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Equality Oop t’North.

Here is what passes for informed Tory comment these days.

THE Tories will struggle in the North because the party is seen as “southern, posh, white men” and not like “one of us”, says a senior Conservative MP.

Well I live in the north and I see the Tories in Name Only as a bunch of incompetent, treasonous creeps who, like their Labour and Limp Dim counterparts, are too eager to see us all ruled by an unelected EU oligarchy. That is precisely why I didn’t vote for any of the main parties in 2010 and, if the disenfranchisement persists, it is precisely why I will not vote for them in a future general election.

Eric Ollerenshaw, an aide to Tory party chairman Sayeeda Warsi, said the party needed to promote more Northerners as he warned attacks on trade unions and public sector workers were driving them into Labour’s arms.

Promote? Are we talking about promoting sitting northern Tory MPs here? Well you did okay out of it, didn’t you Eric, becoming a “senior Conservative MP” so quickly. You entered the HoC for the first time in 2010, and, to the detriment of your constituents (of whom I am one), never voted against the party line, not even against wasting billions in taxpayers money by throwing it into the Greek defecit black hole in order to keep the Euro afloat for a little bit longer. Thus are faithful lickspittles duly rewarded with seniority. Working for Not the Tory Party Chairman, Sayeeda Warsi, as a senior “diversity” quangocrat since 2005, didn’t hurt your meteoric rise up the greasy pole, did it.  It also fits snugly into Cameron’s daft “Big Society” bullshit which surely merits brownie points too.

The Tories must win more North East seats to win a majority at the next general election, said the MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood.

So it’s the fault of North Easterners that Cameron buggered up what should have been a landslide victory against Labour corruption and stupidity is it? And here’s me thinking his fall in the polls and disastrous election result was down to ambiguous policies and reneging on his “cast Iron” promise of an EU referendum. My bad.

Action to rebuild support in Northern cities was vital, he said, but he admitted it could take a decade to win just one council seat in Newcastle.

Council seat? I thought you were talking about promoting northern MPs. Make your bloody mind up, Eric!

Mr Ollerenshaw said his party had an image problem dating back to the Thatcher years, with the party blamed for the shutdown of traditional industries and not caring about unemployment while the South roared ahead.

Typical Westminster village idiot promoting party politics and image before the governance of the people they are supposed to represent.  It’s all Thatcher’s fault! It was that hag of a Tory PM who dragged the UK out of the gutter, soundly kicked Union arse and, as a result, won two more general elections because people hated her so much. Tell me Eric, you who would appease the union barons and the bloated sacred public sector, what party it is that you represent because you have more than a whiff of the yellow-streaked Fabian about you.  You could be an echo chamber for Limp Dim policies.

“The view ascribed to the Conservatives that unemployment was a price worth paying for the economic uplift saw a generation of voters turn their backs on a party they thought had turned their backs on them,” he said.

We can’t have the Not the Tories being branded as the Nasty Party can we? FFS, where to begin?  I’ll make it brief.

When Thatcher came to power there were more than three million people unemployed and the figure was rising. Rather than make the knee-jerk, soft option policies so favoured of the current breed of Westminster parasites (who prefer to line their pockets and bugger up the nation rather than do their job), Thatcher looked further ahead than populist decisions and winning the next general election. She focused on putting the UK back on its feet. You can’t do that without a lot of pain. She also lowered taxes to give small business a boost. As a direct result, when she left office in 1990, unemployment was down to around 1.7 million and falling and the economy was healthy and expanding. By 2005, under Blair’s premiership, unemployment was back to 1979 levels and rising and the economy had nose-dived. Today, with the Crapolition in charge, unemployment is still rising and our economy is in the toilet with an incompetent moron’s hand firmly gripping the flusher. Not one of our ministers is willing to do what needs to be done. They don’t have the bottle, the foresight or the intelligence.

Most Tory MPs were Southern following the 1997 election, meaning “what the public saw of the party on TV was increasingly southern, posh, white men”.

It doesn’t mean any such thing. The electorate in this country was sick to death of seeing cabinet ministers jailed for corruption and voted to remove what, at that time, was perceived to be the most overtly corrupt government in UK history. Instead they voted in one that got away with corruption on an unprecedented scale.  Let’s not mention launching pre-emptive wars.

Mr Ollerenshaw added: “Conservative politicians as a group were not seen as ‘being like one of us’ in the North, regardless of policies put forward.” The solution was for the Government to show it had policies to help boost the region. He suggested prioritising new infrastructure schemes for the North and warned Tories not to let Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg take all the credit for policies.

It’s politicians in general that are not considered “being like one of us” which is why turn out on election days is shrinking.  None of you gormless parasites are worth voting for.  And when it comes to prioritising, lets see maximum effort being put into kickstarting the economy and removing the tax burdens from businesses and people rather than pouring money we haven’t got into pointless, politically correct social programmes designed to grub a few inner city votes you aren’t going to get, eh?

He added it was vital to recruit more Northerners to the party as well as make the most of new Northern MPs to communicate the Tory message.

The message that’s coming across is that Ollerenshaw puts the Tory party and his career above everything else regardless of geography.  This back-biting, arse-licking, facile little turd is representative of what is wrong with UK politics.  The fact that he’s a new northern MP has absolutely nothing to do with his crusading wibble.  No, sirree.

Just three people in the Cabinet represent Northern seats. They are William Hague, George Osborne and Nick Clegg. The North has 24% of seats, but 58% of the Cabinet represent southern seats.

I suspect Eric would like to see at least one more northern MP with his feet under the Cabinet table.   I wonder who that could be?

But Mr Ollerenshaw said Mr Clegg and Mr Osborne would not be regarded as Northern by anyone from “north of the Watford Gap”.

Unlike Ollerenshaw who is a northern as black pudding and is pleading his upwardly mobile greasy poleism regional minority case for all it’s worth.  He loves the north so much he’s spent most of his political career working for the London Borough of Hackney, the late and unlamented GLA and the London Assembly.  Championing the promotion of Northern Tory MPs seems to be a recent expansion of his interests.   He’s a Northern Tory MP.  How lucky is that?

Mr Ollerenshaw added that the party had struggled in some places against a “highly efficient” Labour machine as the number of councillors and activists had fallen because of fading support.

We’re back to councillors again. He certainly has a bee in his bonnet about local government when he’s supposed to be focused on the promotion of Tory northern MPs.  Could it be linked to the fact that his career in local government seems to have come to a halt in June 2004 when he ceased being a sitting as a member of the London Assembly and the leader of the Toy faction?  Since 2005 he’s been working as head of the Tories City and Diversity section under Warsi.  Is it me or did he suffer something of a come-down?

He said a long-term strategy was needed to break into cities where the Tories had no representation, including Newcastle, even if that took a decade.

Meanwhile the fact the majority of the UK electorate has little or no political representation whatsoever concerning major issues that affect their lives makes no impact on this cretin.   Being ticked off with wayward Newcastle voters and sucking up being nice to minorities is where he’s at.  Z rate politics from a Z rate politician.  He’d fit right in with the other Z Graders in Number Ten.

He welcomed the creation of a Northern board, which was led by North East peer Michael Bates, with a campaign centre in Bradford but warned the Tories were still too southern based.

The Tories North Campaign initiative isn’t new (opened by Caroline Spelman, a West Midlands MP, back in 2007) and no longer has Lord Bates as one of its leading lights.  He quit the position in 2010.  I suspect that hardly anyone has heard of the North Campaign initiative even though it’s been around for a few years.  Still, it sounds good, eh?

Former North East Minister Nick Brown said Mr Ollerenshaw had identified part of the problem for the Tories.

But the central failure was down to the Government not addressing regional development.

A generation of voters turned their backs on a party they thought had turned their backs on them.

It isn’t only the Tories that voters are turning their backs on.  People are sick and tired of the lies, corruption and incompetence of all three major parties.  Until the Westminster bubbleheads stop minutely inspecting the insides of their rectums and pay attention to urgent national issues rather than chasing votes, emptying the coffers of the Treasury, doing the bidding of their EU masters and stealing from taxpayers trousering expenses they have no entitlement to, nothing is going to change.  THAT is where the failure lies.

As for Eric Ollerenshaw, he enjoys a massive majority of 333.  His constituency of Fleetwood (Labour to the core) and Lancaster (a reed in the wind) will be radically altered under the 2013 electoral boundary change.  Labour loving Fleetwood will go back to being part of Labour loving Blackpool North.  The vast majority of the constituency (the bit I live in) is rural and tends towards conservatism.  I expect he’ll be hoping for an increased majority come the next GE, providing it happens after the boundary changes.  If he comes knocking on my door he’ll be told, like his opposition cronies, to fuck off with extreme prejudice.

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    “My name is Eric Ollerenshaw, Eric Ollerenshaw is my name,
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    And so on ad nauseum (at least 500 verses)

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