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Australian Greens

Fellow Earthians,

Never before has the Universe unfolded such a flower as our collective human intelligence, so far as we know.

Nor has such a one-and-only brilliance in the Universe stood at the brink of extinction, so far as we know.

We people of the Earth exist because our potential was there in the Big Bang, 13.7 billion years ago, as the Universe exploded into being.

So far, it seems like we are the lone thinkers in this vast, expanding Universe.

However, recent astronomy tells us that there are trillions of other planets circling Sunlike stars in the immensity of the Universe, millions of them friendly to life. So why has no one from elsewhere in the Cosmos contacted us?

Surely some people-like animals have evolved elsewhere. Surely we are not, in this crowded reality of countless other similar planets, the only thinking beings to have turned up. Most unlikely! So why isn’t life out there contacting us? Why aren’t the intergalactic phones ringing?

Here is one sobering possibility for our isolation: maybe life has often evolved to intelligence on other planets with biospheres and every time that intelligence, when it became able to alter its environment, did so with catastrophic consequences. Maybe we have had many predecessors in the Cosmos but all have brought about their own downfall.

That’s why they are not communicating with Earth. They have extincted themselves. They have come and gone. And now it’s our turn.

Extincted themselves?


If you don’t know him, I’d like to introduce you to the bizarre and intolerant Senator Bob Brown, leader of the Greens and, arguably, the second most powerful political figure in Australia at the moment. He is not formally a member of the government, but his support is essential for the government to hold office, so when he says frog, the Prime Minister asks “How green?”. He is responsible for the carbon dioxide tax which will destroy this government.

As you can see, the man is a nutcase, and anyone who takes him seriously has a serious sanity deficiency.

Oh sure, we have all had the discussion, “Where are they?” when talking about SETI, and what he is saying here isn’t original in any detail, but this is a man who dictates, and I mean dictates, government policy at the highest possible level.

Read the rest of the speech. He wants to hand government over to the Chinese, and seems to think this will equate to democracy of some sort.

Seriously, next meeting of the worlds Green parties he is going to propose that Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, pass responsibility for their economies, their environment and their defence to China, Russia and the countries of the OIC.

He makes the tinfoil hat brigade look rational, people keep voting for him, AND HE IS THE PUPPET MASTER OF THE CURRENT AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT.

He is head of the treehuggers, no one took him seriously until the last election when he emerged as kingmaker, no newspaper or broadcast journalist had held his feet to the fire, after all, who cared? The worst he ever had to deal with was a fairly frequent tongue bath from the ABC and the Fairfax media.

Now though? Fairfax journalists still lick him all over but some Murdoch ones treat him like a serious politician, and he HATES that. He hates it with a passion. Anyone who questions his policies are, in his words, “the hate press”, and he was both lead instigator of that vile Finklestein enquiry into the media, and now chief cheerleader for its conclusions. He wants the state to dictate what is and isn’t ethical journalism, to pick and choose which articles meet or breach those ethics, and be able to dictate what is and isn’t published.

This man is what Australian politics are reduced to.

Democracy, whatever the good Senators feelings, is not an end in itself. It is of value only as the means by which a free people may govern themselves.

What we have here is the language and form of Democracy, put to service in the destruction of what remains of our liberty.

H/T Australian Climate Madness


  1. john b says:


    Bob Brown is a very silly man, but he’s not the Messiah.

    In the Reps, Adam Bandt is a cool hipster from Melbourne; Rob and Tony W are trying to represent the rural and have gained massive benefits for their own voters (‘it’s not bribery, it’s standing up for my voters’), but will probably be crucified nonetheless.

    Brown isn’t a man who should be the leader of a serious political party (second Brown I’ve said this about in last 10 years). The only reason he is, is that the mainstream 2PP parties have disgraced themselves, and are reviled – and Labor are even worse at dealing with this than the Libs and Nats. But Brown doesn’t have any real power. All he has is the power of telling the L/NC or the ALP “no”.

    And they’ll always say “no” back.

  2. CountingCats says:

    john b,

    The problem is, Gillard is just a girl who caint say no. She could, but she is such a crap negotiator that the word doesn’t pass her lips while in the arms of Bob.

  3. john b says:

    Dunno. She emasculated both of Kevin’s taxes to the extent that London analysts marked up RTZ and BHP shares by tens of %s. She’s failed to sell that one, which is actually the thing which pisses me off the most about the current government. In Bob-world, all mining would be banned, because unicorns don’t dig mines.

    The actual point is, “WE ARE DIGGING UP AUSTRALIA: OUR LAND: AND SELLING IT TO FOREIGNERS, THAT’S WHY WE’RE WEALTHY”. Which is fine, and the fact that the Chinks want to throw us fuckloads of dorrars is aces, but the people who benefit from that should be every Australian, not three British companies plus Mr Palmer and Ms Rhinehart.

  4. CountingCats says:

    So what are you advocating? That furriners not be allowed to invest in Oz? That land out back may be Australian, but it isn’t my land. It belongs to its owners, not me or us. It certainly isn’t “ours”, because I have no financial interest in it.

    Workers get paid, government gets tax, the owners get the profits, and fair dues to them. And if British wish to invest here, then more power to their elbow. Better that than the stuff be left in the ground, useless and without value.

    And the Chinese? Well, the stuff is only worth anything because they want to buy it. Something is a resource only if someone has a use for it.

  5. RAB says:

    This wingnut starts his argument by wondering why Aliens haven’t been in contact with us, and assumed that the reason is they have …er as you spotted Cats, “extincted” themselves. What a witless arrogant line to take! They may just think us (given our transmissions) to fuckin primitive to bother getting involved with.

    He talks movingly of Democracy and his hope for World Democratic govt. Well he has a funny idea of Democracy, for as I understand it, he is the sole Green member of the Australian Senate, and because of the fragile balance of Coalition politics (just another reason why I loath coalitions) he holds the ring of power together. In other circumstances he would not be given the time of day, and his personal power is far greater than his “democratic” support.

    He goes on to say that Earth is a finite resource. Here he is on firmer Terra, it is. But he leaves out any hint of our brilliant human technical innovation abilities to make a little go a lot further.

    And talking of further, and back to little green men again, the stone cold certainty of this planet is that that yellow blob in the sky we call the sun and is our source of existence will finally go out either with a bang or a whimper, and if we are still sitting here staring at it, we will go out with it. Yet not a mention in his long rambling, frankly moronic address is Space travel and emmigration to other planets. Oooh think of the Carbon!

    How long before the General Election in Oz Cats, when Gillard’s twatting Labour party can be kicked out and this clown can go back to talking to the wall in an empty bar in Brisabane where he belongs?

  6. Dean Cardno says:

    I used to think that Canada held the title (or at least the Commonwealth title) for loopiest politician in our former PM, Mackenzie King (held seances to commune with his late mother, Leonardo DaVinci, the late US President Roosevelt, among others…). After reading Senator Brown’s speech, I doff my cap to Australia – I am reasonably sure there are no wierder politicians anywhere! I have to admit that I am not all that dissappointed to lose the title.

  7. Lynne says:

    What the bloke needs is a thorough probe – of the abductee kind.

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