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Ken Livingstone

Has anti Jewish bigotry become mainstream amongst progressives in London? Jews are all rich are they? Money grubbers maybe? Tell me, do they make Passover bread with the blood of Christian children? Poison wells maybe? Or is that sort of claim still a bit extreme for the moment?

Pogrom anyone?

Why is Ken Livingston still a member of the Labour Party?


  1. Lynne says:

    There’s a lot of anti-antisemitism here. The main cheerleaders are the BBC and the Grauniad. As for Livingstone, he’s the worst kind of opportunist. There are more Muslims in London than there are Jews which is possibly why he tongues the anal sphincters of Islamic extremists and compares Jewish journalists, who ask hard and very relevant questions, with Nazi concentration camp guards.

  2. Paul Marks says:

    “Red Ken” has a long record of antisemitism.

    For example, sneering about Nazi camp guards to a Jewish journalist – the man had dared to ask him a question.

    Red Ken also accepts funding from the Iranian Regime – a regime that is committed to wipeing Israel off the map. As part of the “hastener” theology of covering the world in blood and fire so that the “Hidden Iman” will return.

    The election in London in May will be a good test.

    People can not claim ignorance about Red Ken – they have been told (over and over again) what he is.

    If they vote for him they show they, basically, agree with him.

    It will be a test of which way Britain (and Europe generally) are going.

  3. JuliaM says:

    Thoroughly agree with all the above, but also add that Livingslime is not a stupid man – if he’s cozying up to these people because he thinks he can afford to dispense with the votes of the gay and Jewish voters in London, then he’s probably right…

  4. Ian B says:

    What is it with the hats anyway? I’ve checked all through the Bible, and nowhere does it specify the wearing of a giant furry Rolo on your head.

    I hate to say this, but I’m inclined to be on Ken’s side over this; at least I would be if he weren’t a political correctness wallah who is thus hoist by his own petard, kind of thing. It’s not racist to observe that some identifiable group (by ethnicity or otherwise) have a particular economic status. It may be true or untrue, but that’s not the point. Humans think in classes and “stereotypes”. It would be quite impossible for human reasoning to occur if we did not. Nobody would be objecting to somebody saying “chavs won’t vote Tory” for instance.

    This however is typical of the degraded British political and social discourse. It is predicated on trivia and minutiae, and on tripping people up on whether they have said or done things which are not politically correct; a trend which precedes actual political correctness, but which is particularly fierce now.

    So, it’s basically a reasonable comment, in the sense that it may or may not be true that Jews will or will not vote for some particular candidate as a trend, based on their economic, social or other class characteristics, or whether they walk around with big furry Rolos on their heads. This seems to be a storm in a teacup. But then, so is pretty much all of current politics.

  5. RAB says:

    Provocative as ever Ian ;-)

    I almost blogged Cuntacious Ken a few days ago, when I had the best laugh I’d had for weeks, namely that Mr Blobby Bob Crow, the leader of the major Rail union and virulent Marxist, who is demanding money with menaces (£2000) for his Tube drivers to just work normally during the Olympics, threatened to sue Big bad Boris for defamation, because he mentioned him and Red Ken in the same breath on his re-election campaign poster. I thought well if a dedicated dingbat leftie like Bob is desperately trying to distance himself from the whining self regarding newt sexer, what fuckin chance of election does he have?

    But the hypocracy of the Left knows no bounds does it?

    I believe Livingstone to be not just a misguided Marxist who has sincere beliefs that I totally disagree with (I have several marxist friends and we get on fine socially, we just skip the politics when we meet, because we all know nobodies mind is going to be changed at this stage in the game) but actually pure evil. Like Julia M I believe he knows exactly what he is doing and is a malignant and downright malicious cancer on the body politic.

    Ken just cares about Ken, as this article by a NuLabour insider illustrates…

  6. Ian B says:

    This is probably not going to make me many friends, but I feel strangely compelled to admit that as a youngster I sang along with “The Red Flag” at the GLC closing down ceremony.

    I then made my way with my companion via an overwhelmed kebab shop, where I bought and consumed a barely cooked hot dog, to his squat in Elephant And Castle with no electricity or running water and an absent front door, and tried to sleep the night on the floor while divers squatters addled by heroin wandered in and out urging us to join in.

    It’s funny how you change as you get older. It’s like having somebody else’s memories. Singing along with The Red Flag. Jeez.

  7. Nelsontouch says:

    I don’t know about the current position, but about 20 years ago 60% of Jews owned their own businesses or were qualified traditional white-collar professionals. 25% were middle-level clerical staff and only 10% were manual workers. (No the numbers don’t make 100, maybe the rest were students).
    So he’s right statistically, totally wrong ethically.
    The same stats probably apply to Chinese or Sikhs by now. But they won’t get mentioned in this kind of prejudice.

    I don’t get the hat thing either. The ringlets are sort of biblical, but the black is mere east European tradition.

  8. RAB says:

    The fact that you actually know the words to the Red Flag to sing along with them, is in itself deeply worrying Ian. I’m afraid that we here at Counting Cats will have to call an emergency genaral meeting to consider your continued membership of of our World dominating Zionist Cabal :-)

    But seriously, do you really know all the words? All I know is the friggin chorus. And it always pisses me off when watching the Welsh Rugby team lined up at the beginning of the game for the National Anthem and hardly a one of them knows the fuckin words! They’re pleased as punch and patriotic as hell to be representing their country, but can’t be arsed to learn the words to National Anthem! Time for an Anthem coach along with the Lineouts, rucks and mauls coaches methinks!

    Life is a long strange trip, as the Grateful Dead said. It’s good to confess to your mistakes once in a while. ;-)

  9. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    I believe Livingstone to be not just a misguided Marxist who has sincere beliefs that I totally disagree with . . . but [is] actually pure evil.

    This is such an important point. For more than a century the Left have wrapped themselves in the cloak of moral righteousness. For far too long that old canard, that the Right regard their enemies as mistaken while the Left regard theirs as immoral, has held sway. We are long past the time when those of us who are not-Left start calling them out on the immorality of their politics.

  10. john b says:

    The verse is “The working class can kiss my arse, I’ve got the foreman’s job at last”, isn’t it?

    (meanwhile, the canard above is ridiculous, or at least a generation out of date: the primary discourse of the right since the Goldwater era has been the demonisation of its enemies, and Ken is someone who right-wingers have decried as evil since the 1980s)

  11. Tim Newman says:

    It’s not racist to observe that some identifiable group (by ethnicity or otherwise) have a particular economic status. It may be true or untrue, but that’s not the point.

    Quite. But the problems arise when this is repeated over and over along with a heavy implication that this state of affairs is a problem.

    “Jews are wealthy” is fine.

    “Jews are wealthy, therefore…” is not, and sadly it is the latter which is the refrain heard more often.

  12. NickM says:

    You really are a contrarian. I mean Paul can be cantankerous (when he isn’t right which he usually is) but going on about Jewish hats is bizarre. I have known several Jews – maths and physics makes that inevitable. One I knew well biblically. She didn’t wear a hat. In fact over three years I never recall her ever wearing a hat of any description. I do wear a hat often. And oddly enough it is from Poland. I love that hat. It’s a cool hat. I like Poland too but I could have done without seeing stereotypical “eternal Jew” dolls on sale in Krakow laden down with money-bags and the the big nose and the beard and the skullcap. I am not making that up. That was just a couple of years ago and just a few miles from Auschwitz. Judaism is a ghost in Poland, an echo. You can tell it was there but is no more.

  13. NickM says:

    That’s astute. That is er… on the money.

  14. CountingCats says:

    Um, how about, “Some Jews are wealthy, but some are broke”? Just like the rest of us.

  15. MickC says:

    “If they vote for him, they basically show they agree with him”-Paul Marks.

    I don’t think that is true. There are many reasons for voting for a particular candidate. Doing so may mean you don’t actually support him at all-you may just want the others not to win.

    Naturally, in voting the candidates policies should all be considered-but that just isn’t the way the real world works.

    I probably won’t vote Tory at the next election because I cannot stand Cameron. That may mean Labour wins (because I think many voters are of my opinion) but that won’t make a difference to my vote (probably because no matter who wins the voters lose!) and I don’t want that either-but not having the lying Cameron in control means more to me than not having Labour.

    In fact, I think UKIP will increase its vote at the next election-and the number voting at all will collapse.

  16. NickM says:

    whn I lived in London I woud have voted for Hermann Goering rather than “Red Ken”. As would all my flatmates and my girlfriend who just so happened to be a Red Sea Pedestrian. Ken would have been perfectly happy to see her gassed if there was a vote in it for him. Not precisely what my grand-parents fought for. Certainly someone my girlf would have chinned on general principles. And John and Marcus (a German) and Raphael (French) and Anne (Danish). And my Canuck chum, Rod, who was half Jamaican and half Egyptian and seriously up for a fight*. The only person who acted contra Jessica (apart from the Home Office was a deeply unpleasant Arab who claimed to be Palestinian and was shagging dirty Maria from Valencia

    *Money quote from Rod. “You know what this flat needs… more meat eating tories”. Said whilst looking at our resident Green vegan and epic twat. He, or “Sabu the elephant boy” as Rod called him. Martin did look the spitting double of Mowgli. He fell for the dimmest woman I ever did meet. She had spent the last six months protesting up a tree-house in Vancouver because of an airport expansion. I met her in London and I very much doubt she swam. God almighty he was a cunt. He met this Canuck who was thicker than a brick sandwich and pronounced her (I am not making this up – I just couldn’t) “the most important woman I have ever met”. He said that to me who had actually been having sex with a woman for sixth months and to Sid who had actually been having sex with a woman for six months. What did Mart’s Canadian say… Well, (and I am seriously not making this up – how could I?). He cooks her a vegan feast round her flat. This means she carries an aubergine round there. She insists on carrying it because it is “cute”. I wasn’t in the flat at the time otherwise it might have been emotional. My flatmate John was there and he was very glad neither me nor Sid was prescent for the moving of the aubergine. John was of the opinion there would have been a fight. I doubt it. There might have been a need for CPR… Needless to say Martin never kissed the “most important women he ever met”. He took her to Gatwick for the flight back to Vancouver and didn’t even get a kiss goodbye. Martin was, frankly, a serial masturbator. Hell’s teeth! I mean I had a girlf, Sid had a girlf, John did and Raph did (and he was French) but not Mart because he was properly dismal. He did get one shag but we won’t go into that. By all accounts (and this is from Alison – the shagee) it was fucking tragic. Months later me and Alison were a bit Brahms und Liszt and talking about sex and stuff and she told me her tally of sexual partners. It was an x.something. The .something was Mart. “That bad?” I said. She said, “Well you can’t call what we did sex exactly!”

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