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Bradford West – election.

Bradford used to be a conservative city known for solid Yorkshire character. Mr Pickles (the minister in charge of local government) is from there (indeed he was once head of the council)  – and…..

The Conservative vote has just fallen by 22% (over a poor result last year) in the Parliamentary seat of Bradford West – the “deposit” (the money that is paid to cover election expenses, which is paid back if a candidate gets 5% or more of the vote) was barely kept.

The Liberal Democrats are led by an MP who represents a Yorkshire seat (in a nearby city) – and the Lib Dems lost their deposit in the election.

“You do not understand Paul – both the Conservatives and the Lib Dems are in government and the government is very upopular, and it is a byelection….”

In which case the Labour party (the main opposition party – and with a leader who also represents a Yorkshire seat – in a town not all that far from Bradford) should have greatly increased its vote – and its vote FELL by 20%.

So who won?

A “joke” candidate won – a man born and bred in Scotland (a long way from Bradford) who used to reperesent a seat in London (at the other end of Britain from Scotland) – a seat that just happens to have a very high Islamic population (just like Bradford West).

“So the man is a Muslim” – no he is not, he is a Red with an “ethnic Christian white” background.

It is the Conservative party whose Chairman (I do not like the terms “Chair” or “Chairwomen”) is a Muslim – and the Conservative party has made lots of “modernizing”, “outreach”, “treating Britain as it is now” moves. Yet (as stated above) the Conservative vote fell 22% (and that is from last year’s less than wonderful result in the seat).

So why did an “ethnic Christian” Red with no connections with Yorkshire (and whose last moment in the public eye, some years ago, was making a total …… of himself on a reality TV show) gain so many Muslim votes? And why did the Labour party (the principle party of opposition to an increasingly unpopular government) see its vote fall by 20% and lose the seat by a landslide?

I have no idea (said Paul with a glance over his shoulder at the new laws of modern Britain).

By the way – two totally unrelated  (unrelated to the above in any way) points.

The successful candidate in Bradford West just happens to be the victim of absurd charges that he wants to wipe Israel off the map (and absurd charges that he is active in the Red/Green alliance of Marxists and Islamists which does not exist – only paranoid people believe in it).

And the leader of the Labour party (again on a totally unrelated matter) just happens to be from a family that, although Marxist, also happens to be “ethically Jewish”.


  1. formertory says:

    The letter sent by Galloway to the Muslims of Bradford can be seen at His Grace’s blog. Hopefully, you have a strong stomach.

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    If the Bradford Muslims had seen Gorgeous staggering, pissed as one of Red Ken’s newts, through the West End of Glasgow as many times as I have, they’d string him up, not vote for him.

  3. NickM says:

    I just read Cranmer’s piece. He is a blogger I read a bit but wowsers that was seriously epic. His Grace is on fire! And not in a bad way.

    I recall Gorgeous George saying (whilst fumbling with Islamic prayer beads and making a generalized tit of himself) to a bunch of Muslims that socialism is just like Islam except without God. It didn’t go down well. Because for reasons obvious to you, me, and Uncle Mahmoud Allah is actually quite important if you are a Muslim. Otherwise what the fucking hell is the point of it all? I kind of thought Gorgeous had supremely twatted himself there (added to his bizarre cat act on Big Brother and more to the point his extraordinarily nasty taunting of Michael Barrymore – I have no time for Barrymore but that was vile – I mean there are lots of folk I disagree with and fair enough but I realized watching that that Gorgeous George is not someone I disagree with – he is just a truly nasty piece of work). Yeah, I cant’t even disagree with him. I just think him utterly obnoxious. Asking me to disagree with Galloway is like asking a Rabbi to write a balanced review of Mein Kampf.I just think he ought to be put in a sack with bricks and chucked in the nearest canal. Actually no because that would mean we took the cunt seriously. The most appropriate treatment for the fucker would be to ignore him and have him have to drop his pants for food. Or something.

  4. john in cheshire says:

    NickM, you’re correct. In a normal world people like Mr Galloway would be ignored; or possibly publicly ridiculed at every opportunity. But we have long since lived in a normal world. And this result also shows us what we have in store as more and more muslims are included on the voting register. Nothing I know, or have read, will persuade me that these people are a benefit to our country.

  5. Lynne says:

    I have long advocated not voting for the main parties because they are worse than useless. But Galloway? Really? WTF?

  6. Paul Marks says:

    The Islamists (for want of a better word) are not fools – they know perfectly well that George Galloway is a drunken infideld.

    They do not love him – any more than Hamas really love Mr and Mrs Bill Ayers.

    And George Galloway does not really love them.

    Both the Greens (the Islamists) and the Red (George and co) are planning to their allies when the time is right.

    However, “when the time is right” is when we are destroyed.

    And I do not just mean Israel, or the Jews in general.

    The Red/Green alliance has the objective of wipeing out the “infidel, imperialist, capitalist” West in general.

    George Galloway is a very small part of a much wider (indeed world wide) alliance.

    As for Ed Milliband ……

    He has a chance to win these people back for the Labour party – if he makes lots of antiIsraeli AND general anti Western “imperialism” comments.

    Then his “ethnic Jewish” background would be overlooked.

    At least till the second he is no longer useful.

  7. NickM says:

    This honestly has nothing to do with Muslims. Gorgeous pissed off the Muslims in Bethnal Green because as Sam basically stated he is just a demagogue – a complete arse.

  8. Paul Marks says:

    “This honestly has nothing to do with Muslims”

    Quite so – George Galloway was elected by followers of Pallas Athena.

  9. Palamedes says:

    Athene Nike would be more plausible – wisdom has no part in any electoral result in Bradford.

  10. Edward Lud says:

    I suspect Galloway will come to a very sticky end indeed.

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