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I’m ready for my close up now, Mr De Mille…

Oh for fuck’s sake! how delusional can you get?

“I AM big, it’s politics that got small!” Bless his venal vacuous little heart, if he thinks he can get away with this then he is more out to a £5000 a plate lunch, than I already knew he was.


  1. Sam Duncan says:

    Holy crap. Just when you thought it was safe…

    I can’t fathom what he thinks he can achieve. Even if he sticks to advising Red Ed, what can he tell him?

    “Stick with me, son. I know what they want.”

    “Er, Tony…”

    “Shut up, I’m thinking. Now, do you have a shadow Chancellor who hates your guts? That’s always a winner. Wars? People love wars. The Falklands taught me that. ‘Course, I had two, that’s why they adored me so much. Never lost an election, you know. Oh yes, son, we’ll make you a star…”


  2. John Galt says:

    Sorry, but this whole religion thing has gone to Tony Bliar’s head. He’s gone from thinking that he was some kind of reforming socialist to actually believing that he is the messiah reborn.

    So it hardly comes as a surprise that he should wish to return from the dead to ‘do a Putin’. This is a man who ALWAYS believes his own PR. The fact that the entire UK electorate holds him in contempt would come as news to him if he would ever listen to it – which he won’t.

    Remember when he was brought into the 2010 Election Campaign in an attempt to stop the haemorrhaging of Labour votes. He turned up in his old Sedgefield constituency with his perma-tan, flowing silver fox looks and faux-American twang?

    This prick might think he’s the fucking bees knees, but if he shows his face again he will get the contempt he deserves up close and personal.

    Fucking Twat!

  3. Lynne says:

    Worse, the twunt will be bringing that grasping, letter box gobbed wife of his with him.

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