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The Fall of the Moron Civilization.

A recent BBC programme was on the fall of a Moron Civilization (“Moron Civilization” is not the official name – but you will see….). The BBC may have got the facts wrong (they are not exactly famous for getting history, or anything else,  right), but it is amusing to proceed on the basis that the BBC account is an accurate one.

The Moron people lived in South America and (in the last period of their history anyway) were subjects of the Inca Empire.

The Morons devoted most of their resources to building pyramids – in order to control the weather.

Of course building a pyramid did not enable the Morons to control the weather – but they had an answer to that.

When a pyramid failed to control the weather the Morons burnt the top of it (there were houses and so on on top), and then….

Built another pyramid – another big pyramid.

This would also fail to control the weather – so the Morons would….. (well you can guess the rest).

However, the end of the civilization is interesting – it occured at the time of the Spanish entry into South America, but the Spanish did not destroy the Moron Civilization.

On hearing that the Spanish had entered the Inca Empire, the Morons acted quickly.

What form of military preperations did they undertake?

None at all.

What they did instead was to take some of their own people and cut their hearts out.

First the victims would be drugged so they could not struggle, but would be fully conscious (did I mention the Morons were sadists?).

In spite of this wonderful miltary tactic of killing your own people, the Spanish contiuned to advance deeper into the Empire – closer to the part of the Empire where the Morons lived.

So the Morons killed more (and more) of their own people – see their attitude to the failure of pyramids to control the weather (build more….).

As the Spanish advanced so the Morons cut the hearts out of more and more of their own people, and also indulged in their traditional practice of burning their own buildings….


Well when the Spanish finally arrived – there was nobody, everything had fallen apart before they got there (with the locals either being dead – or, the slightly less moronic, fled to starve to death somewhere).

So fell the mighty Moron Civilization – before the Spanish even made contact with it.

“How dare you call these people morons Paul – they were following their traditional religious beliefs….”

Errrr the Politically Correct crowd who come back with that response never cut traditional Christianity any slack  (it is “sexist”, “homophobic” and so) so they are rather selective with their cultural tolerance.

“Paul these people were subjects of the great Inca Empire – a noble Welfare State…”

Yes the Inca Empire was a Welfare State – it was also (in its expanded state) only about a century old. There are also the troubling claims that preInca civilizations had the wheel, metal tools and writing.

The Incas had none of these things – they seem to have managed to “deinvent” them. But establishment historians do not like the idea that technological regress is possible – so let us leave aside claims about pre Inca civilizations.

What is less easy to brush under the carpet is that the Inca Empire had just had a civil war before the Spanish arrived – and that a handful of Spanish (operating without any official support) managed to crush the whole civililization (those parts of the Empire that did not crush themselves – see above).

Is it still legal to think that the Civil War and general collapse indicates there might just have been something wrong with this civilization?

Still the charge of cultural insensitivity cuts me deep – so I will balance my attack on the Moron Civilization with an attack upon our own Western one (or what is left of it).

We also spend vast resouces on failed schemes – we call it “monetary and fiscal stimulus”, and when these policies fail we EXPAND them.

We “double down” on the “monetary and fiscal stimulus” with new leaders following the same credit bubble policies as the old leaders, only more so.

The Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank…. off they all go building their credit bubble pyramids, and the more the policy fails the more desperatly it is done.

And how to we react to intruders?

For example, to the “Islamists” (for want of a better word).

We attack ourselves of course.

We do not (yet) tear people’s hearts out – but we do persecute (even send to prison) people for expressing thoughts that do not fit in with our modern notions of “Poltical Correctness”.

Our enemies need not attack (although they do) – because we are very busy attacking (indeed destroying) ourselves.

The Moron Civilization has returned (although it is soon to die again).

We are now the Morons.


  1. Anomaly UK says:

    Not that I disagree about fiscal policy, but amongst our civilization’s Moronic policies there is one more closely resembling “building huge pointless structures in a laughable attempt to influence the weather” . For instance, there is our policy of, um, building huge pointless structures (with fan blades) in a laughable attempt to influence the weather.

  2. Jiks says:

    As well as our pyramid schemes to control the financial weather we are building hordes of those weather totems, windfarms, to appease the angry carbon gods.

    I fear you are correct that our civilisation is indeed entering the self-destruct phase but let’s hope something better comes after the coming police state and barbarism stages.

  3. Paul Marks says:

    Have no fear – the Morons built 24 great pyramids (in the same large valley) we will not get to build 24 great credit-money bubbles.

    Although, yes more wind farms are being built all the time, some more approved around here – just last night.

  4. Sam Duncan says:

    You want huge pointless structures? I visited one yesterday, and passed several on the way home. I took pictures, with the intention of doing a post.

    Whether I will or not is another matter. (Mostly, as usual, this depends on whether I can be arsed. But since I forgot my camera and had to resort to my phone, it also depends on how good crap the pictures are.)

  5. permanentexpat says:

    Protracted national suicide,,,not by sadists but by masochists. Another windfarm topped with the Crescent should do the trick; if not, build another.

  6. Paul Marks says:

    24 great pyramids – all burned one after another.

    And then (in their final insanity) the buildings that were not even on any great pyramid.

    Will we match their insanity?

    Of course we will.

  7. TDK says:

    a handful of Spanish … managed to crush the whole civililization

    Not strictly true. There were only 169 conquistadors but they were aided by a large army of natives who were keen to see the end of Inca rule. That helped but not as much as the arrival of Small Pox.

    Not surprisingly the large Inca Empire was maintained by force and once outsiders started to threaten the status quo there were many groups willing to rise up. But after the Spanish had won, it suited their egos to claim they had achieved success without help. Curiously, this inability to acknowledge that many natives saw their interests as aligned with the “Imperialist” West still befuddles many (progressives) today.

    This is not to deny that there was a surfeit of stupid, but we must also acknowledge that the Incas did fight and lose proper battles and it took the Spanish 40 years to finally defeat the Incas. Given that they were using pre-Bronze age weapons and armour, and that concurrently 60+% of the population was dying from epidemics, I can cut them some slack for desperation.

    I think you are on surer ground when you refer to our age as the Moronic one. Read the lyrics of Neil Young’s Cortez the Killer. Here is a recasting of the Noble Savage and that generation is the one in power trying to force us to live in harmony with nature. And they make films called “The Age of Stupid”

  8. NickM says:

    Cortez and Pizarro were magnificent bastards. They were those forces of nature who just inspires awe like Alexander or Hans Ulrich Rudel. BTW TDK Cortez never fought the Incas. He did Mexico. And he did over the Aztecs because (a) he had a small number of horses which scared the shit out of the lokes, a band of absolute desperadoes from Extramadura (I’ve been there) and (c) epic chutzpah and moxie and an astute political brain. The Aztecs were oppressing local tribes so Cortez changed that game and they were glad to see the Spaniards. He also had an enormous slice of luck. There was an old Aztec prognostication of a white man coming from the sea who would doom them and he managed to arrive on time. (d) Is interesting. The Aztecs saw war primarily as a means to get captives to rip hearts out of up zigurats. The didn’t have the Western concept of war as brief, ultra-violent and decisive. This is one of the reasons that whilst the meso-American civs were advanced in many ways they were backward in things like weapons. I suspect the primary reasons Pizzarro had a tougher time are geographical. Logistics would have been a ‘mare, the alitude wouldn’t have helped and bizarre though this may seem one of the reasons why South America (compared to the North where the natives were practically wiped out) has a lot native DNA in it’s gene pool is that Spanish attempts to breed over there failed. Apparently pregnancy and birth are very difficult for a woman not acclimatized to the altitude.

  9. TDK says:

    I knew Cortez was connected to the Aztecs. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of any equivalent relating to the Incas at all, let only one that captured the deluded Savage Noble myth so completely.

    I was aware of the rarity of Spanish (and for that matter Portuguese) women migrating to South America. It being common that Spanish men would make their money and retire to Spain in later life. I never thought about the altitude as a factor but that certainly makes sense for Puru & Chile.

  10. Paul Marks says:

    I knew that Cortez had the help of large numbers of locals – for some strange reason they objected to having their hearts torn out in Aztec sacrifices (no doubt they were got out by the consumerist propaganda of evil profit seeking transnational corportions).

    I did not know Pizarro had such help in Peru – although I should have guessed.

    On the smallpox.

    Contrary to deluded (Ward Churchill) leftist efforts to pretend otherwise, it was not spread deliberatly (either in South or North Ameica).

    But although its impact has been overblown – it was a terrible killer of very large numbers of people.

  11. Edward Cline says:

    First class parody. I’ll be passing around the link to this piece.

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