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Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Woo-hoo! A band called “Cheap Trick” are playing the National Mall in DC. I wonder if their electricity comes from Windy Miller. I seriously fucking doubt it. Cunts. Utter cunts.

We have the concept of crimes against humanity. Green is one. they should all be cast into the same oubliette as NAZIs and Commies. Actually, I think they are worse. The NAZIs and Commies at least had some form of positive vision for the future (whether Aryan Supermen planting the Flag of the Reich on Mars or a sort of Star Trek: Next Generation total wealth scenario) and a belief in economic and technological progress (although Hitler of course had some rather romantic Green notions himself although that didn’t stop the Luftwaffe developing jet engines which are of course for True “no flying pact” Greens anathema). Oh, and snazzier uniforms. Well, the Nazis had anyway.

It is the most evil ideology I know of and the most dangerous because almost everyone sees it as so “nice”. Even most critics conceive of it as misguided in a fluffy way. It isn’t nice, it is intrinsically anti-human, dismal and vile and it is very hard-edged.

Yet still it is indulged by the mainstream politicians and media. You just wait until the lights start going out because we can’t get base-load from fission and coal. You just wait Porritt because it will be me in the dark alley near your house with the tyre iron. Well, it won’t be much use for a car then will it?


  1. RAB says:

    With you all the way Thornavis, I was going to mention E coli and malaria earlier. And the spurious idea that there is any such a thing as natural nature, even before Homo Sapiens turned up. The natural world is a hierarchical one, even brambles will colonise and kill other plants in their genetically driven desire for self survival.

    Well it has been hard work dealing with the hard of understanding authoritarian Collective types of this world, like you Mark, but there’s the dinner to get together and Homeland coming up a 9 oclock, so I will leave you with a little joke that makes a point. You obviously don’t get Libertarianism, but surely you get jokes, don’t you? ;-)

    The Vicar was doing his rounds of the village after Sunday morning service, when he came up to Mr Jones working in his garden.

    “My word Mr Jones, isn’t your garden looking fine! The roses blooming, the plump runner beans all in a row, the cabbages and the caulifowers coming on a treat, the lawn mowed and trimmed. God has been gracious in his bounty to you, and no mistake!”

    And Mr Jones replied…

    Well I’m not so sure of that Vicar. I’m grateful for the rain and the sunshine certainly, but you should have seen the state of this place when God had it all to himself!

  2. zack says:

    mark: At the moment, it is incredibly disingenuous to suggest that our decisions do not cause harm to others when the entire basis of a “market society” is that the decisions of others determine who should be able to live
    What did you mean by this? Is that a reference to China’s one child policy? Or the recent ruling that Britain’s NHS should be able to deny service to certain people whom the administrators think aren’t worth saving? Because those aren’t libertarian policies – infact they’re the opposite of libertarian (or conservative) policies. Those are policies of statists.

    If however, you mean that the mean corporations or evil capitalists are out to kill people because they’re evil, well, you’re delusional.
    mark:Most people comcerend about the environment simply want us to recognise that the environment/ animal species are important
    Except they’re not. You seem to be arguing that animals or the environment have intrinsic value, which is completely wrong headed. Ideas like ‘important’ and ‘value’ are human concepts and thus subjective. In my local grocery, a 1lb of cheddar is worth about $7; on an island made of gold, it would be the most valuable thing there.

    Things have no value except what we give them, and that changes. A poor farmer in Africa hates wild elephants because of the threat the herd poses to his crop. In America, where elephants are rare and pose no threats to our crops, they are invaluable. It’s the modern societies that place value on nature and animals because we can afford to – we are rich enough that the pleasure we get out of seeing it outweighs its threats. In poor countries, they don’t have that luxury; nature has no value, it is risk.

    Thus, it shouldn’t be suprising to learn that it is the rich countries that have the cleaner air, cleaner water, increasing forest acreage, etc. It is the rich countries were nature is doing best – the poor ones where it is doing worse (though still not as bad as the green movement would have us believe; read The Sceptical Environmentalist when you get the chance).

    If the greens really wanted to improve the environment, they would encourage policies that make the poor countries rich so that they could afford to enjoy nature like we do; they would encourage free trade and capitalism; encourage GM foods, fertilizers and other developments that increase production per acre, decrease the number of people that have to work on farms, etc. But they don’t, do they? No, they demand that we give take policies that would, in effect, make us poorer, make our societies regress.

    If that isn’t anti human, then what is?

  3. Thornavis says:

    Brambles, don’t talk to me about brambles, the bloody things colonise my garden like, well like weeds I suppose, Glyphosphate is your friend ! Then again they are OK in context insects love them and I’m very partial to blackberry and apple pie, the apples are from my own tree and the blackberries from a bramble I’ve let live and thrive, the perfect example of a libertarian garden in action, even mark would approve I’m sure.

  4. Felix The Cat of Zanzibar says:

    Is this a sock puppet propaghanda campaign the government is running? Seems like a bunch of propaghanda. Hi bob from the CIA, hope the coffee at the pentagon is nice and warm.

  5. Tim Newman says:

    And fair enough, I completely agree that new beneficial technologies will be developed…

    Yup. Hydraulic fracking, for example.

  6. Felix The Cat of Zanzibar says:

    Be aware of the sock puppets.

  7. Henry Crun says:

    mark, you mistake my flippancy for interest in anything you have to say – sadly you are mistaken. You come across like those worthless fuckwits that work in marketing or human resources. Please kill yourself – you won’t be missed.

    Zack you have hit the nail fairly and squarely right on the head. The Greens/Environmentalists don’t want to improve the lot of the thrid world or improve the environment – not really. You see, if that were to happen then they wouldn’t get to swan around the globe on big boats disrupting the Japanese fishing industry. Or spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on heart rending adverts showing pandas or some other endangered species (tigers or polar bears) begging that we each send them £3 a month. It’s just like a massive ponzi scheme with WWF as the only beneficiary.

    I speak as an avid wildlife photographer and have come in contact with conservationists and so called eco warrior/enviro loons. And I can quite safely say that envrionmentalist are definitely not conservationists – they are just another bunch of worthless rent-seeking fucktards vehemently protecting their own “industry”. mark strikes me as being of the latter category – all piss and wind. Doesn’t really give a rat’s arse about saving panda’s – that’s someone else’s job but as long as he is “raising awareness” it satisifes some deep seated self-importance. Most of them couldn’t tell the difference between a rhinoceros and a volkswagen beetle.

    @NickM – with you on the jet engine thing. I once had the pleasure of disembarking a C130 whilst a flight of Mirages were taking off with afterburners on full. A-fucking-mazing sight. And the noise!! Haven’t heard music like it since.

  8. RAB says:

    You lucky man Thornavis, having a garden with edible stuff growing in it. Ours here in Bristol is postage stamp sized, mainly lawn and a couple of flower beds.

    The house I was born in, in Caerphilly though, had a huge garden about 200 yds long that went down in tiers. The very bottom part had been a tennis court, but the previous owners had “Dug for Victory”, so we had every vegetable able to be grown in Britain growing there. Potatoes onions all the beans and peas, cabbage cauliflowers the lot. And in addition fruit… blackcurrants redcurrants whitecurrants even, plus gooseberries raspberries strawberries and yup the bramble blackberries. Apple and pear trees too, and a couple of hazel nut ones and a cherry tree. It was my garden of eden, I thought I was in paradise! I spent my first eight years just playing and grazing there. I only used to go back into the house to sleep or if it was pissing down.

    Thing is, paradise was bloody hard work for my Gramp and dad who did all the digging and planting, it doesn’t take care of itself. We even used to get a truckload of manure off of one of our farmer relations once a year and dug it in. The whole neighbourhood used to keep their windows closed till it was all done. Damn I wish I had a garden like that now!

  9. Felix The Cat of Zanzibar says:


  10. Sam Duncan says:

    “Nothing wrong” with Earth Day? I won’t object to you having it, but I wouldn’t say that.

    There’s a difference between a bunch of superannuated hippies setting up a commune at the end of the road and North Korea, right? It’s one of degree, one of scale, and – in particular – one of coercion. I’ve absolutely no problem at all with the former. I think it’s mad, but if I were to go around getting all offended about things I think are mad, and saying there ought to be a law, I’d have no time for anything else. And I’d be