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Emma Alberici is an Australian Broadcasting Commission journalist. Being employed by the ABC she swims in a sea of intellectual conformity, never has her assumptions tested in lunchroom conversations with colleagues, and assumes her opinions are mainstream.

Then she interviews Melvyn Bragg……

Melvyn is a bit of a lefty isn’t he? How about bowling him a couple of softball questions so he can agree with her opinions about Murdoch and Christianity?

This is one of the few occasions in her life she will have the privilege of dealing with a real honest to God intellectual.

Truly, it’s like watching a fluffy bunny confronting a kind, thoughtful and thoroughly rational Rottweiler.


  1. RAB says:

    Excellent. He was sharp focused and passionate. Pity his three part series on Class and Culture wasn’t, it was utter drivel.

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    Bragg’s one of the few Lefties I’ve any time for.

    “I don’t share Mr Murdoch’s politics but I think you’ve got to be fair in life.”

    Most of them don’t. They scream about “fairness” all the time, but it has a very narrow definition.

  3. formertory says:

    That was an eye-opener on several levels; I understand better, now, how much and how stupidly I’ve underestimated him by classing him as one of those trendy lefty meejah types.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to buy his book about the KJB. And there’s a first….

  4. Edward Lud says:

    Lawks! Is Melv having a Mamet moment?

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