior elite people (such as Mr Cameron) are.

    The ideas the elite are taught are false (utterly false), but pointing out that the ideas defy common sense will not influence members of the establishment elite against these ideas – it will just give them a warm private glow of superiority over the common herd.

  8. NickM says:

    I know the preps schools get you into the public schools and the public schools get you into Oxford or Cambridge.

    As to physics. We have been through this I recall :-) It’s a different thing. The Newtonian conception of time and space is actually no more “common-sense” than that of Einstein. Indeed less so. Aristotle on physics comes closer to “common sense” but is physics from a much smaller physical Universe – intellectually speaking.

    As to the “elites” thinking themselves cleverer (that warm glow) I agree fully. I’ve met enough people who hide their stupidity behind bizarre theories. It’s like weird religious cults. “But if you only really grokked it…” I translate, “If you shift your paradigm (and we can shift it – if you give us access to all your bank accounts) it all makes sense”. That it is false doesn’t matter. Well, not to them. It’s snake-oil. It’s like those cosmetics or shampoo adverts with all that nonsense L’Oreal et al make-up. Or to take it further back about the conning of a certain Emperor…

  9. Paul Marks says:

    If two things are going at 0.75 of the speed of light their collision speed will be 1.5 – according to common sense.

    Physics says it is not.

    And if a beam of light is fired off and one man chases after it, and another man just sits and does nothing – then the light will get away from the man chasing it slower than it will get away from the man who just sits there.

    Accept physics says that light increases its distance from both men at the same rate.

    And on and on…..

    Please do not mistake me – I am not saying that physics is wrong.

    I am just saying that the physical universe has nothing to do with common sense.

    But economics (indeed all the study of human action) is based upon it – or, rather, should be based upon it.

    Of course what is taught in the schools (both state and private) has nothing to do with it.

  10. Paul Marks says:

    By the way we do not, technically, know if the governement is insane yet.

    Tomorrow we may find out.

    If they (for example) declare that they want to reduce the top rate of income tax, but do not actually do it……

    Then they would get all the political heat for suggesting “tax cuts for the rich”, without getting any economic benefits by actually doing it.

    In short the government politicians would have proved themselves to be insane – clinically insane.

    Just thought people might want to know.

    Actually I would be rather amused to discover that the leading politicians should be in Broadmore or Rampton (spelling alert).

    But then I am not exactly 100% sane myself.

    Normal people might be a bit upset.

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