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I reiterate, I simply do not believe that Barry will continue to get the free passes he has been able to count on to date. Those days are passed.

From here on, rather than it being the norm only the most sycophantic will attempt to ignore Barry’s constant Bushisms – and they won’t succeed.

It is inevitable, one day the scales drop, the glitz wears off, and the laughter grows.

The Emperor is starting to be seen, in all his glory.

This is good news.

Update:   Barry’s Bushisms


  1. Henry Crun says:

    Barry O’Blimey is nowt but a coffee coloured Tony Blair – all shirt sleeves and the faux sincerity of a TV evangelist.

  2. dfwmtx says:

    In 21st century America, saying that a black man is “articulate” or a good public speaker is a sign that the compliment-giver is a racist. So to prevent any more such racist compliments, Pres. Obama has kindly begun stuttering, misspeaking words, coming out with incorrect and untrue facts and other such things so no one will mistakenly think he is articulate or a good speaker and thus be racist.

  3. RAB says:

    Nice to know that Barry has a little time left over from running the USA, having a round of golf or four, and having the cream of blues rock and Jazz artists round to his Gaff for drinky poos, to pen a puff piece to America’s most astute capitalist and philanthroper isn’t it?,28804,2111975_2111976_2112005,00.html

    Feeding frenzy time Paul! ;-)

  4. Ornithorhynchus says:

    Since Obama has continued with all of Bush’s worst policies, and in most cases taken them to even greater extremes, it makes perfect sense that he should exceed Bush’s verbal mistakes as well.

  5. Julie near Chicago says:

    I suppose people will think I’m being “anal,” but I’m tired of the constant mis-reporting and I believe that in principle it’s important to keep the record straight. A Samizdatista the other day misreported the number of U.S. states as “56″; I see that NewBusters misreports it as “58.” It was neither: It was ***57*** and the reason the anti-Obi crowd (of whom I am a proud member) made such a fuss was that it was right at the time of the “America is the largest Muslim country” Pronouncement–and there were, reportedly, *57* Muslim nations at the time. (So, Freudianistically, what was uppermost in his mind was not the U.S. at all but the centrality of Mohammedanism to the Obaman psyche.)

    “Telephone,” anyone?

    (Since I’m feeling dyspeptic anyway, I think I’ll share the fact that I’m sick of hearing about “Bushisms.” Somebody over there also remarked that a good many of them were really Quayleisms, and at least some of *those* were fictional. Between Pres. Bush and the Sith, whatever his faults Pres. Bush was a decent human being. Whereas I have great reservations about whether the Sith is a member of the human species at all.)

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