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Daily Mash Article of the Century.

I mean Daily Mail obviously but who knows or cares anymore?

This chilling image of Myra Hindley which appeared on the side of a family’s fridge was enough to send a shiver down their spine.

Note a family’s fridge. Single folk can have Charlie Manson in their dish-washer and the Mail couldn’t give a flying fuck.

And anyway is it possible to have a non-chilling image of Myra Hindley? Actually, no scratch that. The one everyone knows is that photo-booth image. They’d make Kylie Minogue look like Adolf Eichmann. And I like Kylie – the extremely attractive Aussie songstress. The deranged Germanic genocidal maniac I like less so. Though he makes good polenta. Mussolini taught him that. Or was it Franco?

Anyway this is the fridge…

… and this is Myra Hindley…

Shocked friends soon commented on the striking resemblance to infamous Hindley, who together with her lover Ian Brady, tortured and killed five youngsters between 1963 and 1965 around Greater Manchester.

Note the way that is written. Why is Hindley the more infamous? Because she was a woman and therefore ought to give children lollipops? My understanding was Brady was the prime mover here and Hindley was almost a victim. That is not giving Hindley a let-off but banging Brady to rights. I have found it remarkably easy to spend 38 years not killing or aiding the killing of children.

‘It wasn’t really until we took the photograph that everyone went “oh my God”. As soon as we looked at the photograph we thought it looked like Myra. And then we got spooked massively all night.’

Debby, 44, who moved from Kent to work for Club La Costa on the Costa del Sol in Spain, uploaded the photo to Facebook.

The Costa Del Sol, “In Spain”. Oh, fucking behave! Where else would it be?

And spooked “massively” all night! Because Myra Hindley (who is dead) lived in her fridge. Well, I got a microwave full of the Yorkshire Ripper. And who the fuck photographs their fridge anyway? I have photographed wonderful sunsets and stuff but a fridge? A fucking fridge! Because a serial-killer might be there in spirit? To put on Facebook?


  1. Lynne says:

    They think it looks like Hindley? Shoulda gone to SpecSavers.

  2. JuliaM says:

    “Note a family’s fridge. Single folk can have Charlie Manson in their dish-washer and the Mail couldn’t give a flying fuck.”


    Oh, and Hindley was no victim, not even almost. Just as Fred West would never have been half as much a danger if he’d never met Rosemary, the two egged and encouraged each other on to greater and greater depravity.

  3. Tim Newman says:

    Anecdote: One of the porters in my university hall of residence – Owen’s Park in Fallowfield, Manchester – had a dad who was in the police force in Chester, where the trial of Ian Brady took place. He was present in the courtroom during the trial. When he retired, he was asked at his leaving party what was the worst thing he’s ever seen in his few decades in the police. He replied “the smirk on Ian Brady’s face as the tapes [of the kids being tortured] were played in court”.

  4. Mr Ecks says:

    If you look at it as a profile rather than a face-on image it could be the Duke of Wellington.

  5. Dan Wolf says:

    Looks more like Camilla Parker Bowles to me.

  6. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    Full-face frontal or profile? What are we supposed to be seeing here?

    How is this different from the monumental face on Mars?

  7. Ornithorhynchus says:

    To me, it looks both full-frontal and profile, like some sort of spooky Picasso.
    The important thing is that it bears absolutely no resemblance to the picture you show of Myra Hindley (whom I had never heard of until now. I guess she’s only famous in Britain.)

  8. John Galt says:

    Look if idiots the world over can see Jesus or the virgin Mary in waterstains, shadows, cupcakes, potato chips, etc. then UK resident idiots can see Myra Hindley.

    All this proves is that the brain has a great mechanism for pattern matching on faces and sees them everywhere and anything that distinctly resembles a face will have the brain screaming “I see a face, I see a face!”.

    At the end of the day that fucking murdering bitch is dead and this is little more than a trick of light and shadow.

    The only thing this proves is that it’s a fucking slow news day and the worlds press services are wallowing into a mire of idiocy and triviality.

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