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Earth Hour

The corporate owners of Earth Hour, The Sydney Morning Herald, want to know your intentions on Saturday, in 150 words or fewer. I plan on educating them about the failure of the planet to cooperate with the Motley CRU, the rest of the Hockey Team and the IPCC, and then go on to tell them all about Human Achievement Hour and the glories of modern civilisation.

Will you or won’t you turn off your lights at 8.30pm on Saturday, and why?

We invite entries of no more than 150 words. Please send to by 10am on Friday and put “Earth Hour” in the email subject field. Please include your full name, email address and telephone number.

This is the Internet. Vast numbers of people loath this sanctimonious celebration of luddism and poverty. In making this request to the entire planet, what could possibly go wrong?

Please encourage your friends to help keep the SMH informed.

BTW, That is 10:00 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time, GMT+11.

H/T Andrew Bolt


  1. Sam Duncan says:

    “No. It’s silly.”

    Three words. That’s less than 150, right?

  2. John West says:

    I will NOT turn out my lights … I will turn them on and much more.

    I will also be burning a lot of gasoline Saturday as I head south for an energy burning good time in the USA ….

    I love energy and the comfort and freedom I get from it and we all must work hard to remain free of the insane collective that is also working hard to enslave us in a cycle of meaningless poverty.

  3. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    150 words….

    I like electricity. It powers lights, heating, entertainment, refrigeration and the ability to communicate with you. Oh yes, it saves human lives daily, so even if they were under threat, fuck the polar bears. The fact that all human activity accounts for about 3% of global CO2 annually is a clue. We make no difference, neither your beloved but unreliable windmills nor the reliable supply of coal or nuclear power stations that you would close.

    Would anyone decline to be heated in winter, or cooled in summer voluntarily? Does anyone want their food or medicines to spoil for want of power, or their income or leisure to be either turned off or lost because it’s not windy?

    Quarter of a century has shown your predictions to be false and your science faked, but don’t despair, go to the socialist utopia you yearn for, darkest North Korea. Happy earth day luddites.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    Well, Sam Duncan, you’ll spin them up better if you tell them you are going to turn on every light and electrical appliance that you own, and that but for their reminder you probably would have missed the opportunity to do so…

  5. Dean Cardno says:

    Single Acts: very nice letter. I think it would be worthwhile to enquire as to whether the Sydney Morning Herald is operating or planning to operate without electricity – not just for “Earth Hour” but at all times? I beleive that they should set an example by deeds, not words, and attempt to do so. That they cannot conduct a modern capitalist enterprise (or indeed, any enterprise) without reliable electric power does not exmpt them from their obligation to “consider the earth” and “think of the children.” They might try to run presses, computers, compositors, etc on wind, solar, or ruin-of-river resources: they will find that the intermitency makes that avenue as unsuccessful as giving up electric power altogether.

  6. Maz says:

    My email was a bit less articulate. I will not be turning my lights off because I am not a f*****g idiot.

    But the sentiment is what Single Acts of Tyranny said.

  7. CountingCats says:

    Hmmm, well, I prefer something a bit more reasoned myself. I suspect obscenities will just be discarded.

  8. Maz says:

    I suspect anything that doesn’t fit with the usual narrative will be discarded, but point taken.

  9. Willow Ruhstorfer says:

    Earth Hour 2009 was from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time, March 28, 2009. 88 countries and 4,088 cities participated in Earth Hour 2009, ten times more cities than Earth Hour 2008 had (2008 saw 400 cities participate). One billion “votes” was the stated aim for Earth Hour 2009, in the context of the pivotal 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference.*

    Our new blog site

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