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Actually Uncle Joe Stalin did not attack Japanese forces till after the first Atomic Bomb went off.

By the way the pro Soviet element in the atomic development were all pro bombing Japan – they did not develop their “nukes are too terrible to be used” opinion till the Cold War with the Soviets.

Turning back to the Oslo murderer – the ardent William James fan (right there on his Facebook page – but the media were too lazy to look, and most of them would not know who William James was anyway).

The calculated murder of a lot youngsters – basically boys and girls.

In what way does this undermine “multiculturalism”?

Of course it does not.

As it makes these young people the poster children for multiculturalism – and makes the left (such as the Labour party in Norway – but also the left in other lands) more popular than it was before.

A few seconds reasoning would show the above was the likely outcome.

But then the Oslo murderer rejected objective reasoning (as he rejected objective reality).

What would happen would be what he WILLED to happen. Reason was just a slave to his desires – a slave to his passions. Reason would be USED to see how he could kill the most people – not in deciding whether to kill people.

Remember he is not emotionless.

He did not weep for the dead children – but he wept when he watched his own propaganda film.

- Paul Marks.

I do know who William James was. I have a rather different view of the man from Paul. But Paul is correct in terms of the way in which James can be interpreted. But that is a class comment and the last line is a killer.


  1. David Gillies says:

    William James was a philosopher of religion, best known for “The Varieties of Religious Experience”, which from all accounts is well-nigh unreadable. Henry James’s brother, incidentally.

  2. Mr Ed says:

    Mr Brevik is considerably more repulsive to me than Tim McVeigh, both useful idiots for ‘government’ as a cause. The whining self-pity and victimhood, rather than simple desire to destroy, make Brevik a faction of what he opposed.

    Now where did he get all his explosives for the car bomb?

  3. Mark says:

    Reason is a slave to the passions.

    Even if it is possible to derive reality from first principles, I think it rather unfair to blame Brevik for not achieving the feat.

    Let’s blame him instead for having despicable passions. The things we want to do are so much more important than our capacity to do them.

  4. Mark says:

    I don’t know who william james is.

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