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Perhaps I just see (and hear) things differently from other people.

Presently there is a lot interest in Barack Obama’s you-forgot-the-mike-was-on comments to the Russian Prime Minister. All about how November was his last election – and after it he, Comrade Barack, would be able to….

Most people (apart from the msm – the BBC, who normally broadcast Comrade Barack’s every word, do not seem to making much of these comments) seem to be seeing the comments as evidence of Barack’s “weakness”, I do not see them that way at all.

I see them more in the way of the Emperor in “Star Wars” saying “soon the Rebel Alliance will be crushed and then we will….” hardly “weakness”.

However, it was Comrade Barack’s previous comments in Korea (ones that were widely reported) that really showed me that I see the world (the basic data) totally differently from other people.

Barack said that North Korea had missed “forty or fifty years of progress”.

I would have thought that people would at least say that “the Korean War was 60 years ago”, but no one seems to have said even that.

And what is this stuff about the North Korean problem being a lack of “forty or fifty years of progress” anyway?

Is Barack saying that North Korea is like the world of 1962?

The world of De Gaulle, “Supermac” and Jack Kennedy? The “never had it so good” world?

North Koreans are dependent on food aid – without which they would starve to death. That does not sound like 1972 (forty years) or 1962 (fifty years) to me.

The problem of North Korea is not a lack of X number of years of progress.

North Korean is NOT “stuck in a timewarp” back in 1962 (or in freaking 1862 for that matter).

The problem with North Korea is SOCIALISM.

I do not expect Comrade Barack to say that. After all he is a life long Marxist – and Frank Marshall Davis would be very vexed, in whatever part of Hell he is currently in, if young Barack betrayed the Red cause by saying that the problem with North Korea is socialism.

However, I did expect someone to point out that the problem with North Korea is NOT lack of X number of years of progress, that it is NOT in a “timewarp” back in 1972 or 1962 (or 1952 or any other date). That North Korea is a socialist slave state. But no – it was all…. wise Barack points out that North Korean is stuck in a timewarp forty or fifty years ago.

This is even how Fox News reported Comrade Barack’s comments.

I despair. I used to think that the problem was that other people did not see the same data (the same information) as I did – but it is increasingly obvious that when we (me and they) see the SAME data, we interpret it totally differently.


  1. Ian B says:

    I suspect that most Americans, including Obama, think the Korean War was about 40 years ago because that’s when M*A*S*H was on.

  2. Paul Marks says:

    Oh ….. Ian I wish I said could say you were wrong.

  3. Andy B says:

    You actually this Barack Obama is a Marxist? Seriously?

  4. Andy B says:

    You actually think Barack Obama is a Marxist? Seriously?

  5. Paul Marks says:

    Barack Obama believes himself to be a Marxist.

    I might argue that his “cultural Marxism” (that he got from Frank Marshall Davis – and so many other of his mentors) is not proper Marxism. I doubt Karl Marx would have been very impressed either by the Frankfurt School or by Gramsci (the whole idea of taking control of the “cultural superstructure” in order to determine the “economic base” – which would seem to turn classical Marxism on its head).

    But Barack believes it to be Marxism (it is the version of Marxism he was taught from his most early years) – which is rather important.

    It is interesting how little people seem to see the modern versions of Marxism – even when they are all around them.

    For example, what do you think the origins of “Critical Theory” (which dominates most universties) are?

    Barack is hardly alone.

    The people who went to Marxist conferences with him back in his Columbia university days are not hiding in North Korea.

    They are in nice offices – controlling universities and media outlets.

    And most of them have not changed their opinions at all.

    Only a minority of Marxists use violence in the United States (and even they are not punished – instead people like Mr and Mrs Ayers go into teaching training, and Jeff Jones ends of working for the Apollo Alliance writing the “Stimulus” Bill and pushing Obamacare), the rest go into government, the media, and academia.

    And, quite a few go into corporate America.

    “Yes they sell out – they change their opinions”.

    No often they do not – they just think they can do more for “the cause” from a nice office than they can from making speeches on street corners.

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